(Editorial of Lal Jhanda/1) [Lal Jhanda was Theoretical Organ of PBSP – Translator] April 1972 30

April is the Armed Force Day of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal, 1 May is International Labor Day and 3 June is Proletarian Party of East Bengal Day. One year before, in 30 April in Payarabagan of Barisal district, for the first time in the history of East Bengal, proletarian led regular armed force developed under the direct guidance of comrade Siraj Sikder. Thus, a new chapter was opened in the history of revolution of East Bengal and that of seizure of power of East Bengal by the proletariat.

In this way, fundamental problems of armed revolution was solved including forging a regular army in the history of East Bengal, carrying guerrilla war by regular force, carrying propaganda work among people, establishing political power of people and resolving their land and other problems, properly combining democratic struggle with national struggle; by arming people, building village defense force, local guerrilla force and regular force; organizing them in peasant liberation cooperative, women liberation cooperative and other mass organizations, develop party organization in army, properly combine military work in army with political work, extending army, forming base area and extending it, providing arms, food, clothes and fund; resolving encirclement and suppression problems; command problem of army, problem of leadership of party and enemy encirclement and suppression in whole region etc.

As a result, party achieved maximum valuable experience, which is extremely important with far reaching significance for carrying revolution. Proper solution of these problems has been possible by the direct leadership of our respectable leader comrade Siraj Sikder. He combined the universal truth of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought with the particular practice of revolution of East Bengal and successfully solved the above mentioned problems and carried fame for the proletariat and people of East Bengal. Chairman Mao said, “There can be no revolution without a revolutionary party”.

He further added, “Without a people’s army, people have nothing.” It is the revolutionary political party of proletariat armed with Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought, applying criticism-self criticism and linked with people, which (the party) alone can lead in forging an armed force that protect the interest of people. Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists of East Bengal, Huq-Toha, the Liu Chao Chi-Kruschev of East Bengal, Jyoti Bose-Nambudripod the Deben-Bashar-Kaji-Rono-Bodruddin-Amol, Trotskyte-Gueverist Motin-Alauddin and different forms of other revisionists betrayed with Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought, proletariat and people and also betrayed with the supreme task of revolution like forging a revolutionary party and an armed force that protect the interest of people. Consequently, for a fairly long time, people of East Bengal had nothing.

They had to helplessly suffer absolute exploitation and repression by the Pak military fascism. With the aim of establishing a proletarian class representative revolutionary political party, the proletarian revolutionaries led by Comrade Siraj Sikder rebelled against different forms of revisionists, and on 8 January 1968, established the East Bengal Workers Movement. Since the very moment of formation, the East Bengal Workers Movement and the Proletarian party grasped the most important task of forming proletarian class representative revolutionary political party and its led armed force that protect the interest of people. East Bengal Workers Movement persisted in revolutionary practice and advanced through zigzag path of success and failure. Organization passed through such type of crisis situation that at a certain period of time, only comrade Siraj Sikder alone remained to hold high the flag of revolution.

He firmly continued to carry on revolutionary practice. By making test of practice and combining the universal truth of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought with practice, comrade Siraj Sikder prepared the correct political, military, organizational and ideological line of party. The East Bengal Workers Movement, being guided by a correct line, recovered set back. Organization developed in various districts of East Bengal. From the beginning of its formation, the East Bengal Workers Movement concentrated on forging armed force as the main form of reorganization under the party. Guerrilla group was formed under the leadership of political commissar; command under party committee was built to guide guerrilla groups.

Guerrillas were given political education. Apart from fight, they were given important teaching like carrying propaganda among the masses, organization them, arming them, establishing their political power, building party organization among them and recruiting guerrillas from them. As a result, guerrillas always carried their work by firmly being under party leadership. These are the guerrilla groups who led bomb attack upon Pakistan Council Center, US Information Center and BNR, and for the first time, annihilation of national enemy in Fatikchari. In the critical political condition of March 1971, organization marched ahead on the correct path and called on people to take armed struggle by leaving incorrect path of non violence non cooperation. In the post 25 March period, leadership of East Bengal Workers Movement, especially comrade Siraj Sikder, by not fleeing to India, went to rural area to carry national liberation war.

Under the direct leadership of Comrade Siraj Sikder, great struggle of Payarabagan was carried, example of carrying liberation struggle of East Bengal in correct path based on self reliance; and the political, military, organizational and other line of East Bengal Workers Movement proved correct in the test of fire of practice. Comrade Siraj Sikder correctly realized the presence of necessary condition of establishing political party of proletariat of East Bengal. Therefore, historic decision of establishing Proletarian Party of East Bengal was taken in the meeting of leading cadres of East Bengal Workers Movement. In the midst of roaring artillery fire of Pak military fascists, in 3 June 1971, in Payarabagan, Proletarian Party of East Bengal was established.

After the formation of party, national liberation war of people of East Bengal led by proletarian party of East Bengal spread in many districts like prairie fire, and conditions of assuming leadership of people of East Bengal developed. During that time, the Indian expansionists’ stooge the six mountains’ lackeys, by being armed by India, infiltrated and asked us to dissolve our party, surrender arms and be food for their artillery. In the mean time, Deben-Bashar, Kaji-Rono, Bodruddin-Nazrul and some other different forms of revisionist factions, under the shelter of Jyoti Bose-Nambudripod, formed the so called “Coordination Committee”. They tried to allure us. Huq-Toha, Motin-Alauddin in the name of opposing Indian expansionists and their lackeys, colluded with Pak military fascists and became their Razakar [Razakar was a genocidal notorious local armed force of Pak military fascists in East Bengal comprised of mainly Islamist goons – Translator].

Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists became tail of six mountains. In such a critical situation, comrade Siraj Sikder correctly called to maintain independence and sovereignty of our party and guerillas, and not to forge any unity by leaving independence and sovereignty. He analyzed Awami League and Liberation Force (Awami led Liberation Force -Translator) as six mountains’ lackeys and asked to keep caution while having discussion with them. He exposed the anti-Marxist step of forming “Coordination Committee” and called upon proletarian revolutionaries inside the faction of coordination committee to dissolve the faction and join us under our leadership.

He exposed the treacherous activities of Huq-Toha-Motin-Alauddin. That time, Comrade Siraj Sikder made caution to the cadres at different fronts regarding six mountains’ lackey fascists, and sent order to them to work secretly being merged with people by changing method of work. But cadres of different fronts failed to properly abide by these important orders. So, they became the target of six mountains’ lackeys.

Various bases were lost, numerous cadres and guerrillas lost their lives and lots of arms were lost. Our led national liberation war of correct path got obstructed. In this critical situation, comrade Siraj Sikder, in different documents like “Several documents on present situation”, document no. 1 & 2 and “Six mountains’ lackeys disguised as patriot”, gave correct order to oppose both the Pak military fascists and six mountains’ lackeys, continue guerrilla war, use mass support and make disciplined retreat. As a result, cadres’ correct political orientation continued in such a complex situation. In that time, confusion arose among the intellectuals of East Bengal regarding foreign policy of great China. Those documents and comrade Siraj Sikder, through various discussions, put forward the correctness of foreign policy of Chairman Mao.

That is why there was no confusion in our organization regarding that question. At the critical situation of Indian expansionist attack on East Bengal and seizure, comrade Siraj Sikder made timely analysis through “Complete the unfinished national democratic revolution” document and put forward present task. Comrade Siraj Sikder prepared “Open Letter” to inform broad masses about situation through tactical propaganda by keeping our principle intact. It made great public opinion and worked as the first propaganda paper against Indian expansionism and its puppet Bangladesh government. In context of new situation of East Bengal society, party, on urgent basis, managed holding first national congress. Consequently, cadres got clear idea on domestic and international matter. Congress elected first central committee of Proletarian Party of East Bengal and successfully completed its task. Within a short span of time after the congress, redeployment of party cadres was successfully accomplished, and party’s political military and other lines proved correct in practice.

In the mean time, comrade Siraj Sikder prepared the document “Complete the national democratic revolution” in edited and corrected form. It was managed to publicize among broad masses. It is a great historic political program of the struggle of people of East Bengal against Indian expansionism, Soviet social imperialism, imperialism and six mountains’ lackeys. In course of complex situation of East Bengal society, Proletarian Party of East Bengal developed as a correct, united and single-centered political party of proletariat. On the other side, different forms of revisionists fell in serious crisis. They are alone, affected by internal contradiction, splinted and bankrupt. Comrade Siraj Sikder made timely call to the proletarian revolutionaries to unite with Proletarian Party of East Bengal by rebelling against different forms of revisionist leadership.

During the twenty years after East Bengal’s joining Pakistan, the different forms of revisionists, without any obstacle, betrayed with Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought and the revolution and people of East Bengal and world. Comrade Siraj Sikder rebelled against them, led proletarian revolutionaries in struggle against different forms of revisionism and established East Bengal Workers Movement. For the first time in East Bengal, he prepared correct political, military, organizational line and method of work. Under his correct guidance, the East Bengal Workers Movement advanced through crossing innumerable adversities.

East Bengal Workers Movement completed its historic role and established political party of proletariat the “Proletarian Party of East Bengal”. During the post 25 March complex situation, in the emerged serious problems as a result of Indian occupation over East Bengal, that is, in the midst of severe storm of the time, party advanced in correct path led by comrade Siraj Sikder and achieved extensive valuable and far reaching significant experience. As a result of success of past and present and hard effort, condition of developing of the whole East Bengal-wide mass based proletarian party of East Bengal has been created.

The success and victory of East Bengal Workers Movement and Proletarian Party of East Bengal has been achieved as a result of creative application of universal truth of Marxism-Leninism-Mao TseTung Thought by comrade Siraj Sikder in concrete practice of East Bengal. In Armed Force Day, International Labor Day and Party Day, the cadres, guerrillas and sympathizers of the whole party sincerely wished long life of comrade Siraj Sikder and further successful application of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought by comrade Siraj Sikder. The whole party comrades should strengthen unity and discipline under the central committee led by comrade Siraj Sikder and strengthen single center of party.

They should firmly abide by Three Main Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention, develop whole East Bengal-wide mass based party, carry on armed struggle and unify proletarian revolutionaries. They should further revolutionize themselves, continue to work by being firmly promised to be fearless in sacrifice, overcome all the difficulties to achieve great victory, materialize the dream of martyr comrades and people. The whole party comrades must attentively study and practice works of comrade Siraj Sikder and activate firmly his directives. The whole party must promise to achieve the above mentioned targets while observing Armed Force Day, International Labor Day and Party Day.

● Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought!

● Long Long Live Chariman Mao Tsetung!

● Long Live the Proletarian Party of East Bengal!

● Long Live Comrade Siraj Sikder!

● Long Long Live Comrade Siraj Sikder!

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