If Syria is guilty, Manmohan Singh is criminal!

Victims of 2009 Bhadhaniya massacre in Jharkhand.

Victims of 2009 Bhadhaniya massacre in Jharkhand.

Punish Manmohan Singh for the usage of chemical weapon on his own countrymen!!

America shows no reluctance & seems to be eager to attack Syria for the usage of chemical weapon. some of the European countries backed up to its global propaganda. The Indian premier Manmohan Singh offered his support to America over the usage of chemical weapons but stood with Russia as far as attack is concerned. The same Manmohan Singh who spoke against the usage of chemical weapons with no disinclination, using the chemical weapons on his own countrymen. If the Assad regime of Syria is guilty then Manmohan Singh is liable for punishment. The basic down trodden people never accepted the comprador regime of the imperialism and has been waging the struggle against, since it has been established. People with number of mass movements countrywide had been unabatedly carried forward this legacy.

This mass movement, now with a firm strategy is advancing with the aim of establishing new democratic revolution. By undergoing through the intense fascist repression, to keep alive the movement, people have understood that there is no alternative except the armed struggle. And so that the Indian people have acknowledged this form of struggle and since last 44 years this struggle is continue unabatedly like the heartbeats of the people. Till date the Indian government had perpetuated severe repression on people but they never could suppress the revolutionary movement. So that the madden government had begun using chemical weapons and evidence were found in recent one sided attacks on large scale on revolutionary people by Garhchiroli police this year, in which several have been killed. Now, according to international law would Obama come forward to punish Manmohan Singh and his Government? Maoists are the citizens of this country. The adivasi people of the Garhchiroli are also citizens of this country.

The Manmohan Singh led united progressive alliance (UPA-2) Government has waged a war against the people of India in the name of operation green hunt. Weather Maoist or not, rural or urban area, mass struggle or armed struggle, whether it is hunger strike or candle march, either a simple statement or criticizing cartoon, nothing is being tolerated by the government. If an idea of opposing the government comes in your mind that too becomes a threat for the country. Is it the biggest democracy of the world persisting in India and Manmohan Singh boasts about? What does democracy mean to them? They give you the direction and finally give rise to some planned dissent just for a show and that would be well within their control and they display that fabricated dissent as a model of democracy.

And within few days this opponents becomes a minister or president of mahamandal or owner of an educational institution, without any surety a billion dollar creditor or comes into limelight as honorable rewarded social server. And while playing this game they use poverty and other such problems of the people on a large proportion. One could see the proliferation of such awarded social servers in Garhchiroli district. In front of the very eyes of these so called social servers, adivasis are being murdered in the district but they have nothing to do with that. Their lips are locked with the government subvention. The people who were killed by police in the last eight months were all adivasis. For Garhchiroli operation green hunt is nothing but an excretion campaign. As they are running short of rifle bullets now they begin using chemical weapons to kill adivasis. Through this, it is very clear now that this is a defeat alarm for the government.

On April 12, in village Sindesur of Dhanora taluka of district Garhchiroli in an encounter conspired by police in which 7 people got martyred, 2 villagers and 5 mass organizers were among the dead. Among them 5 people got killed by bullets but no scars of bullet injuries were found on 2 dead bodies. Among these two are Mukesh a villager and Com. Champa, their death seems to be suspicious. when the PLGA warriors, directly engaged in exchange of fire gave the whole report to the committee, we were completely astonished hearing this shocking experience. When firing was going on they experienced exhaustion, vommiting, headache, allergy, inhalation problem and infection and cough. Initially we considered that it might have happened due to dust. But when on 19 May in an encounter in village Hetadkasa of the same district, all the PLGA members had undergone through the similar problems of exhausting, throat infection and inhalation problem. The PLGA commander present at that moment, when carefully paid attention to this, he realized that the police was shelling some types of bombs that are exploding in the air and fired some particular type of bullets that have given rise to this problem.

At the same time at another side where encounter did not take place, none of the comrade had experienced this. After this incident it has become clear now that the police is using chemical weapons. Then it reveals that the usage of chemical weapons is the exact reason behind the suspicious death of two people in Sindesur incident. The comrades involved in these incident, made complaints about inhalation problem for several days. They recovered after receiving good medical treatment by PLGA doctors. Now it is clear like sunlight that the Indian government in cahoots of Maharashtra government with no reluctance is using chemical weapons. This act is not only shameful for humanity but a biggest crime against humanity too. Who knows, the government must be using chemical weapons in Kashmir, north-east and on rallies and against the agitators to disturb them? If anybody would have paid attention towards this, then only it will get exposed.

We call upon justice-loving people and intellectuals of the country and worldwide that they should with pro-people chemical experts and human rights activists investigate and impartial probe of the arms depository, ammunition of the police camps of the Gadchiroli must be done to unmask the truth. Their arsenal of chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction would show that the government is waging war against people. Murdering and taking the photographs of those scattered bodies full of blood and preparing flexible banners of those photographs and putting them in villages to terrorize and all above official stamping of Gadchiroli police is an act of ignominious to humanity. This mentality screams loudly and tells that there is no value of human being for this government.

For them Adivasis are nothing but wild animals to be hunted and they are proud of it. People cried loudly when they saw the photographs of women activists martyred in Medri. The people never been part of the movement their heart cried too but police along with ministers seen celebrating in five star hotels. The chief minister of Maharashtra Prithviraj Chavan and home minister R.R. Patil are seen giving awards to them for killing their own citizens. The throne of these comprador rulers has stood on the dead bodies of Adivasis. This is shame for humanity. The superintendent of police Suvez Haq speaks brazenly that they will shoot the people, which constitution has given him this right? Whether Maoists or anybody else, has anybody got the right to kill his own citizens? Killing the political opponents is the policy of the government.

Political opposition is being finished by physical annihilation. This is not a democracy but regime of medieval age. great human being wrote the constitution in a hope to give justice to poor, wretched, Dalits, Adivasis and affected people but it is being naked in the capitalist market. The peak of the shamelessness is that the 5th Schedule of the constitution being crushed under iron boots and it is called the development of Adivasis. This is happening all over in India. Just as Maoist leadership is concerned more than 3 lakh police and paramilitary forces were given mandate for conducting atrocities on people of the region. Displacing Adivasis from the jungle or terrorizing them so much so that they could not think about anything else rather than saving their lives. They not even should think about their water-forest-land and dignity. Such is the fascist attacks are being perpetuated by the government. Is this the biggest democracy of the world?

The neo-liberal policies of the imperialism adopted by Indian comprador rulers takes this country towards back. Resources and sovereignty has already been sold to foreign companies. Consumerist comprador culture is being injected in the blood veins, consequently crushing human values and social thoughts without a feeling of shame. In retrospect this is being assumed as a development by a section of the society. I have done enough progress, my life is better than others, this type of seeds of social Darwinism are being sowed. As a result the compassion for Adivasis and Dalits has become a thing miles away. In retrospect, some rewarded social servers through their NGOs in the name of removing poverty, they have made it their business to earn money and to grab some awards. Which officer kills more Adivasis and increases his scores of death is being made a hero in the democracy. The comprador leaders who make the corruption of crores of rupees and fills up their Tijoris are selling industries of the country to the foreign companies.

Water, forest and land is being sold, without forest there will be no Adivasis in a true sense, without Adivasis forest, forest vultures, various living species will not be protected. In a protection of these two, against government loot and repression by sacrificing their lives the Maoist guerillas has constructed the great human wall of China. And crossing this ladder has become impossible for the government. That is why the cruel grisly attacks of chemical weapons are being launched on the people. Punishment must be given to these attackers. Manmohan Singh, Prithviraj Chavan, R.R. Patil and other officers, are cognate to this. Manmohan Singh is a criminal for using chemical weapons on his own people. He is liable to the punishment and has no right to speak on Syria.

They must be punished for their crime against humanity. The number one enemy of the world people America, however; cries loudly over Syria but using chemical weapons against Maoists in India is the policy belongs to none another than America itself. The people who waged armed struggle in Syria for democracy are tenable then the Maoists in India are carrying forward the revolutionary movement for new democracy since 44 years. How would they become a threat for India? Obama and the Indian comprador rulers must have to check their minds; they are selfish and are to be all mouth and no trousers. They don’t have even a little honesty; human values are worthless to them. By putting forward the welfare and development of the people they carry out the agenda of loot and repression.

They commodify hunger, disease, illiteracy and in true sense are implementing the neo-liberal theory of Reagan – Thatcherism as Manmohanamics and Obamics to decimate the millions of people to get rid of economic crisis. The usage of chemical weapons on people is the gist of this policy. Pulling them down and punishing them is patriotism and great righteous work done for humanity. That is why we call upon the youths, the citizens in whom the humanity is still alive and true democracy loving people of the country to fight against this war on people especially against the usage of chemical weapons to punish the rulers in the people’s court for their crime against humanity.

Secretary Com. Sayhadri

CPI(Maoist),Maharashtra State Committee

Sept. 21, 2013

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