Unitary declaration of Maoists of France-22/8/2013


Facing the crisis of the world capitalist and imperialist system that provokes :

– an offensive of the bourgeoisie against the workers conquests (agreements against workers, pensions, massive layoffs)

– a rise of fascist groups

– a rise of fascist ideology amongst the bourgeoisie

– a rise of reactionary ideas amongst part of the masses

– a rise of confusionism, social-chauvinism and opportunism amongst people’s movement

-the bourgeois media tool being a vector of the diffusion of these ideas

Communists have to take their responsibilities and build the Communist Party of the working class, as leading force of the revolutionary movement. Build, develop a United Front gathering large masses of people allied of the working class, in the perspective to lead revolutionary struggle to the victory of the proletariat and masses of people, to the destruction of bourgeois state and to the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat. It is necessary to establish a clear demarcation line between the revolutionary line and the reformist positions which channels people’s movement and strengthen the position of the bourgeoisie.

Strategically, the working class is determining in the struggle against capitalists and their state and for the victory of proletarian revolution. The Party must project itself to the forefront of the struggles, economical as political, of the working class in order to rebuild working class autonomy, cutting edge of proletarian and people’s movement. This system will not fall by itself, it is necessary to wage step by step a Protracted People’s War an every fronts and prepare the strategic organizational conditions to fight and win over the bourgeoisie.

That is why our two organisations as well as sympathizers have made the first step of the unification process of the marxist-leninist-maoist in a single Party. We jointly organized unitary days of formation, in order to deepen together our theoretical knowledge and to put it into practice along the unification process. To complete this process will allow to strengthen the development and the unity of the international maoist movement that is developing. In India, Philippines, Peru, Turkey, Nepal, maoist are waging or reorganizing People’s War.

Communist Organisation – Red Future ;

Maoist Communist Party of France ; and sympathizers

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