French Maoists in solidarity with Corsican nationalist resistance


The Wind of Colonial Repression in Corsica-Solidarity with the accused!

Following the arrest of twenty people in Corsica last Monday , PCMF and OC-FR offer their total and unconditional support for the arrested and their families. The activists are known for their involvement in the Corsican National Liberation movement . The imperialist French State has accused them of actions against the cost of living, against real estate speculation and against symbols of government repression .

The first raid took place in Corse-du -Sud, in the villages of Propriano, Sartène and Olmeto under the command of the judge Gilbert Thiel ( responsible for the arrest , imprisonment and deportation to Spain of the of comrades PCE (r) and GRAPO and the detention of many Breton revolutionary militants). Not less than 140 policemen , including a group of the GIGN , with the support of the Office of Counter-Terrorism ( BLAT ) of the gendarmerie, were involved in the arrests.

The second raid took place in Bastia and Luri (Haute- Corse) on the sidelines of the investigation of an ” attack ” against the sub-prefecture of Corte, 2012. Those arrested belong or are close to the organization Ghjuventù Indipendetista (Youth independence ), one activist Nicolas Battini , is currently incarcerated in the prison of Bois d’ Arcy (Yvelines) . In response, Ghjuventù Indipendentista blocked access to the university Monday afternoon in Corte .

Similarly, the association for the defense of prisoners Sulidarità organized two rallies Monday night : one in front of the police in Bastia , in Ajaccio another before the gendarmerie. The PCMF and OC-FR demand the release of the arrested comrades and the release of all prisoners fighting against national oppression and colonialism Corsican , Basque and thoseof Guadeloupe, Martinique, Kanaky , Réunion, Guyana , etc..




Maoist Communist Party of France ,

Communist Organization – Future Rouge.




French police in arrest swoop over Corsica bombings

AJACCIO, Nov 26 — Police on Corsica made 17 arrests yesterday in connection with a 2012 wave of arson and bomb attacks on second homes and the attempted car bombing of a public building. Police sources said the arrests had been made at locations across the French island and involved individuals connected to the island’s nationalist movement, sections of which are suspected of having links to organised crime and have also been blamed for a recent spate of murders. Interior Minister Manuel Valls described the police action as a signal of the government’s determination to dismantle Corsica’s “mafia” culture. “We will take as long as it takes to find, arrest and put before a judge all those who believe explosives can be used to solve economic problems or to grab parcels of land,” Valls said.

Yesterday’s arrests were linked to investigations being carried out by a Paris-based anti-terrorism judge into, amongst other incidents, two waves of attacks, on May 11 and December 7, 2012, which resulted in more than 40 residences being destroyed or badly damaged, but no injuries. Most of the targeted properties were coastal villas which had either just been finished or were about to be. The Corsican National Liberation Front (FLNC) claimed responsibility for what it described as actions against speculation on the island. The FLNC was also behind the bombing of a number of supermarkets and other retail outlets considered to be symbols of French rule in September 2012. Seven of yesterday’s arrests were in connection with an attempted bombing of a local government building at Corte, in the mountainous interior of the island.

The seven were all said to be close to another nationalist group, Ghjuventu Indipendentista. One of the group’s activists, Nicolas Battini, 20, is currently in pre-trial custody on suspicion of trying to blow up the building with a car bomb that did not detonate. Another young Corsican, Stephane Tomasini, has also been charged with involvement in the incident. Yesterday’s arrests were condemned by Sulidarita, an organisation that defends the rights of what it sees as Corsican political prisoners in French jails, as “a police roundup directed exclusively at the nationalist movement”.

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