International Committee to support PW in India: Towards new campaigns! Towards a new conference!


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21 september 2013 Milan

The real introduction to our meeting is the important document by the CPIm signed by com. Ganapathy, greeting the International Conference in Hamburg. Even if it came in late, it is an important document, that excites us and confirms the line followed by the International Committee has and fulfilled by International Conference in Hamburg was. The paper contains important indications that the International Committee, in its full autonomy, will follow carrying out its tasks and aims.

At the same time we have to pay attention to the call of the Party for “the week of the Martyrs”. Of course, our assessment and immediate mobilization is required for the information we received about repression , killings and arrests of comrades. The document points out that the democratic campaigns against OGH and the support to the people’s war are complementary, and that the struggle against OGH has to be part of the activity in support to the PW.

The international conference in Hamburg gave a blow to imperialism and, at the same time, understood the need for unity between the international support to the PW in India and the revolutionary tasks in each country. International conference in Hamburg has developed also the anti-imperialist mobilization and the need for a world anti-imperialist front – as pointed out by Indian comrades. The international conference in Hamburg was able to achieve a success thanks to the unity developed in the field between the Maoist forces and the consistent anti-imperialist organizations, both representing the international unity of the struggle of proletarians and peoples.

The purpose of the International Day of July 1 was to mobilize in actions the forces that had taken part in the International Conference and join other external forces. The date of July 1 , chosen for the anniversary of the martyrdom of Comrade Azad, was preceded by the mighty blow dealt to the Indian state by the attack on 25 May. A blow that had international repercussions and has been rightly welcomed with enthusiasm by the people of the world.

We know that after 25 May the Indian regime and imperialism unleashed a intensified repressive campaign, but the International Day organized by the International Committee had the aim of propagating the strength of the 25 May attack. The day was a success for the number and quality of the initiatives, but this success is mainly measured by the participation of new forces, particularly the CP of Philippjnes and ILPS.

Also significant was the participation of forces that before had attacked the Committee and that they now have made the right choice to take part in the International Day. Our Bulletin report clearly gives room to this participation, because the aim of the Bulletin is not the self-propaganda, but to show the inclusive strength of the International Day. The aim of mobilizing in Europe, Latin America and Asia, to make the support for the PW in India visible, not only with statements of solidarity but also with militant actions in each country, according to the possible level, has been fully achieved…..

But this success goes also beyond the number of actions realized. As they comrades of CPI (Maoist) said, you know friends in the critical moments. While in all the world, inspired by imperialism, they were screaming against the attack of 25 May, and in India was being unleashed an unprecedented onslaught, to see throughout the World such a broad action in support to the PW in India was a blow to imperialism and Indian regime.

What pointed out in the same document about the international conference, we can say for the International Day of July 1: ” the forces of the International Conference have dealt a hard blow to imperialism and the Indian ruling classes, filling with hope the great ocean of the oppressed masses.” In Hamburg we decided that our action would be continued according to the objective of the international conference: to intensify the struggle as an act of war, as a way to participate in the war against imperialism.

We can not reduce the current situation in India to the issue of repression. In India a people’s war is fought as part of the world proletarian revolution, it is today the strongest one, though fortunately not the unique: the people’s war advances in the Philippines, as well as is prepared to move forward in other countries. The International Day once again showed the existence of the International Committee with facts, with the aim of organizing and developing a large movement of solidarity.

The document of CPI (Maoist) emphasizes the importance of the solidarity for Vietnam in the 70s, and how this movement had contributed to the development of other revolutionary movements. We say clearly that the campaign of support is strengthening the revolutionary movement in each country. All the forces that participated in the International Conference, later strengthened themselves in the respective countries, none of them has neglected their national tasks.

The organizations attending here and others that have sent messages to this meeting show how the work to advance the revolution has grown internationally after the conference. Also the need of an anti-imperialist front advanced with the conference and the International Day of 1 July. We all want a front that unites all the forces fighting imperialism in all its aspects and the campaign of support for the PW in India is a strong link and a point of reference for this construction. The political and ideological value of the campaign is greater of its own practical strength.

But it is good not to be triumphalist. It must be said that there are some forces of the International Conference and the International Committee that could have done more. On this we must move forward determined to match the words to facts. So we need to treat the issue of how to continue, to assess both the positive and negative aspects, both the clear achievements and steps forward they are doing in other countries. It is unnecessary to call always new international days. Our whole action should serve to deal blows to the enemy, harder and significant in the context of the support. The Committee is inspired by a general line, that lives in the objectives it realizes not for itself but for the PW in India and for the development of revolution all over the world.

Now the international dimension of the campaign must be greater in each country, we need to consolidate the successes. The International Day has provided new indications: the Filipinos comrades have declared a month of solidarity, linked to the development of the class struggle in the country. The International Committee accepts this method: we should work so that in each country prolonged campaigns are built, defining at national level when and how to realize an event or a series of events by which the campaigns of the International Committee continue. In order to strengthen the organizational dimension of the Committee, we need a website or blog managed by the Committee, improving the work made by other sites,…, because we need systematic news counter-information about the PW, as well as about the activities of support by the International Committee and all the forces supporting the PW.

We need such a tool and we have to plan the different contributions that can be given to it. The other important organizational problem is to analyze the situation in each country, in order to see the actual stage of the support, advance in the construction of local committees or table coordination of forces, not related to single campaigns. This process is not short, we aim to realize within 6 months a new organizational situation that supports the new wave of campaigns on the basis of the forces that exist and can be involved….

When we resume our support we should start, as ever, from the actual situation that develops in India. The repressive action of the Indian State creates problems and difficulties for the PW. In particular it develops a concentration of attacks against intellectuals, students, people who oppose the OGH and vivify the Revolutionary Democratic Front. There are 4,000 political prisoners being tortured in prisons. The orientation of the CPI (Maoist) is to re-launch, also internationally, campaigns for the release of its leaders.

On this we must take a stand quickly and immediately pass to the action: against the persecution of GM Saibata, in defense of the Revolutionary Democratic Front, against the arrests of students, in support of political prisoners. The International Committee does not just take a stand, but to position should corresponds a type of appropriate action. The particularity of the attack to Saibaba should be explained in all its aspects, it is a step ahead of the Indian regime, its fascist nature. the details of this attack shows what the Indian regime is.

The conference in Hamburg should encourage us in rallying all forces in support of the PW. The idea of the Committee is a new International Conference….to tie it to the new storm that passes in various countries To hold the Conference in another country allows us to collect and join new forces and actions As the Indian comrades said in their message: “you realized your international conference in the belly of the beast of imperialism, in Europe …”

Today, however, it is limited to think that all actions of solidarity can take place in Europe. We have to go to other countries, to make every region in the world a protagonist of this support. We know that it is difficult to realize there an international conference, that it puts forward problems and a type of participation different from those in Hamburg, but we all understand the importance and the impact that a conference of this type can have….

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