CPN-Maoist Clippings 6/10/2013

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CPN-Maoist intensifies donation drive

PARASI: CPN-Maoist cadres have intensified donation drive in Nawalparasi of late, blatantly defying the Election Commission’s election code of conduct. They have been collecting donation by dispatching formal letters to local businesspersons and others in the district. But they claim it is people’s voluntary aid, not mandatory donation. A party source said they have started collecting fund from small business operators in the first phase, but will gradually target middle and large scale industrialists. Earlier, the party had collected Rs 1,000 compulsorily from each party cadre, saying it was to publicise the party’s campaign to boycott the election.

A local businessman said CPN-M was collecting cash from them saying that the CA election would jeopardise national sovereignty. He said, on the condition of anonymity, that party cadres have asked for as much donation that businesspersons can give. The party has also appealed to locals to support them morally, financially and logistically. The donation letter has been jointly signed by party’s district in-charge Anukul and secretary Mangalsen. It states they are seeking financial help to protect nationalism, democracy and people’s livelihood by boycotting the CA election, which was plotted by the four major parties. District in-charge Anukul said that financial support was sought from people to protect the nation, but it was not mandatory. It should not be made a major issue, he said.


33-party bloc sees ‘foreign hands’ in Bara gun attack

KATHMANDU: CPN-Maoist-led alliance of 33 parties on Sunday said Friday’s gun attack on CPN-UML leader Mohammud Alam in Bara is an evidence to confirm that the Constituent Assembly (CA) polls are being held under high foreign interference. Issuing a press statement, the alliance alleged the government and four major parties of having ‘surrendered before the anti-national foreign influence’.

Stating that the open border between Nepal and India had to do a lot with the gun attack on Alam, the dissident alliance raised question over the government’s inability to control such crime despite its decision to mobilise Nepal Army in the upcoming elections. The alliance reiterated their demands that the open border between Nepal and India, and the Indian vehicles entering Nepal be strictly monitored. Meanwhile, the allaince said it would intensify their joint protest against the CA election slated for November 19.


Baidya-led alliance seeks action against CoAS Rana for ‘irresponsible’ remarks

KATHMANDU, OCT 06 – The CPN-Maoist -led 33-party alliance has sought action against Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) General Gaurav SJB Rana for giving political remarks beyond his diplomatic protocol during his India visit. CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung, on behalf of the alliance, issued a press statement regarding the controversial remark of CoAS Rana and demanded action action against him.

‘Nepal government should take action against CoAS Rana for the irresponsible remarks he made during his recent India visit,’ read the statement. In an exclusive interview with the Times of India (TOI) on Friday, Gen Rana had allegedly said the “Indian Army is capable of giving strong response to China in case of an attack or war.” Rana returned to Kathmandu on Saturday completing a week-long visit to India. Nepal Army (NA) has, however, refuted the media reports saying that Rana’s remark on China and Indian Army as “totally out of context and baseless.”


Nepal Army preparations for poll deployment begin

Having received a formal letter from the government, the Nepal Army (NA) has expedited preparations to deploy its personnel for the November 19 election. The NA, which has already set up a separate unit at its headquarters to oversee election related security, is conducting training for its commanders and personnel to be deployed during the polls. According to the NA, training for the personnel who will be deployed in the polls are going on at all divisions, brigades and units.

As part of security preparations, regional-level security meetings are set to begin from Monday. At the first level, such meetings will be held in Dhangadi, Nepalgunj and Chitwan on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. Administrators, regional chiefs of the NA and the Nepal Police, and chief district officers of respective districts have been invited to the meetings. “The meetings will assess security situation of respective regions and draw up plans for security arrangements,” said Aatmaram Pandey, secretary at the Defence Ministry. The NA, however, has not received full budget and logistics it has demanded for the election purpose.

It is pressing the Finance Ministry to release the necessary budget immediately to invite tenders to purchase logistics. But Pandey insisted that there has not been any problem as regards preparations for poll security from the government side. The NA has sought Rs 3 billion and other necessary logistical support for the election. As the NA is being deployed for poll security for the first time since signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2006, the NA said low-ranking officials need intensive training. While the agreement barred the Army deployment in 2008 CA election, the NA was deployed in the elections held after the political changes of 1990. “We’ve got to make profound preparations because even a tiny issue can drag the NA into controversy. There have been several attempts by some political parties to provoke the situation,” said an NA officer, requesting anonymity.


CPN-M asks candidates to pull back

KATHMANDU, OCT 06 – The CPN-Maoist -led 33-party alliance on Saturday started sending letters to Constituent Assembly election candidates urging them to withdraw their nominations. The alliance has requested candidates not to participate in the “foreign-designed” polls. It said the CA election holds no legitimacy since it is a part of a “grand design of foreign power centres”. “The CA election is a ploy to weaken democracy and impose dictatorship,” read the letter. The letter has pointed out that India is trying to fulfil its vested interests in Nepal by garnering a majority of its agents through the CA election.

“Foreign imperialists and expansionists are using the CA election to choose their agents. Therefore, we are cautioning patriotic and proud Nepalis to boycott this election,” reads the letter. CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung said the letter will be handed over to the leaders of all the political parties within a few days. He said the alliance hopes to gather “nationalist” forces and the general public to oppose the four-party syndicate.

He said that the ‘four-party syndicate’ and the Khil Raj Regmi government have no rights to impose their personal decision as the decision of the majority. “The political parties have made Regmi the strongest man by giving him monopoly over the judiciary, the executive and the legislature while making the Interim Constitution defunct,” Gurung told the Post. Sources said the CPN-Maoist has separately started a campaign to warn the leaders to give up nominations. Ram Prasad Timsena, a central committee member from Achham, said they are asking individual candidates to boycott the polls. He said there was a parallel campaign at the grassroots level to urge the people to boycott the polls. The party on Saturday held a meeting of its Central Committee to discuss its future strategy. Leaders said the party is planning to introduce more programmes opposed to the CA polls. “The party leadership got sure dialogue will lead nowhere. The focus will now be on disrupting the election,” said a central member of the party.


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