Against the imperialist war in Syria, lets organize for war against imperialism!-CMLMS 2/9/2013


For almost two years now, the US and NATO imperialist powers along with the Gulf monarchies have been pursuing a policy of regime change through proxy war against the bureaucrat capitalist regime aligned to Russian imperialism in Damascus.The current American push for air strikes and the psychological war over Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons is only a logical escalation from the strategy of arming Islamist militias.The war in Syria which began as a just uprising of the masses against the Syrian bureaucrat bourgeois has become a sectarian bloodbath in conformity with the US imperialist strategy of balkanization of West Asia and the Arab countries and a point of contention between US  imperialism and the emerging Sino-Russian bloc.

There is nothing progressive about the Syrian state. It is a dictatorship of the bureaucrat bourgeois subordinated to imperialism responsible for decades of bloody suppression of the popular masses. Its Baathist ideology originated as an anti-communist current of class collaboration, corporatist organization of society and irrational nationalism.Today it is no more then window dressing for neo-liberal restructuring and oligarchical plunder. On the other hand the so called “FSA” is dominated by Islamist reactionaries bankrolled and armed by the Gulf states and the West. Their only real program is to destroy Syria as they have already destroyed Libya and Iraq further entrenching reactionary fundamentalism and sectarian fragmentation of society, blocking the prospects for progressive resistance.

The left forces which unite with “Team Assad” objectively serve the interests of the Sino-Russian bloc in its struggle with US imperialist world hegemony. The left forces which have propagandized for a hallucinatory “Syrian Revolution” act wittingly or not as unpaid assets of the State Department and the Saudi princes.The primary contradiction in the world today is between imperialism and the popular masses of the oppressed nations. Not between imperialism and the comprador bureaucrat bourgeois in the oppressed nations whatever its demagogic “nationalist” or “socialist” rhetoric. Indeed the transition to neo-colonialism has made the national bourgeois qualitatively more reactionary. Still less is it between US imperialism and other allegedly more “progressive” imperialists.

US aggression against Syria in the context of the broader strategy for encircling Iran has every possibility of spilling over into a wider regional conflict and inches us closer to the apocalyptic prospect of a third world war. For proletarian revolutionaries within the US the main task is to use mobilization around the attack on Syria to help create the conditions for a militant anti-imperialist mass movement which asserts that the main enemy is at home while remaining independent and hostile to all other imperialist powers. The choice is not between war and peace but between organizing to wage war on imperialism or submitting to imperialist war and extermination.

Resist US mobilization for war!

Organize for war on imperialism!

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