World Popular Resistance Clippings 8/10/2013

RMG workers stage violent demo in Gazipur

GAZIPUR, Oct 7 (UNB): The workers of a garment factory staged violent demonstrations at Targachh in the city today to press home their several demands. Quoting locals, police said the workers of ‘Ehsan Moonlight Sweater Factory’ went on the work abstention in the morning to press home their demands that include a hike in the attendance allowance and leave from seven days to 10, and the arrest of the production manager for beating a fellow worker.

At one stage, the workers damaged the glasses of the factory. Being informed, police rushed in and tried to disperse the agitating workers when a chase and counter chase took place between the two sides. Police charged baton and lobbed teargas shells on them to bring the situation under control. Later, the authorities suspended production at the factory for the day following the unrest.





Kyrgyz Protesters Again Block Highway In Gold-Mine Protest

Protesters demanding the nationalization of Kyrgyzstan’s largest gold mine, Kumtor, have again barricaded a highway in Kyrgyzstan’s northern Issyk-Kul Province — this time with burning tires — after briefly dismantling the barriers. Local officials are currently holding talks with protest leaders. Parliament is scheduled to look into the protests. Officials said on October 8 that lawmakers will also look into a new draft deal with Canada’s Centerra Gold on operating the Kumtor mine on October 9. Some 400 protesters had blockaded the Karakol-Bishkek highway with felled trees and at least one overturned car earlier on October 8. One of the protesters, who identified himself as Abylas Usenbaev, told RFE/RL that 100 men on horseback, armed with Molotov cocktails, would be used against police if they tried to clear the highway. Usenbaev said the protesters were also demanding the immediate release of those arrested by police in the regional capital, Karakol, on October 7.

“We are here for the truth! We will stand for Kumtor to the end. Kumtor is ours! It is our nation’s revenue! We will stand for Kumtor to the end,” Usenbaev said. “We did not break any law yesterday. Not a single hair fell off anyone’s head. But the government did it. It is the government’s fault! They must not accuse the people now,” he added. The police “detained two guys [from our village]. Well, they detained 28 people, but even if they detain all of us, we are ready for it.”Some 100 protesters remain at the site of the highway blockade, demanding the release of their 23 detained comrades.

Riots Hit Ethiopia Refugee Camps and Three Eritreans Killed

A prominent human rights activist claims three Eritrean refugees have died and many more have been injured at refugee camps in northern Ethiopia after a memorial vigil dedicated to the victims of the Lampedusa boat sinking turned violent. Meron Estefanos, also a radio presenter in Sweden for Radio Erena, exclusively told IBTimes UK that a riot erupted in the Mai Ayni refugee camp after Eritrean refugees started expressing their frustration at authorities. Police opened fire to disperse the riot and four children were wounded as a result. The unrest spread to other refugee camps such as the Adi Harish and three people were killed.

“Refugees, who contacted Eritrean independent Radio Erena, disclosed that the initial objective of the gatherings was to remember those who perished in the Lampedusa disaster, but quickly turned into a protest over what refugees considered corruption in the refugee resettlement process as well as issues over camp security,” Estefanos said.

Turkey police, Kurdish protesters clash

Police in southeastern Turkey have clashed with Kurdish protesters demonstrating against a recent government reform package.Protesters took to the streets in the city of Cizre on Monday to denounce the reform package. The protest, however, turned violent around nightfall. Police fired tear gas and used water cannon to disperse the angry crowd, but the protesters retaliated with petrol bombs and fireworks and set police vehicles afire.

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