World Popular Resistance Clippings 7/10/2013


Forty detained in operation against leftist group in Istanbul

Istanbul police launched a major operation early this morning in the Gülsuyu and Gazi neighborhoods against a leftist group after several of its members attended with rifles the funeral of a young man who was shot dead while protesting against drug gangs in Gülsuyu on Sept. 30. The operation was launched after the members of group, who were spotted with rifles at the funeral of 21-year-old Hasan Ferit Gedik, were identified as members of the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C) by the counter-terrorism branch of Istanbul police. A total of 40 people have been detained during the operation which was conducted at a number of locations in the two aforementioned districts, with around 1,500 members of the special police forces and riot teams with helicopter support.

A long-barreled weapon and four pistols were seized during the raids. The police also stormed the building of an association, the Gülsuyu Gülensu Rights Association, early in the morning and seized many documents for examination. Clashes occurred last night between a group of protesters and the police as the latter refused to permit the group to march to commemorate Gedik in Gülsuyu, which is in the district of Maltepe on the Asian side. The protesters responded by throwing Molotov cocktails at the police, who intervened against the group with tear gas. Gedik’s funeral was delayed for three days because police refused to allow the deceased’s family to conduct a commemoration ceremony at the murder scene, ostensibly due to security concerns.

Neighborhood residents have long excoriated the police for either doing too little to crack down on the drug gangs or tacitly collaborating with the groups. Gedik’s family also accused plainclothes police officers of attempting to destroy evidence from the murder while his body was at hospital. Gedik’s murder was the latest in a series of violent incidents that have occurred in the neighborhood due to the ongoing conflict between drug dealers in the area and leftist groups, including the Socialist Party of the Oppressed (ESP), the DHKP/C and the People’s Front, of which Gedik was also reported to be a member.

 33-party alliance intensifies forced donations in Dolpa

DOLPA, Oct 7: The 33-party alliance led by the CPN-Maoist has intensified its protest against the election related activities resorting to forced donation collection campaign in the district. The alliance meeting held at Dunai had decided to collect donation from people and different sectors, and to intensify its protest programs recently. “The major four parties denied our demands and spoiled the environment for an inclusive election with the participation of all the parties, it will create big crisis and we request them to be serious on it,” said Nar Bahadur Budha, district coordinator of the alliance.

The alliance has asked the locals, entrepreneurs, teachers and employees to donate 500 to 20 thousand rupees according to their economic status to the alliance in support of its protest programs. Likewise, the alliance has already sent a letter to the candidates to withdraw their candidacy and has formed anti-election squad in all 44 polling centres in the district. It is noted that these activities have created an environment of fear and confusion among the voters.

Baidya party cadres launch ‘donation drive’ in Panchthar

The election-opposing CPN-Maoist has been carrying out a donation drive in the district. A source said the Maoist party has issued letters to local traders and various government and non-government organisations, seeking donations ranging from Rs 100,000 to Rs 300,000 each. The source said that they also threatened traders and local people not to cast vote. “After issuing the letters, they telephoned and asked us to donate them, threatening us not to ignore their demand,” said a trader on the condition of anonymity.

Yubraj Thapa, chairman of the Panchathar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said they have decided institutionally not to offer donations to any organisations or parties. District Secretary of CPN-Maoist Laxmi Prakash Neupane said they were launching a donation drive to foil the election. “We have asked all to help us to disrupt the election. Those ignoring our calls may face any consequence,” he said. Chief District Officer Koshhari Niroula said he was informed of the donation drive. He said that the guilty will be booked.


Leftists Protest In Ramallah, Demand End To Talks

Hundreds of Palestinians held in a protest in the central West Bank city of Ramallah demanding the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, to stop direct talks with Israeli due to its ongoing violations, and its absent interest in real and comprehensive peace. A number of leftists Palestinian political parties organized the protest. The protesters marched from the Manara Square, in the center of Ramallah, carrying Palestinian flags and chanting slogans against the political process, and the occupation.

Protest organizers stressed that peace talks with Tel Aviv are futile, especially since Israel has no interest in real peace, and is only interested in legitimizing its illegal occupation of Palestine, and its illegitimate settlement activities. They added that all Palestinian factions must define a clear strategy to counter the Israeli occupation, and to defend the Palestinian people, their lands and their holy sites. The protesters further stressed on the importance of national unity, and affirmed that the Palestinian people will never abandon the internationally guaranteed Right of Return of all refugees displaced by Israel. “No peace without the liberation of Jerusalem”, they chanted, “Unity, Freedom, and Liberation”


Mass protest in Spain over crackdown on pro-ETA group

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets Saturday in northern Spain to protest a crackdown on an association that aids jailed members of armed Basque separatist group ETA. The protest in Bilbao came after police arrested 18 leaders of Herrira, a support group founded to help ETA prisoners and their families, in a series of raids on September 30. The Spanish government accuses the group of “organising and supporting demonstrations that praised ETA prisoners and their ideals”, and claims it replaced two other associations that had been banned, Askatasuna and Gestoras pro Amnistia.

The 18 leaders, who were charged with belonging to an armed group and funding terrorism, have since been released, four of them on bail. “The arrest of so many of this organisation’s activists and leaders saddens and outrages us,” protest organisers said in a statement. They accused the government of trying to “criminalise the defence of prisoners’ rights and Basque political prisoners”. The arrests have angered the Basque community even beyond pro-independence circles. The president of the regional government, Inigo Urkullu, called them a “new obstacle” that “won’t help smooth the way to peace”.

Colombia’s No. 2 oil pipeline shut after bomb attacks -Ecopetrol

BOGOTA, Oct 7 (Reuters) – Colombia’s second most important oil pipeline, the Cano Limon-Covenas, has been temporarily shut down after three bomb attacks, state oil company Ecopetrol said on Monday, explosions the security forces attributed to leftist guerrillas. The closure of the 780-km (484 mile) pipeline owned by Ecopetrol did not immediately affect exports or oil production by U.S. oil producer Occidental Petroleum Corp, which feeds oil into the pipeline from a field it operates near the Venezuelan border.

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