CPN-Maoist Clippings 5/10/2013



33-party alliance asks candidates to withdraw from poll race

KATHMANDU, Oct 5: The agitating 33-party alliance, including the CPN-Maoist, has issued a statement asking candidates from other political parties to withdraw their candidacies. The alliance has said that the upcoming Constituent Assembly (CA election is not in the national interest “because it has undermined the need for national consensus and it is being conducted as per the master-plan of foreign power centers.” A statement issued by CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung, on behalf of the 33-party alliance, claimed that the CPN-Maoist had floated the four-point proposal and had demonstrated maximum flexibility to go to polls but that their proposal was turned down. “Leaders from the four parties rejected the proposal and tried to impose the sponsored election and invite conflict,” read the statement.

“Therefore, we on behalf of the 33-party alliance urge you to support the campaign for national consensus by withdrawing your candidacy.” The alliance has also argued that forging national consensus ahead of election was necessary for the new constitution to gain “national recognition”. The strongly-worded statement has accused the major political parties of rendering the interim constitution worthless by amending several of its provisions through ordinances. “The chief justice [Khil Raj Regmi, who is also the head of the interim election government] has been practically given a position above the constitution by vesting on him the legislative, judicial and executive powers,” read the statement. The alliance has also taken strong exception to the government´s decision to deploy Nepal Army (NA) for the polls. Asked what if candidates do not back out of the race, Gurung said, “Our call is for the patriotic and independent candidates.

But, anyone is free not to withdraw from the race if they are ready to be foreign stooges.” Mani Thapa of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Nepal, a constituent party of the alliance, said that they wouldn´t resort to any physical action against the candidates who do not withdraw their candidacy. “This is our political appeal and there is no plan of taking physical action against defiance of our call,” he said. He said they only want the pro-consensus forces and individuals to stand in favor of CA polls based on national consensus. “We hope at least some of the candidates will withdraw their candidacy and stand in favor of consensus and that will exert a moral pressure,” said Thapa.


We will not raise arms‚ says Baidhya

KATHMANDU: Mohan Baidhya, chairman of the agitating CPN-Maoist that has been leading the 33-party anti-poll alliance today said his party would protest the November 19 poll peacefully, without raising arms. Talking on a TV show today, he said his party was not responsible for the fatal attack on UML candidate Mohammad Alam and clarified that the alliance would protest peacefully. Baidhya, who has been claiming that the election was being masterminded by foreign forces, however, revealed that foreign forces were suggesting them to boycott the November 19 election.

He accused Unified CPN-Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal of obstructing the 33-party alliance from joining the election process because Dahal believes that his party will benefit if they keep the alliance out of the election. Meanwhile, the agitating 33-party alliance today sent letters to individual candidates urging them to withdraw their nominations from the Constituent Assembly election. The alliance has requested candidates to support their agenda of politics based on national consensus. A decision to this effect was taken by the meeting of dissident parties held at the CPN-Maoist headquarters in Buddhanagar. The alliance decided to formally request candidates who have filed their nomination papers not to contest the scheduled November 19 poll through formal letters.

According to party spokesperson Pampha Bhusal, the alliance will send copies of the letter to all party offices across the nation. The letter signed by CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung on behalf of the 33-party alliance, states that the election was not possible without national consensus. He said the alliance would like to caution patriotic and sovereign Nepalis to boycott the election. Gurung further said the November 19 election is nothing but a ploy to impose autocratic regime in Nepal. The 33-party alliance further said that deploying the army during election was a conspiracy and fascistic practice on the part of the major political parties and the government.


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