CPN-Maoist Clippings 11/12/2013

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2 reasons behind UCPN-M’s defeat in election: Baidhya

KATHMANDU: The CPN-Maoist has drawn a conclusion that the UCPN-Maoist was defeated in the election to the Constituent Assembly (CA) due to losing charm among the people and impact of boycott of the CA election by the CPN -Maoist. The political report presented by the Chairman of the CPN-Maoist, Mohan Baidhya, in the ongoing extended meeting of the central committee of the party stated that the UCPN-Maoist actually lost the election.

The meeting is taking place in the capital from December 8. The report states that there are two reasons behind the UCPN-Maoist’s defeat. Activities against nation and people and arrogance of the party were the first cause and impact of boycotting the CA election by the CPN-Maoist was the second, the report mentions. The CPN-Maoist expressed doubt whether the UCPN-Maoist would join the CA or it was just a bargain when it says rigging had taken place in the CA election.

Stressing on the unity among communist parties, the report said that it was necessary to constitute a new revolutionary communist centre by incorporating all revolutionary communists outside the party. Explaining the report, Chairman Baidhya said there would have been co-work with the UCPN-Maoist only if it had boycotted the election. The meeting would be concluded tomorrow by approving the report with amendment, it is learnt.


Nation polarised into opposing forces: Gajurel

KATHMANDU: CPN-Maoist Vice-chairman CP Gajurel today said his party had succeeded in dividing the parties in two forces — parliamentary and revolutionary forces. Addressing the five-day extended meeting of the party’s central committee at Kupondole today, Gajurel said the possibility of agreement had ended because the nation was heading towards drafting one set of constitution, thus ending the ongoing state of transition.

“Earlier, all the forces were for peace and constitution, but now the forces are divided thus creating a situation of class struggle,” he said, adding that such a situation will now create grounds for people’s revolt — the ultimate line of the party. He also said the Unified CPN-Maoist deserved the humiliating defeat because they were planning to finish off the CPN-Maoist. Leaders at the meeting had said UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal was responsible for everything including the deployment of the army and for keeping the party out of the election.

They also said UCPN-M leaders had done their best to arrest CPN-M leaders and cadres. Lekhnath Neupane, a central committee member said the party would devise an internal organisation strengthening plan for three months following the central committee meeting and after completing that programme, the party would struggle to dissolve and replace the Constituent Assembly with an all-powerful national political conference.

“Other parties will begin drafting the constitution from the CA, but we will go to the people along with the draft the pro-people constitution drafted by the party,” he said. During today’s meeting, central committee member Suresh Ale Magar said the party should form a front comprising like-minded forces. He said the party should discuss struggle plans because peaceful means will not be effective, while harsh measures could antagonise public sentiment. Around three dozen central leaders presented their views on Baidhya’s proposal. The meeting is expected to conclude on Thursday.


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