French Imperialism, hands off Syria-OCML-VP


Despite the “humanitarian” justifications and pretext the imperialist interventions in Syria are not dictated by the freedom of the Syrians against their oppressing and exploiting regime of which France received with great pump and circumstance its leader in July 2008. Under the pretext of using sarin gas, the Western imperialists seek legitimation of their intervention. But the hundreds of deaths in the attack on August 21 in the suburbs of Damascus are no less acceptable than tens of thousands of victims of previous bombing with conventional weapons. It’s a hypocritical pretense that can not hide the reasons for interventions. The issue is who will control the country in the area, one of the major oil regions of the world.

Bringing down the Syrian regime is to isolate the Iranian regime in order to neutralize it. The Iranian bourgeoisie, by acquiring nuclear weapons upsets the regional balance of power, based on weapons, especially Israel’s nuclear arsenal. The struggle of the Syrian people, which rose up against their oppressors in the spring of 2011 has been instrumentalized since the summer of 2011, by the Arab reaction, the Zionists and the Western imperialists who wanted to use it to overthrow Assad at low cost. A low cost to them, but paid for in blood, misery and sacrifice of the Syrians, who were encouraged to engage in a confrontation they no longer mastered.

The Syrian people, as well as the Palestinian and Lebanese people have fallen victim of a conflict between two imperialist and reactionary alliances. In one corner the Western imperialists, Turkey, Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, whom can hardly be described as defenders of democracy and peoples’ rights. In the other the coalition of imperialist Russia, Mullah Iranian reactionaries and their regional allies who support Assad. French imperialism, warmongering for over a year, believed like the other imperialists, it could bring down the regime by supporting militarily, financially and politically the FSA and other armed groups, without the need for direct intervention.

They failed. The regime has not fallen and does not yield to verbal threats of sanction, convinced of a certain degree of domestic support and military and political support of Russia as well as Iran and its allies. Today, despite their threats of intervention, the Western imperialists are reluctant to take direct military action for fear of the political cost and the risk of regional destabilization which the sudden fall of the regime entails as they learned from the experience in Libya. Despite their fears they started a logic of confrontation which they do not control. Beyond regional interests, what is at stake now for the U.S., and to a lesser extent for France, is their ability to remain the dominant powers, feared and respected by their competitors. If Assad does not yield an intervention, despite the risks it entails, will be inevitable.

Their capitulation to the Syrian regime and its imperialist allies would be an admission of weakness and encouragement for their Russian and Chinese competitors. This is a much bigger risk to them. Imperialism carries the war, as the storm carries lightning. As communists in an imperialist country such as France, we are working to defeat it in his military enterprises. As communist internationalists, we work with all peoples of the world and their revolutionary organizations to overthrow the imperialists and their reactionary, bourgeois henchmen in all countries. Our revolutionary defeatism is in no way support the Syrian bourgeoisie.

– Let’s oppose any direct or indirect French and Western imperialist intervention in Syria.

– Let’s denounce the false pretenses of our bourgeoisie.

– No to national unity, UMP and PS, warmognerers, defenders of French imperialism ;

– Internationalist solidarity with the peoples in struggle for the overthrow of the Western or other imperialists and their reactionary allies. For national independence and social liberation.


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