Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution-Comrade Borlam Swarupa

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Martyrdom : 06-02-1992

Comrade Swaroopa (Jyoti) became a leader of a guerilla squad overcoming all kinds of hindrances in this patriarchal society. In 1991, there were not many women commanders in the party and she was the first woman commander in North Telangana region. Naturally she had to vigorously train herself in both theory and practice to achieve this feat. More than that, her initiative was highly admirable. She has given inspiration to many budding woman comrades. In fact she had become a role model- “I should one day become a Jyotakka” was the aspiration in the hearts of many women comrades who joined the party then.

Comrade Swaroopa was born in a middle class family of Nallabelli (Darpelli Mandal, Nizamabad Dictrict). She was the only daughter of a RMP doctor. She was educated in Sirnapalli High school. The peasant struggles around that area, caught the imagination of this S.S.C. student. Her curiosity and enthusiasm made her a member of Radical Students Union. She actively participated in all the struggles concerning the student community. At a very early age her understanding of problems concerning the peasants and women was expanding. She arrived at the firm conviction that the liberation of peasants and women could ultimately result from the armed struggle.

So she started simultaneously participating in the Sangam activities as well as in women’s organization initiated by her. Enlightenment of women was part of her activities. In 1984 in Sirnapally area she worked in the agitation for the reduction of rates of arrack. In the same year the cane grower’s rally was organized. She did propaganda for that rally. When the police tried to disperse the gathering of the cane growers through lathi charge and other means, Swaroopa organized the women to stand as a protective wall between the charging police and the agitating cane growers. On February 1985, during the AIRSF 1st conference she was in the forefront in conducting a huge dharna in front of NTR’s residence and was arrested. Even while participating in so many activities, she pursued her education in women’s college in Nizamabad. During this time she raised revolutionary consciousness in the fellow students. The police were on the hunt for Swaroopa.

She shifted her activity from the town to rural area. She became a wholetimer. There was severe repression on the squads then. Yet, she came forward to work in the plains in a guerilla squad. According to the needs of the party, she went to Hyderabad, joined as a labourer in Ampro Biscuit Factory and continued to work as an organizer. Again she returned to rural area in 1990, and joined in Sirnapally squad as an active member. In a short time she became very popular with her squad as well as among the people. In July 1991 she became the Commander of her squad. Naturally her efforts in the growth of peasant struggle were much recognized by the people.

The repression became intensive. The police were hounding the Sirnapally squad to eliminate it. But Swaroopa went ahead by educating her squad members, resisting the police, and escaping the police ambushes with the cooperation of the people and became a darling of the peasants. When an ambush was executed at Ramadugu to retaliate the severe repression of S.P. Meena, Comrade Swaroopa showed all her mettle. The landlord clique felt threatened after this ambush. They wanted to finish off the ‘Sirnapally Squad’ at any cost. With this deastardly purpose, their search for the squad was made quick and wide. But only because of the informers they could locate the squad at Amrabad Tanda.

In the heavy police raid, Com. Pochanna died on the spot and Swaroopa was injured. She was caught with injuries near Madapuram in a jowar field. She was arrested on 5th February, 1992, tortured and killed. 7 years of her precious life were spent in the cause of revolution for the liberation of the peasants and women. Feudal domination and superstitions could not stop the indomitable Swaroopa. She was always with the people and she fell a victim to the police bullets for the cause of liberation of the people. Comrade Swaroopa’s revolutionary life inspires the qualities of sacrifice and nobleness in the comrades.

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