Defending and Advancing the Revolutionary War Is The True Homage To The Great Martyrs !-June 2013


Imbibe and Propagate Widely The Values, Ideals, Supreme Sacrifices, Bravery, Dedication & Commitment Of Our Beloved Martyrs !

Defending and Advancing the Revolutionary War Is The True Homage To The Great Martyrs !

Call of the CC, CPI (Maoist) to party ranks, PLGA commanders- fighters, Revolutionary People’s Committees and Revolutionary Masses to observe Martyrs’ Memorial Week with revolutionary spirit from July 28 to August 3, 2013

Dear comrades, Sacrifices are not only inevitable but also revolution demands sacrifices in the transformation of the society. Every such transformation is essentially accompanied by and accomplished through innumerable sacrifices made by the masses who are the real makers of history. All the successes achieved and victories won in the entire history of class struggles of humankind is full of glorious sagas of amazing, moving, heart-rending and extraordinary sacrifices including the supreme sacrifice of laying down one’s life for a cause which they valued than their own lives i.e., liberation of humankind. Liberation from every kind of exploitation, oppression, suppression and discrimination.

Innumerable and glorious were the sacrifices made in the course of the New Democratic Revolution in India (NDR) too for the past 46 years since Naxalbari armed peasant uprising in the path of Protracted People’s War blazed by the founders of our party, great leaders and martyrs Comrade Charu Mazumdar and Comrade Kanhai Chatterji, for the establishment of new democratic society, then socialism and ultimately communism. In the past one year since we celebrated the previous Martyrs’ Memorial Week more than a hundred worthy daughters and sons of our country have laid down their most invaluable lives in our country fighting back the fascist country-wide multi-pronged onslaught of the Indian ruling classes with the full support and guidance of the imperialists, particularly the US imperialists.

In this same period, while advancing the People’s War in the course of New Democratic Revolution several comrades of CPP, NPA, NDF and revolutionary masses were martyred fighting back Oplan Bayanihan, the fascist war on the people by the state in Philippines. In the course of New Democratic Revolution in Turkey, Bangladesh and Peru; working class struggles in imperialist countries; in national liberation struggles and in struggle against imperialist aggression and occupation and in struggles against all kinds of reactionaries hundreds of Maoists, workers, peasants, students, youth, intellectuals, democrats, employees, women and people laid down their lives all over the world.

Let us bow our heads and pay humble homage to all these martyrs of Indian Revolution and World Socialist Revolution on the occasion of our Martyrs Memorial Week. Let us pledge with clenched fists that we would wage our struggle with their inspiration till their aspirations and their dreams are fulfilled. Communists may sacrifice their lives in one country as part of the revolution in their country. But their sacrifice is not confined to one country. Similarly the innumerable sacrifices made by our beloved martyrs are an integral part of the enormous sacrifices by communists all over the world made as part of the World Socialist Revolution. They not only contribute to the liberation of the people in their respective countries but also to the liberation of the toiling masses all over the world.

The CC, CPI (Maoist) calls upon the entire party ranks, PLGA commanders-fighters, Revolutionary People’s Committees (RPC), Revolutionary Mass organizations and Revolutionary Masses to observe Martyrs Memorial Week from July 28 to August 3, 2013 with revolutionary zeal commemorating and holding high the glorious and supreme sacrifices made by our beloved martyrs and the great cause of revolution in India that they had laid down their invaluable lives for. Our party Central Committee pays humble red homage to all our beloved martyrs and gives the call to rededicate ourselves to the fulfillment of their lofty and selfless aims on this solemn but ever-inspirational occasion.

The sacrifices of our beloved martyrs are the ultimate examples of selflessness in an era of revolutions where the masses realize the importance of their inevitability and come forward in countless numbers to make sacrifices in the course of the revolutionary war. Let us turn the memories of such great martyrs, their ideals and values as a weapon in our war against the enemies of the people and utilize this occasion to use it most effectively. No bastions of the class enemies can withstand the offensive launched with such a weapon. A living revolutionary is a great threat to the class enemies but a martyred revolutionary is their invincible adversary. None of their modern weapons can match the weapon of selfless sacrifice of a martyr. Several of our brave party and PLGA comrades fell while fighting with the enemy forces ferociously. Some were killed in enemy attacks with huge posse of armed forces. Some of our veteran comrades were martyred due to ill health and some died very tragically in accidents like snake bites. Revolutionary activists in villages died in indiscriminate firings by the enemy forces and in police custody.

Let us salute all these great martyrs as the common aim of all of them is to liberate the oppressed masses from all kinds of exploitation, oppression and suppression by making the NDR a success in India. In the midnight of March 27-28 2013, goons of Triteeya Prastuti Committee (TPC), police and CRPF-CoBRA commandos carried out a brutal massacre in Lakarmandha village in Kunda police station area of Chatra district, Jharkhand. TPC, Jharkhand police and CoBRA forces in their hundreds encircled the place where PLGA soldiers were staying through a planned covert operation and launched brutal attack on them. Three comrades laid down their lives while retaliating and seven others were caught alive. In the morning the killing machines of TPC, police and CRPF selectively killed seven other comrades in cold blood. They were subjected to inhuman torture before being shot.

Comrade Lalesh Yadav Prashant (RCM-Spokesperson of the RC), Comrade Dharmendra Yadav (Sub-Zonal Committee member), Comrade Praful (Sub-Zonal Committee member), Comrade Jaykumar Yadav (Platoon commander), Comrade Bhola Ajay Yadav, Comrade Albert Bijay, Comrade Pramod and others were among the killed. It’s the oppressive governments that created and nurtured various armed vigilante gangs like TPC, JPC, JLT, PLFI, Gram Raksha Dal and Nagarik Suraksha Samiti and they are in fact created, armed and run by the State. This was a major blow to our movement in Chatra district and to Jharkhand movement as a whole.But their unfulfilled tasks and dreams remain and it is our duty to fulfill them to the end.

The people of Magadh have played a historic role in anti-feudal struggles, in building guerilla forces and building guerilla warfare as part of the rebuilding of the revolutionary movement in India after Naxalbari and they would definitely overcome this loss too by advancing forward with determination. In fierce encounters with the police, paramilitary and Special Forces in Bihar-Jharkhand-North Chhattisgarh Special Area – Comrades Subhash in Koel-Sankh Zone, five comrades in Katia forests of Latehar district, one comrade in Saraikela-Kharswan district, one comrade in Hurwa forests of Khunti district and some more comrades were martyred while fighting back the enemy forces ferociously. Comrade Chandan of Koyal-Sankh Zone was murdered by JMM faction while Comrade Saddev (ACM) was murdered by JPC in Madhya Zone both in Bihar On April 16, 2013 the AP Grey Hounds, Chhattisgarh police and CRP- CoBRA forces jointly attacked the Puvvar village (Konta block, Sukma district, Chhattisgarh) on the borders of Andhra Pradesh based on information given by informers and callously murdered nine comrades including five women comrades belonging to North Telangana.

North Telangana Special Zonal Committee (NTSZC) member Comrade Marri Ravi Sudhakar (38), Gugloth Lakshmi Pushpa (32) (KKW DVCM), Vetti Narsakka Sabita (33) (Eturunagaram ACS), Durgam Raju (26) (ACM), Reena (ACM), Vetti Ramakka Bade Urmila (ACM) (24), Maddi Seeta Navata (PM), Madkam Bhima Ajay (20) (PM) and Arli Venkati Gautam (35) (PM) laid down their lives in this bitter battle fighting ferociously with the enemy forces till their last breath. Comrade Sudhakar joined the movement at a young age of 18 and worked in the CPI (ML) Pratighatana (CP Reddy) Group for a short period. Opposing their revisionist politics he left that party and joined our party. He began his revolutionary life as a PLGA squad member and developed to the level of SZC. He played a significant role in fighting against various right opportunist Marxist-Leninist groups in Godavari Valley and exposed and isolated them from the people.

Comrade Pushpa was associated with the revolutionary movement since she was just a child of 10. She came from the Lambadi tribe, joined as a squad member and developed into a DVCM. She gave birth to a baby in 2007 but left the child with relatives and continued her work in the revolutionary movement. Comrades Sudhakar and Pushpa was a couple. The senior comrades among them gained rich experiences when the movement was in flow and valiantly fought back several enemy attacks in that period and stood firm in face of severe odds. Using these experiences they were engaged seriously in reviving the NT movement.

All these nine comrades displayed highest revolutionary consciousness in working in very adverse conditions in NT at present. This encounter is certainly a major blow to our efforts to revive the NT movement. All these comrades come from the oppressed classes and oppressed social sections and were below 38 years of age. Though our beloved comrades and valiant warriors were martyred in Puvvar their rich experiences remain with us and would help us in reviving the movement in NT and their inspiration would always serve as a beacon light for our movement in the entire Central Region of our Party. Comrade Jagan, PM and guard to an SZCM was martyred in an encounter with the police on 11 November 2012 and he laid down his life defending the leadership.

In Dandakaranya (DK), in Gadchiroli district – six comrades including two women of South Gadchiroli division were murdered in cold blood in an ambush by the enemy armed forces in January 2013 at Govindgaon village at midnight. Comrades Sankar Lakda (DVCM), Vinod Kodape (ACM), Geeta Kumoti (Platoon deputy commander), Mohan Kovasi (LGS deputy commander) and PLGA members Labbe Gawde and Juru Mattami were martyred here. Comrades Vinod and Geeta was a couple. On 4th April enemy forces attacked a unit of People’s Militia Squad (PMS) in which Comrade Lakshman, one PMS commander and three villagers were martyred.

On 12th April in a fierce encounter between the guerillas and the police and C-60 commando forces at Sindesur village of Dhanora Tehsil in Gadchiroli Comrades Kailas (ACM), Nandu (deputy commander), Champa (Company-4 woman member) and four villagers including two women were killed. In indiscriminate firings conducted in Bhatpar and Sindesur, the armed forces deliberately fired on the villagers when they were with the Maoists and killed them on purpose in order to terrorize them to wean them away from the Maoists. Comrade Manda was martyred in Ambapur encounter while fiercely fighting back an enemy attack after injuring three commandos in November 2012 while Comrade Sharada of Gatta LOS was martyred in Morkhandi encounter December 2012.

These ‘encounters’ are nothing but massacres in the name of encounters. In Gondia-Balaghat division of Maharashtra from the beginning our comrades have advanced the movement by spilling their blood. In Korchi area tens of thousands of people stood up against displacement. The alarmed central and Maharashtra governments are trying to suppress the movement through cruel police repression, wiping out the leadership and spreading terror among the people. As part of the resistance that is ongoing with the aim of defeating the enemy onslaught on 3 October 2012, Comrade Mohan, deputy commander of the Platoon-56 was martyred in an encounter at Gangin village with the C-60 commandos.

Comrade Mohan fought with the enemy forces 18 times in his party life. He was a comrade with courage, determination, discipline and initiative in military matters. This was a big loss to the Division movement. On 19th May 2013 Comrade Pramod, guard of Company commander was martyred at Hettekasa. All These killings should be seen as part of the intensified War on People by the Maharashtra and central governments. In DK in Chhattisgarh – Comrade Kismat was martyred when an enemy mortar shell burst in an encounter with the enemy forces at Korsel village of Gangalur area in West Bastar Division. He was a PPCM in Company- 2. He also gave medical care as a guerilla doctor and won the confidence of his fellow comrades and the people. Women Comrades Sanoti and Sumitra were martyred while fighting back an enemy attack in Tekmetta village of North Bastar Division.

On May 17 2013 our PLGA forces conducted an ambush near Purungil village of Dantewada district on CRPF, STF and DF forces from Aranpur PS conducting search operations jointly where two jawans were injured and one jawan is believed to have been killed. Deputy Commander of People’s Militia Squad Comrade Masu was martyred in this valiant battle. The martyrdom of Comrades Udham Singh (ACS) and Tara (woman member of PLGA) of Manpur Division in a fierce battle with the police on 8 June 2013 is a big loss to our work in the plain areas in DK.

A woman comrade was martyred in Nelnar area on June 13 2013. Several other comrades laid down their lives in battles with the enemy while preserving Jal-Jungle-Zameen that rightfully belonged only to the people, while defending the emerging people’s political power in DK and BJ and in advancing the NDR. Very tragically we lost three senior comrades who have been steeled in the furnace of class struggle with decades of revolutionary life and experience in this period.

Comrade Gaddam Lakshmi Mahita, Central Regional Political School (RePos) teacher, a state level veteran woman comrade who had served the people and revolution for about three decades had been martyred due to malaria on 29 April 2013. She was an ideal communist who never lost her heart even for a second spite of getting caught in the enemy’s dragnet two times and being threatened with death. She had contributed to the development of urban and rural women’s movement in AP and AOB and to the development of women comrades and our party’s development of understanding about women question as a member of women’s sub-committees in AP state and AOB Special Zone.

She worked in urban, rural areas and forest areas for a few years organizing the women, the urban poor, Adivasis and the peasantry. She had contributed greatly to the political education of the cadres as a political teacher in the Central Region and contributed in preparing syllabi for the education of cadres in DK. She was a good writer and orator. She strove hard to educate the cadres and equip them with MLM in spite of her frail frame and serious ill-health. She was loved for her affectionate demeanor and admired for her in depth study of the women’s question.

Comrade Kanaka Swamy Aman, a senior veteran comrade of DVC level belonging to the technical department (TD) of DK was martyred due to malaria on 24 September 2012. In his long revolutionary life of about three decades he served the people and the revolution selflessly as a courier of Warangal DC and Hyderabad City Committee and in TD of the party both in the units of transporting and manufacturing weapons. He was arrested along with other comrades in Rourkela but displayed exemplary courage both in face of tortures and in jail. He joined the TD in DK after his release striving very hard to manufacture weapons to supply to the guerillas and the militia to intensify guerilla warfare. He was an ideal communist and a skilled red technician.

Comrade Nohari Bai Samita (ACM), a veteran women comrade who has served the revolution selflessly for about more than two decades was martyred due to cancer on 7 February 2013. She hails from an Adivasi family of Gadchiroli district and worked in Gadchiroli and present day Gondia in the squads organizing people and injured two times in encounters with the police forces but never stepped back. She worked in the DK press unit for four years and later was transferred to work in the agricultural department of a RPC in Maad where she worked till the end. She set high ideals in mingling with the people becoming like a family member to each and every household in the villages she worked in. She never had any other interest other than that of the revolution and strove hard for it. In spite of losing her eyesight in her last days and severe illness she never complained or lost heart and went about her work. The ideals of comrade Samitha should be followed by all of us.

Losing all these three veteran comrades to ill health is a serious loss to our party in the spheres they worked in. Comrade Juvvaji Venkata Subbaiah (75) a veteran leader of our party in Andhra Pradesh who has been associated with the movement since glorious Srikakulam armed peasant movement days died of illness at an old age. He was arrested while going to work in Srikakulam in 1969 and stood firm with the Naxalbari politics and line in the jail too fighting back the right and left opportunist trends that arose after the martyrdom of Comrade Charu Mazumdar. He contributed in laying foundations to the movement in Guntur district and the Nallamala forest and worked at various levels inside the party from a squad member to the district committee member. Due to old age and ill health he was transferred by the party to work in peasant front and united front activities openly in which he continued till the end.

He stood firm in all the twists and turns and ups and downs the party went through in his more than four decade long revolutionary life and served a source of inspiration to the people of AP and the comrades in mass organizations when the movement is suffering a setback in the recent period. It is our duty to propagate the ideals of such veteran undaunted communist leaders of our party for the younger generations to imbibe their ideals in their practice.

Comrade Karam Somli (Indira), DVCM of North Gadchiroli Division died of snake bite in May 2013. It is a severe loss to the Division movement when it is facing tough times in terms of severe repression to lose her as she was an experienced and established leader among the people. She was recruited from West Bastar but had come to Gadchiroli as the party had decided and won the confidence of the people and the cadres. Her life partner Comrade Kailas was martyred a few days back in Sindesur.

Comrade Budhram of Koyal-Sankh Zone in Bihar also died of snake bite. Comrade Mainu of Barsur squad (East Bastar, DK) died due to drowning while crossing the Indravati River. These comrades lost their lives in accidents but their commitment and dedication remain an inspiration to us forever. The State and central governments had intensified its barbaric offensive on Malnad area (Western Gahats) of Karnataka to crush the revolutionary movement. Several encounters are taking place between our PLGA forces and enemy forces and in one such encounter with the Anti-Naxal Force (ANF), Comrade Yellappa Dinakar (ACM) was martyred on 2 September 2012 within Kadaba PS limits in South Canara district.

Combing operations, arrests and encounters continue unabated as part of OGH in West Bengal as the Mamata government and the Centre want to completely crush the Maoist movement there using the opportunity where the Lalgarh movement suffered a setback and Comrade Kishenji was martyred. Two senior squad members of Ajodhya area of Purulia district were martyred in an encounter with the armed forces in November 2012. Some comrades were martyred in jails too. Comrade Kunjami Kosa (Naxalite prisoner) of Bade Vedma village (Kondagaon) was martyred on 6-5-2013 due to negligence by the jail authorities in providing him medical care. Leadership wise we lost a veteran leader of the party (Venkata Subbaiah), two SZC level comrades (Comrades Mahita, Sudhakar), one RCM (Comrade Prashat), seven DVC/ZC level comrades, three Sub- Zonal Committee level comrades, two AC Secretaries and eleven AC members. Other martyrs are PMs and members in PLGA and villages, members of various local organizations and people.

A total of 23 women comrades were martyred since last July 28. It was not even one year since the Sarkinguda massacre and the central and state government forces resorted to another equally gruesome massacre in Edesmeta in Bijapur district of DK where eight Adivasis including four minors were murdered on May 17. This kind of targeting of villages for massacres is being done as part of a very conscious plan of the higher paramilitary, police and intelligence officials to terrorize the people, isolate them from the Party and damage the strong areas of the movement. Massacres have become an integral part of their new offensives that are being intensified with the aim of elimination of revolutionary movement which has become one of the main hurdles in implementing the MoUs made with the corporate houses and are gathering dust due to the resistance of the people.

More than a dozen villagers and activists were killed in police indiscriminate firings and fake encounters after abducting in various areas of DK in this period. Several people were injured in indiscriminate firings by the enemy forces and some were maimed for life. In September 2012 Chainu a village youth was murdered after being caught in Nirmetta village in Kanker district. In February 2013 Comrade Salim, who had worked in various spheres, gained experience and also worked in Company-2 was caught and shot dead in front of the people in Avunar (West Bastar). Budhram Nendi, an activist of Jan Militia of Madohnar village and Jai Singh, Phul Singh (brothers) of Ongnar village in East Bastar were caught and brutally murdered by the police on May 1 2013. Young peasant Pandiram was killed in front of the villagers by the police. Village woman Vanjem Devi was killed when the AP Greyhounds surrounded Kanchal village surrounded the village on 8-3-2013 and fired indiscriminately. Another villager was seriously injured.

In BJ-NCG – Comrades Jitender of Madhya Zone, ex-activist Paras were murdered in fake encounters while Comrade Madan was killed in police lock-up. In Bhaliaguda village of Gajapati district in Odisha five villagers Aiba Padra (35), Shyamson Majhi (50), Ghasiram Bagsingh (33), Saramuli panchayat, Laxmi Kanta Nayak and Sanathan Mallick (27) were murdered in cold blood by the police. The macabre destruction of villages, rapes/gang rapes, arrests, putting in jails with false cases, beatings etc continue undiminished on daily basis as part of counter-insurgency operations along with psychological warfare and also sham reforms as part of it. Trying to murder the Party and PLGA comrades, activists of RPCs, revolutionary mass organizations and people with poisoning, covert operations and using class enemies and their agents, police/paramilitary informers, corporate agents, degenerated elements that left the movement, vigilante gangs and coverts.

Comrades, The War on People is intensifying and becoming crueler by the day. More than 4,000 Maoist political prisoners are languishing in jails facing tortures, harsh sentences including death sentences and life imprisonments, denial of bails, inhumane living conditions. But all of them are fighting against all this with revolutionary spirit and strengthening this battlefront. The covert role of the Army increased further and the ruling classes want to increase it further particularly after the May 25 incident. Several repressive measures were announced after May 25 which are nothing but a continuation of the plans already underway. 2,199 communication towers were planned to be built, more IAF helicopters and a new helicopter unit to be stationed in Nagpur were allotted in the name of logistical support but actually aimed to utilize them in attacks on the guerillas.

They are already being used extensively during attacks on villages apart from logistical support during armed confrontations. Drones are planned to be more extensively used than at present for intelligence gathering and also for bombing in future. Deployment of paramilitary battalions for forceful mining and infra- structure development on a huge scale has increased manifold. Immediately after May 25 two battalions of paramilitary were rushed to Bastar. It was announced that soon 27 battalions of paramilitary would be deployed in Maoist areas. All preparations that were already on the anvil for higher level attacks were intensified on war-footing after May 25. Unprecedented levels of psychological warfare using the corporate media and otherwise are being carried on spitting venom on Maoists and the revolutionary movement.

This is done in coordination with the sham reforms with not a single day passing without some civic action program by the armed forces in the movement areas. ‘Saranda Model’ was extended to some more guerilla areas in DK, BJ and Odisha. A thousand more crores were allotted and the time period also extended for the Integrated Action Plan already under way in Maoist areas and the Roshni scheme that is supposed to give training for 50,000 youth for jobs with false promises of employment has been extended from two districts (Sukma, West Singhbhum) to 24 more districts. The enemy’s main concentration is on our guerilla bases and guerilla areas starting from Andhra Pradesh borders to Lalgarh and the area South of Ganga River in Bihar and UP and he is surrounding them with carpet security with the strategic aim of isolating the areas from each other and crushing them.

This strategic plan was formulated and is being implemented under the direct supervision of the Indian Army. The conditions of the Indian economy is the exact opposite to what the Indian ruling classes announce and it is getting increasingly bogged down further in crisis. The pressure on them to implement the MoUs signed by corporate houses both foreign and Indian is go high that they are resorting to more and more brutality on the people resisting the ‘development’ model leading to severe discontent and disillusionment among the people towards parliamentary democracy.

Internationally too the imperialists desperate to come out of the unprecedented financial crises since the 30s are increasing attacks on countries like Syria and threatening North Korea apart from continuing their murder and mayhem in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. Country-wide, multi-pronged, most reactionary operations like Oplan Bayanihan and Operation Green Hunt respectively in Philippines and India to cruelly suppress the revolutionary movements are continuing in full gear by the ruling classes in complete connivance with the imperialists, particularly the US imperialists. The overall onslaught on workers, employees, students, youth, and intelligentsia along with democratic and revolutionary forces in oppressed countries with draconian laws is on. In the past one year though we have suffered some serious losses in terms of leadership and subjective forces in this offensive, on the whole we succeeded in resisting it in our strong areas the revolutionary movement and sustaining the movement when the enemy is hell bent on destroying it is a success in its own.

Various tactical counter-offensives are continuing while inflicting casualties to the enemy and arms and ammunition is being seized though not at previous levels. In a huge ambush conducted by our brave PLGA guerillas in Latehar district near Amvadiha village on January 7 2013, 17 CRPF jawans were wiped out and all their weapons were seized. The May 25 ambush in which Salwa Judum mentor and slaughterer Mahendra Karma and some other people’s enemies were wiped out enthused the revolutionary people all over the country and particularly in DK. The ever increasing corruption, scandals and the entire bankruptcy of the parliamentary system is making the people increasingly attracted towards the revolutionary alternative placed by our party before them. People are mobilizing under our party’s leadership on several issues, particularly against displacement.

Our efforts to expand to new areas and internally within the existing zones are on. The international campaign against OGH and solidarity for the People’s War in India is being consolidated further giving the necessary moral support to the fighting people in our country. The lofty sacrifices of our martyrs and the fact that we are resisting enemy forces and mobilizing masses in the PW and achieving various successes in spite of facing several odds and are a crucial factor in achieving this kind of support for our NDR in India and all over the world. Our party is striving hard to come out of the difficult situations we are facing amid unprecedented enemy offensive.

The Values, Ideals, Supreme Sacrifices, Bravery, Dedication and Commitment of our beloved martyrs are behind all the positive results we obtained in the course. Comrades, With principal contradiction in the world between imperialism and the oppressed nations and peoples and the other two fundamental contradictions sharpening with each passing day, the objective condition in our country and the world are increasingly turning favorable to the revolution. All kinds of social contradictions are sharpening and people are increasingly accepting, propagating and joining the revolutionary path world over to solve them. It is the need of the hour that we grasp the excellent objective situation and mobilizing people actively and extensively in PW and advance the revolution by intensifying and expanding guerilla warfare.

We must put efforts to completely utilize the favorable objective and subjective conditions conducive to the development of People’s War in the vast stretch of area covering lakhs of square kilometers, with crores of population, where our organization has been continuing from a long time and where people gained vast self-experience in class struggle and where at least in some areas they had tasted their own political power starting from Andhra Pradesh borders to Lalgarh and South of the Ganga River to defend our movement and develop it. Thus we can overcome the unfavorable conditions that we faced subjectively in the recent period and advance in the direction of fulfilling the tasks given by our Unity Congress-9th Congress. Let us take up the following immediate tasks for the same.

1. Let us strengthen and bolshevize the party.Let us strengthen PLGA and the mass base and expand it. Instead of firmly adhering to our general political line and to firmly implement it creatively in the conditions where the enemy onslaught is seriously increasing and we are suffering losses some individuals brought forth right opportunist arguments and left the party. Let us be cautious towards such right opportunistic trends that that may also arise in future and fight them back. Let us get rid of sectarian and bureaucratic trends in internal party relations that are harming party unity and in party to people relations that are isolating us from the masses and helping the enemy.

2. Let us grasp the revolutionary crises in the world and in our country and mobilize people in militant mass struggles extensively and intensify and expand guerilla warfare according to the concrete conditions in various regions and areas.

3. Let us study changes in enemy strategy and tactics and his LIC policy and enrich our political and military tactics based on that study and creatively apply operational principles of guerilla warfare by relying on the masses. This would help in developing our initiative.

4. Let us build a vast movement against deployment of Army, air force, and drones that would be the hallmark of this phase of the enemy offensive and a strong and broad civil rights movement to fight back the massacres and all other kinds of excesses of the State against the people and revolutionaries. After May 25 ambush, more cruel and fascist offensives, indiscriminate attacks, massacres, deployment of helicopters and drones, stifling the people’s voices using draconian laws such as UAPA etc are on the increase. So this task assumes great significance.

5. Let us fight back and defeat the fascist OGH of ruling classes aimed to dent the successes of the revolution, to isolate the Party and PLGA from the masses, to undermine the mass base of our party, to prevent guerilla offensives and our expansion and to suppress the mass struggles by fulfilling these tasks with determination. Comrades, Observe Martyrs’ Memorial Week with revolutionary zeal all over the country and propagate as widely as possible through all means at our disposal the values, ideals, supreme sacrifices, bravery, dedication and commitment of our beloved martyrs. Let us imbibe these and inspire the people to follow in their footsteps to build a New Democratic India as aspired by them. It is the people and people alone who are makers of history and a people inspired by the sacrifices of the martyrs can achieve wonders in the course of Protracted People’s War is a well established fact in all the hitherto successful revolutions.

With Revolutionary Greetings,

Central Committee, June 15, 2013 CPI (Maoist)

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