World Popular Resistance Clippings 4/9/2013



Security forces disperse protesting farmers with tear gas in Perez Zeledon

September 4th, 2013 ( Security forces in riot gear dispersed with tear gas some 250 corn and bean farmers who were blocking the Interamericana Sur highway at 2:20 a.m. this morning in Perez Zeledon. The farmers were protesting what they describe as the “abandonment” of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) since the beginning of President Laura Chinchilla’s administration.

Peru Andean mining region protests royalties decline

Peruvians clashed with police and blocked roads to Freeport-McMoRan’s (NYSE: FCX) Cerro Verde copper mine Tuesday to protest against reductions in revenue from mining royalties.

Armed group sets armored vehicle on fire in Colombia rural protests

BOGOTA, Sept. 3 (UPI) — An armored vehicle was burned by a gang of armed men operating in an area of Colombia hit by nationwide rural protests, officials said. The vehicle, which belonged to the National Unit of Protection, was on a road connecting the towns of Campoalegre and Hobo near Cali, Colombia Reports said Tuesday. The same group of hooded men is believed to have set fire to a public bus on Sunday after it tried to use a different route between the same communities.

The gang told the passengers to get off before torching the vehicle. Government soldiers taken captive during the weekend were released Monday by protesting farmers in southwest Colombia, Gov. Temistocles Ortega of the state of Cauca said Tuesday. The soldiers’ release came after mediation by the United Nations. They were detained while waiting at a roadblock put up by protesters. The mayor of Bogotá has said “criminal gangs” have infiltrated protest groups. He blamed the criminal gangs for violence that erupted in the city Thursday that resulted in two deaths and 200 injuries. The nationwide protests began Aug. 19.



Six More Bombings In Athens

Just as a major terrorist group has warned it would go after “economic targets,” and strike at judges and police officers in protest of unrelenting austerity and the coming firing of scores of thousands of public workers – and a letter bomb was sent to a prosecutor – six explosive devices believed to have been made of butane gas canisters went off in the Athenian neighborhoods of Kypseli and Egaleo overnight on Sept. 2, though no injuries were reported, police said.

The homemade bombs destroyed four cars, a truck, two motorcycles and a garbage bin. No reports were made concerning who may behind the attacks, which were not launched against specific targets, though authorities are investigating to determine the reason why the particular targets were selected and to see if there is any link to the rising terrorist threat.

Paraguayan Peasants Close Roads, Protest Militarization

Asuncion, Sep 3 (Prensa Latina) Paraguayan peasants began a series of marches and road closures in the northern region of the country, rejecting the militarization of the area and calling for governmental measures to fight poverty. The peasants of the Coordinating Committee of Peasant Organization started those protests early, within the framework of the national mobilization of rural, indigenous and union sectors, planned to end with a rally in Asuncion tomorrow.

The first route closures were reported in the department of San Pedro, connected with actions outside the headquarters of the municipalities, in which participants condemned what they consider indiscriminate repression against peasant leaders by security forces. The campaign was preceded by a meeting held yesterday by representatives of dozens of settlements and organizations in San Pedro, Concepcion and Amambay, the three departments militarized to fight an armed group operating in the area.

The protesters repudiated the arrest of many activists from the struggle for land, who are accused of linking with the so-called Paraguayan People’s Army, a pretext to criminalize the social battle. A statement from the Coordinating Committee said the real intention is the selective removal of social leaders as occurred in recent days with the death and arrests of a number of those leaders.

Residents Protest Arrest of 9 in North Nigeria

Thousands of people in the north Nigerian town of Kajuru demonstrated against what they called arbitrary arrests by police after three police officers were killed during an attack two weeks ago. A resident said two suspects were arrested Saturday while riding their bikes and police early Tuesday rounded up seven more suspects from their homes. The Kaduna police spokesman, Aminu Lawan, says the arrests were in connection with the Aug. 20 police headquarters raid.

He said the community handed over two other suspects who were cooperating with an investigation. Officers said attackers with sophisticated weapons had freed suspected criminals being detained at the station. Protesters blocked the roads with barricades Tuesday leading into Kajuru. Heavily armed police and soldiers were deployed to the area, though no violence was reported.

Armed protest warning to Centre – Statehood groups in Assam issue threat of violence to achieve goal after meeting officials

New Delhi, Sept. 3: The All Koch Rajbongshi Students Union (AKRSU) today warned that if the government fails to heed its democratic protests for a separate state, it might turn to arms. The threat comes a day after the Joint Action Committee for Autonomous State of the Karbis and Dimasas warned that Karbi Anglong might become restive if its demand for an autonomous state in Assam under Article 244A was not met. Today was the second day of tripartite talks between Delhi, Dispur and groups from Assam demanding states, autonomous or separate. Yesterday, the government held talks with Karbi and Dimasa groups.

25 injured in police-workers clash in Narayanganj

At least 25 people, including a trade union leader, were injured Tuesday in clashes between workers and law enforcers at Chashara in Narayanganj. The workers of Fuji Knitwear Sweater Factory allegedly blocked the Chashara roundabout, suspending traffic protesting the closure of their factory. Clashes broke out when police used truncheons on the agitators, as they did not heed police request to clear the street.

Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas canisters to disperse the workers. Among the injured were Bangladesh Trade Union Centre President Montu Ghosh, Communist Party leader Hafizul Islam, and Gonoshonghoti Andolon leaders Amol Akash and Anjan Das. Gonoshonghoti Andolon district unit Convener Tariqul Sujon claimed that police, without any provocation, started clubbing the protestors being instructed by BKMEA President Selim Osman.

“Authorities sacked the workers and locked the factory without paying the dues, violating labour law,” he said. However, Fuji Knitwear Factory Director Delwar Hossain denied the allegation. Manjur Kader, OC of Narayanganj Sadar Model police station, said police “mildly” charged truncheons on the protesters to free the highway. Communist Party of Bangladesh denounced the police attack. Meanwhile, in Dhaka, garment workers Tuesday besieged the BGMEA Bhaban in the city’s Karwanbazar, demanding punishment against their factory owner for his alleged role in hiring local goons to beat up workers.

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