Woman Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Comrade Korra Tubri

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Martyrdom : 28-07-1992

Comrade Korra Tubri belongs to Dondulagondi village of Malkangiri sub- division, in the state of Odisha. This was located in the East division (presently in AOB). She was born in a poor peasant Kuvvi adivasi family in the 70s. Tubri was influenced by revolutionary politics at a very young age. The people of her village were influenced by the struggles under the party leadership against the Kapu community atrocities in the neighbouring village.

They joined the sangam with great enthusiasm. They also struggled for fair rates for their agricultural produce. Tubri was influenced with these struggles and joined the Korukonda Dalam in 1986. But the party did a rethinking and sent her back home since she was not even 16 years of age. But as police of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha arrested and tortured her many times, by 1987 she was allowed to join the squad. She was known as Seethakka since then and worked in the Ellavaram and Nagulakonda squads. She actively participated in annihilating landlords and informers and in ambushing the police. In the legal period of 1990, many land struggles broke out in Ellavaram area on a large scale. Land lords who opposed the land struggles were brought to book in people’s courts and were punished. She played an active role in all of them.

Her efforts in building women’s organizations in the Ellavaram area are worth mentioning. She mobilized women to oppose polygamy and forceful marriages in various tribes and consolidated them in sangams. Due to her efforts women teams were formed and they propagated about women’s problems. She mobilized women on a large scale for the inauguration of the division martyrs column. In Nagulakonda area non-adivasis are larger in number. They take adivasi women as second wives to settle there and to occupy the lands of the adivasi women. After taking their lands they either abandon them or ignore them. Some of them lure the adivasi women and go into relations with them. They use them sexually and abandon them when they get transferred from that area. In almost all the villages such women could be found then.

The women’s organization had developed in the process of standing firmly on behalf of these women while punishing the men who deceived them. Gradually women played an active role in the land struggles there. They resisted the repression bravely. They protected the squads in severe repression too. Com. Tubri’s role was an important one in giving women such courage. She participated in the struggles to increase wages of labour, for fair prices for agriculture produce and against the exploitation of the forest officers. She faced the severe repression in the Nagulakonda area. While she was member of Pidithamamidi squad, she participated in the anti- liquor agitation and in the struggle for increasing the rates of tendu leaf collection and bamboo cutting. She was active in the military field too. She came out safely from the encounters at Mohanapuram, Jadderu, and Guntuvanipalem fighting the enemy.

When the police murdered five comrades at Guntuvanipalem, she participated in the ambush at Chintalammagati conducted as a protest against it. Some police were injured in this ambush. She learnt to read and write in the squad. She married Com. Sagar (Patti Narayana) in 1988. To face the repression the Nagulakonda squad decided to extend its area of operation. As part of that extension work a four member team had gone to survey the area and stopped at Parupakala. They took shelter in Gaddi Rajaih’s house as it was situated alone on one side of the village. Since it was a new area, the squad did not have an idea about the people.

The party had fought against a close relative of Rajaih and he had turned against the party. That is why he gave shelter to the squad and then tipped off the police. The police gave him poison and he mixed it in the food. On 28th July 1992 (Martyr’s Day) at 4’o clock in the morning the police surrounded them and disarmed the commander of the squad Com.Vijayakumar, Mandala Mallesh, Patti Narayana and Tubri, brutally torured and killed them. Let us offer red salutes to all Parupakala martyrs. Let us pledge to realize their dream of socialist society. Tubri participated in the struggle with an ambition to destroy this society which is rabidly patriarchal. Her life is a great inspiration for revolutionaries and all women.

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