World Popular Resistance Clippings 10/10/2013


Spain: Belgian police arrest Basque group suspect

Spain’s Interior Ministry says Belgian police have arrested a suspected member of the armed Basque group ETA who is wanted in connection with the killing of six security force members in the early 1980s. A ministry statement says Natividad Jauregui Espina was arrested in Ghent on Tuesday. It said she had been on the run since 1979. The statement said Jauregui was a member of ETA’s Vizcaya cell and took part in the killing of four police officers and two army officers in 1981. ETA claimed responsibility for more than 800 killings during some 40 years of bombings and shootings for an independent Basque state in Spain and France. The group announced a definitive cease-fire in 2011, but Spain insists it must lay down its arms and dissolve.

Dispute over Xstrata Nickel mine sparks riot in front of Dominican Congress

Santo Domingo.- Two groups in dispute over the Glencore Xstrata nickel mine project at Loma Mirada (central) unleashed a riot in front of Congress Wednesday morning, hurling stones and debris at each other, while several rioters were seen wielding guns and one shot fired. The police at first failed to control the groups as the melee prompted workers to obverse the melee in front of the congressional esplanade, from adjacent government office buildings in the down sector of Centro de los Heroes (La Feria).

The rioters sought to force Xstrata Nickel Falcondo mine employees away from the site, while the radical priest Rogelio Cruz –who has headed the campaign against the mine- tried to speak with the workers to calm the situation. After nearly half our antiriot police arrived and fired tear gas as the protesters, who fled along a side street next to the building. Police chief Manuel Castro called the group “vandals” and announced an investigation into the confrontation which didn’t result in any injuries thus far.

Conflicting report

The conflict, according to local media, arose when bus drivers of the FNETRANO union, who oppose the mining project and support that Loma Miranda declared a National Park, confronted the mine workers. Local media also say the reporter Gilbert Guzman and Falcondo worker Porfirio Rodriguez resulted with injuries.

30 injured in workers-police clash

At least 30 people were injured when a clash broke out between police and agitated garment workers, who were protesting demanding arrears on Thursday. Police had to fire rubber-bullet and tear-gas shells to calm down the situation at Zirani-Shimulia area on the Dhaka-Tangail highway. Witnesses say workers of Liberty Fashion Wears Ltd started to protest demanding salary arrears and festival bonuses at about 9am. The agitated workers had blocked the Zirani-Shimulia road by setting fire on logs. Clashes erupted when the Industrial Police arrived at the scene.

Workers damaged a few vehicles during the clash. The police dispersed them by firing rubber-bullets and tear-gas shells. Ashulia Industrial Police’s inspector Abdus Sattar told that, the workers were supposed to get their payment on Thursday. “Workers got agitated when they found the factory was closed and there was a notice saying that salaries and bonuses would be given on Sunday,” he said.



Seven arrested over violent Dail protests

SEVEN people including three known dissident Republicans were arrested in a garda operation following on from disorder at protests outside the Dail last month. The suspects were seized at a number of locations, including Crumlin and Nutgrove, during 5am raids that involved armed and regular officers. All those arrested were males. Two are teenagers who are not linked to IRA activity. CULPRITS The mission follows an investigation at Pearse Street Garda Station into events at Molesworth Street on the afternoon of September 18 last. The disturbances led officers to establish an incident room in which hundreds of hours of CCTV footage were viewed and alleged culprits identified.

A senior source explained: “Violent disorder is a serious offence that carries a maximum sentence of up to ten years’ jail. “Gardai feel that a strong message must be sent out to people engaged in the type of behaviour that took place last month, especially with more protests planned at that location on Tuesday at Budget Day. “People have a right to peaceful protest, but some of what happened last month was completely unacceptable.” Two of the arrested men, from Nutgrove, south Dublin, are brothers who had close links to the faction led by slain Real IRA leader Alan Ryan. Another is a known dissident from the Crumlin area of the capital. Sources say that all of those arrested were acting as professional rioters at the protest. “Most of them even had a special solution in their possession to clean their eyes from pepper spray – they knew what they were at,” a source said.

“They came prepared and they displayed an unacceptable level of violence.” The protests caused traffic standstill in Dublin. While most of the demonstrators were peaceful, a small number taunted officers, blocked traffic and attempted to break barricades outside Leinster House. Gardai also used pepper spray against a small group that attempted to bypass a cordon on the junction of Kildare Street and Molesworth Street. Another group left the Dail to march down O’Connell Street, where they came to a halt at the bridge. They were then joined by more protesters until about 300 people were at the scene. This arrests bring to 10 the amount of people held over the incidents. A 55-year-old woman was one of three people previously arrested. She is due to appear in court at a later date. Two men aged 23 and 43 were also released without charge.

Indigenous protest shuts down BHP Billiton megamine in Colombia

The world’s second largest ferronickel operation, Cerro Matoso in Colombia, run by BHP Billiton, was shut down on Wednesday by displaced indigenous people seeking help, the government said. The Mining and Energy Ministry said it was urging the Zenu people to engage in dialogue after their protests ground to a halt work at the massive open-air operation in Montelibano, in the northern department of Cordoba. Protests began about a week ago, local officials said.

Colombia will lose about $185,000 a day due the shutdown, the ministry said in a statement. It did not say if dialogue was scheduled. Ferronickel is used in industry, most commonly in making stainless steel. Anglo-Australian BHP Billiton is the world’s biggest mining concern. Zenu protesters blocked access to the operation on Wednesday morning, protest leader Celedonio Padilla told AFP. The group of 6,000 Zenu are seeking about 8,000 hectares of land to relocate their community after the mining operation displaced them and started causing health problems including cancer, Padilla charged. “People don’t have anywhere to live, and they also are getting cancer from the mining operation” which has affected local soil and waterways from which native people generally fish as part of their subsistence lifestyle, Padilla said.

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