World Popular Resistance Clippings 22/9/2013


Initial findings say outlawed leftist group likely to be responsible for Ankara attack: Police

An outlawed leftist group is likely to be responsible for an attack targeting police buildings in central Ankara on the evening of Sept. 20, according initial assessments made after the capture of the suspected perpetrators, the police said. “We believe that the assailants are members of the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C) according to our findings,” the Police General Directorate said in a statement Sept. 21.

One rocket had struck the first floor of a police facilities building in Ankara’s Dikmen neighborhood, while another rocket targeted the annex building located on the grounds of the Police General Directorate’s social services campus across from the scene of the initial attack. The attack did not cause any casualties. One of the suspected perpetrators was killed and the other captured alive during a shooting after the police had intercepted them around an hour after the attack.

The Police General Directorate said that the dead suspect, identified as Muharrem Karataş was also searched for his involvement in a flame thrower attack against the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) national headquarters last march. Authorities accused the DHKP/C, which took responsibility for a suicide attack on the U.S. Embassy. “The terrorist who died was identified as Muharrem Karataş who had organized an attack with a flame thrower to AKP general headquarters on March 19, 2013; the injured terrorist was identified as Serdar Polat,” the statement said, adding that one machine gun, three guns and two grenades were seized with the suspects.

5,000 policemen participated in chase

Authorities also revealed that close to 5,000 policemen had participated in the operation launched minutes after the attack to find the perpetrators. A helicopter was also dispatched, with the suspects being intercepted near the Middle Eastern Technical University (ODTÜ) campus. Karataş was killed while Polat was injured in the shooting that ensued. Polat was then taken to hospital and is said to be in a serious condition.

Interior Minister Muammer Güler, who arrived at the scene to assess the situation minutes after the attack, said that a piece of fabric belonging to the organization responsible was also found at the scene. [The piece of fabric] could have been left with an aim of misleading [police]. Our examinations are ongoing,” he said.


RMG workers highway rampage

Ready-made garments factory workers turned violent on the Dhaka-Tangail highway alleging ‘obstruction’ while trying to join a rally in the capital. The unrest led to a shutdown of nearly 50 factories around Gazipur, the Industrial Police said on Saturday. Garments Sromik Somonnoy Parishad, a RMG workers’ organization has called a rally on Saturday in Dhaka demanding Tk 8,000 as minimum wage. Shipping minister Shahjahan Khan is scheduled to attend the rally.

Workers of different factories say that they were not given leave to attend the rally. Witnesses said workers of three factories of Chandra area and one factory of Mouchak area of Gazipur’s Kaliyakoir upazila, took the streets around 8.30am. Afterwards, they blocked the Dhaka-Tangail highway and workers from other factories joined them. Quite a few vehicles were damaged. A bank and a Singer showroom at Shafipur area were vandalised. Kaliyakoir Police station OC Omar Faruk said the protestors hurled stones at factories, whose workers had not joined them. The police managed to persuade the workers to leave the highway at around 11.30am, after which the traffic resumed, Faruk said. ASP of Gazipur Industrial Police, Md Mosharof Hossain told more than 50 factory managements of Board Bazaar, Konabari, Vogra and Telipara area of Gazipur, closed down their factories during the unrest.

Sudan: Small Demonstrations Erupt in Sudan’s Gezira State Over Bread Prices

Khartoum — Dozens of Sudanese have demonstrated in Gezira state’s capital city of Wad Madani on Saturday against increases in bread price. They used to buy four loaves of bread at a price of one pound, but that was reduced to three loaves only. Angry residents of Al-Ishair, Al-Dibagha, and Al-Quoba neighborhoods have closed a major road in the city setting fire on old car tires till late night prompting riot police to fire teargas to disperse the protestors.

A member of the bakeries union in Wad Madani locality who preferred to stay anonymous stressed that prices of the bread production inputs including wheat flour, oil, and yeast did not increase, denying reduction of bread weight. Sudan’s finance ministry officially announced its intention to lift fuel subsidies in the coming days after receiving clearance from the government saying it will be implemented in conjunction with an increase in the minimum wage. Last week, the head of Sudan’s workers union, Ibrahim Ghandour, said that the decision to remove subsidies is confined to fuel prices, asserting that the finance ministry agreed to continue subsidizing wheat and electricity.

Afghans protest killing of two civilians by US-led forces

Afghans have held a demonstration to protest the killing of two civilians by US-led forces in the country’s southern province of Zabul, Press TV reports.Thousands of people, including religious and tribal leaders, took to the streets of Shah Joy District on Sunday and shouted slogans against foreign forces as anti-NATO sentiment fills the air in Afghanistan.

Demonstrators also protested against the presence of US-led troops in the country. They were out to express their anger over alleged civilian deaths at the hand of US-led forces there. Local residents accuse NATO troops of killing two members of a family during an operation on Saturday. The town’s market has been shut down in protest.

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