Notes from the September 2013 Meeting of the International Committee to Support PW in India


International Committee to support people’war in India in the meeting of 21 September 2013 in Milan, expressed its enthusiastic support for Ganapathy’s Document for International Conference Hamburg 24 november 2012 “Raise high the flag of proletarian internationalism!” It makes a very positive balance of the success of International Action Day First July 2013 in many countries in the world and decides new actions:

1 – the maximum mass diffusion and study of Ganapathy PCIm Document in all languages possible;

2 – the development on the organisational and political plan of the national committees and national coordination in all countries of all various forces that support people’s war India with the target of development of prolonged campaigns in the next 6 months – exemplar Month  of Solidarity in Philippines, declared by PCF;

3 – the birth of a new and complete international website for information and counterinformation in the world, in english,spanish and original languages, ready for 25 november 2013;

4 – the launch of a new unified international campaign – starts 5 october 2013 – against indian governement’s attacks against SAIBABA, Students for Resistence, Artists and Intellectuals. This campaign must be developed in all Universities,Schools,Intellectual AREA in all countries

5 – the development of a new international day for the 4000 maoist and popular political prisoners and for the liberation of some PCIm leaders – this day will be fixed after 25 november after international consultation. 6 – for 2014 – International Commitee develops a planed work for an INTERNATIONAL DELEGATION IN INDIA WITH THE PARTICIPATION OF SOLIDARITY MILITANTS, INTELLECTUALS, PERSONALITIES, ETC FOR TO DENOUNCE AND TO OPPOSE Operation Green Hunt AND ALL FORMS OF REPRESSION AGAINST INDIAN PEOPLE STRUGGLING FOR NEW DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION !

7 – the most important decision – for the 10° anniversary of PCIm foundation – International Commitee support people’s war in India with all maoists, revolutionaries, antimperialists forces organised a Second International Conference of support – possibly not in Europe.A convocation for this new conference will be issued in the spring 2014.

8 – International Commitee SPW India supports the liberation struggle of Philippines and participates to all supporters initiatives, IC support all people’s wars and all armed ant imperialist struggles in the world .

9 – International Commitee declares that the best support to the people’s war in India is to make new democratic and proletarian revolution all countries

10 – International Commitee declares that the advancement of international unity of communist parties and organisations gives more force to the support for people’s war in India in the world

lal salam!

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