World Popular Resistance Clippings 3/11/2013


Police suspect urban guerrillas behind murder of Golden Dawn members

The possibility that two Golden Dawn members shot dead outside party offices in northern Athens on Friday were killed by members urban guerrillas is being treated by the police as the most likely explanation for the attack. The raid left two men, 22-year-old Manolis Kapelonis and 26-year-old Giorgos Fountoulis, dead and a third, 29-year-old Alexandros Gerontas, fighting for his life. Gerontas was hit by a bullet and underwent a splenectomy on Friday night.

He was then transferred to an intensive-care unit, where his condition was described as critical. The three men were shot outside Golden Dawn’s offices in Neo Iraklio. Police said that two men wearing crash helmets were involved in the attack, although it is possible that there were accomplices at the scene. The two men got off a motorbike they parked across the street from the neo-Nazi party’s offices, walked up to the victims and one of the pair opened fire.

Twelve bullet casings were recovered from the scene. It is believed that the assailants used a Zastava semi-automatic revolver. Kapelonis and Fountoulis were struck in the chest and head, suggesting that the gunman intended to kill. Police sources said that the only terrorist group that had committed these kinds of murders in Greece recently was the Sect of Revolutionaries, which claimed responsibility for killing policeman Nektarios Savvas in June 2009 and journalist Sokratis Giolias in July 2010. The group has not made an appearance since then but officers note that a proclamation signed by the imprisoned members of another urban guerrilla group, Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire, last month called for the formation of a “united front” with other terrorist organizations, including the Sect of Revolutionaries.

Police are also investigating if the shooting could be connected to Nikos Maziotis, a member of another group, Revolutionary Struggle, who is currently on the run from authorities. Last month, police linked Maziotis to an armed bank robbery. The fugitive issued a statement via the Indymedia website denying he was involved. Officers recovered a motorcycle some 2 kilometers from the shooting and are conducting tests to find out if it was the one used by the attackers. Golden Dawn also said it had provided authorities with a copy of footage from its CCTV cameras, which allegedly captured the attack. ‘


Police skirmish with French protesters on road tax

QUIMPER, France (AP) — Police and demonstrators demanding jobs and a definitive end to a road tax on heavy vehicles skirmished ahead of a protest march by at least 10,000 people in western France. Protesters threw stones at police who responded with water cannons and tear gas ahead of Saturday’s march in the city of Quimper in the Brittany region. France’s government suspended the ‘‘eco-tax’’ after violent protests last week in which a man lost an arm in the clash. Agriculture is a leading industry in the region and it has been hard hit by the economic crisis. It depends heavily on trucks to transport goods. Protesters want the tax killed.


Ghana-Union-of-Traders-Association-embarks-on-demonstration (1)

Ghana: Strike call by labour over new water, power tariffs dominates Ghana media

A potentially debilitating strike declared last Tuesday by organised labour dominated the Ghanaian media this week. The leadership of organised labour has called a strike for 18 November to protest against increases in water and electricity tariffs that went into effect on 1 October saying the government has failed to listen to their demands to bring down the tariffs to one-third and stagger the remainder over two years. In a statement issued in Accra they asked all workers in both the formal and informal sectors to stay at home in protest against the new tariffs. Labour groups in all the 10 regions are to convene meetings to plan and stage demonstrations in all the regional capitals before 18 November.

RMG workers go bersek, clash with Tongi cops

At least 10 workers of a readymade garment factory at Mill Gate area in Tongi were injured after they clashed with police following the injury of a fellow worker in a road crash yesterday. The agitating workers also vandalised as many as 50 vehicles before the clash began. Sharmin Akter, 30, a worker of Tops and Bottom Fashion, succumbed to her injuries around 1:00pm while being transported to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Earlier around 8:00am, she was hit by a BRTC bus near her workplace on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway, Gazipur Industrial Police confirmed. Around 2,000 workers of Tops and Bottom Fashion took to the street around 8:30am as the news of the accident spread, witnesses said.

They blocked the highway at Mill Gate area for two hours and went on vandalising vehicles before0020police intervened, triggering a clash. The agitating workers hurled brickbats at police and, in retaliation, the law enforcers charged batons, fired rubber bullets and lobbed teargas canisters. Traffic movement on the highway resumed around 10:30am after police managed to drive out the workers from the highway, said the Officer-in-Charge of Gazipur Industrial Police station. Tops and Bottom Fashion and two other RMG units suspended production for the day fearing vandalism, the OC added.

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