World Popular Resistance Clippings 17/8/2013


“CPN-Maoist will foil Nov polls if demands not met”

LAMJUNG: CPN-Maoist Secretary Netra Bikram Chand warned of disrupting the second Constituent Assembly (CA) election slated for November 19. Speaking at a press conference organised by the Revolutionary Journalists Association, Lamjung chapter in Besisahar on Saturday, he said the CPN-Maoist will not take part in the forthcoming election and threatened to thwart the election. “Our party is ready to do anything to foil the Constituent Assembly election.If it is conducted forcibly then four major parties should take the responsibility of the repercussions,” Chand said. Saying the CA elections cannot happen as per the wish of four parties and the Khil Raj Regmi-led interim government, Chand pointed that consensus was the need of the hour.

On the occasion, he opined that the election is not the only option to bail the country out from the current political crisis. Accusing leaders of trying to Sikkimise Nepal through election, Chand claimed that the constitution will not be drafted even the CA election is conducted anyhow. He further made it clear that his party will not be a part of election until the “people’s agendas” are addressed. The CPN-Maoist leader stressed on the all-party round table conference to provide a unanimous foundation for the CA election and new process for constitution-making. According to him, the CPN-Maoist will take part in the election only if its demands are addressed.

Gurung warns disrupting CA polls

KATHMANDU: CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung said there is no alternative of the table for negotiation to bail the country out from the longstanding political and constitutional crisis. Speaking at the Reporters’ Club in the Capital on Saturday, Gurung maintained that there is no meaning of holding the election without consensus. According to him, the second Constituent Assembly (CA) election, scheduled for November 19, cannot be held at the existing state of affair. Accusing the four major political parties of creating problems with their authoritative mindset, Gurung said if the talks are ended hastily citing lack of time and inability to fulfill CPN-Maoist’s demands then it would not take anywhere.

On the occasion, the CPN-Maoist leader suggested that a political committee could be formed from an all-party round table conference comprising of the leaders of agitating parties and defunct Constituent Assembly, if needed. Warning of disrupting and not just boycotting the election in status quo, Gurung said his party is ready to go for war if the election is held under the direction of foreign forces. “We are ready to face the big four political parties if they try to announce the war holding the election forcefully. We will counter them,” he said.


Karak town residents riot over water shortages

AMMONNEWS – Residents of the southern town of Al Adnaniya on Friday blockaded the major road leading from the southern city of Karak to Mu’tah in protest of water shortages in the town. Residents said that the southern town has not received water supply in over two continuous weeks. Karak governor and head of the Karak police arrived at the scene and attempted to contain the incident, eye witnesses told Ammon News. The angry residents set rubber tires on fire and blockaded the major road between Karak city and Mutah. Civil Defense cadres and fire trucks arrived at the scene to extinguish the fires.



2,000 workers on strike, asking for explanation of food maggot

On Friday morning, about 2,000 workers at On Accessories Co., Ltd. in Tan Huong Industrial Park in southern Tien Giang Province went on strike, requesting the company’s management explain why there were maggots in their meal last week. Many striking workers told concerned agencies said that after finding the maggots in the chicken meat in their meal, they immediately informed the problem to the company’s board of directors, who promised that they would resolve the incident soon.

However, the company did not give any explanation about the incident. On August 14, many workers requested that the board of directors resolve the problem but their request was not met. As a result, angry workers went on strike on August 16, during which a quarrel broke out between a South Korean expert and a male worker, and the former grasped the latter in the neck and choked him. The assault led to a chaos in the company and police of Chau Thanh District and the province were called to the scene to calm down the angry workers and restore order. All the strking workers left the company at noon. Some of them provided media with clips of maggots found in their meal. Concerned agencies have worked with the company’s management to handle the case.


Chinese Security Forces Crack Down on Tibetan Mine Protesters

Several hundred security forces violently dispersed Tibetan protesters blocking mining work in a Tibetan-populated area of China’s Qinghai province on Friday, injuring dozens and detaining eight, local sources said. Among those injured and held in the crackdown in the Gedrong area of Qinghai’s Dzatoe (in Chinese, Zaduo) county in the Yulshul (Yushu) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture was a man who some sources claimed had inflicted injuries upon himself in protest.

Police stormed two of the three mining sites in the mountainous area where demonstrators had been in a standoff with Chinese mine workers since early this week, and were expected to target the third site over the weekend, the sources told RFA’s Tibetan Service. One source in Dzatoe said at least 500 armed police had carried out the operation at the Atod Yultso and Dzachen Yultso sites, firing tear gas on protesters and intimidating them with “threats.” “Several army vehicles suddenly arrived at the sites,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Another source in the area said one of the protest leaders, identified as Ketso Sodor, had gone missing, while eight others—including men and women—were detained and 15 were taken to the hospital. Sources said dozens were wounded in the crackdown. A Tibetan living in exile, citing local contacts, had said that about 1,000 Tibetans had gathered to protest against the mining activities in each of the three sites since early this week. The numbers could not be independently confirmed. Villagers are concerned that the mining activities are not sanctioned by national authorities and that they could trigger pollution and other problems.

Suicide claims

In the crackdown Friday, one man, identified as Sogpo Choedrup, was seriously injured after he “tried to kill himself with two knife cuts,” and was taken away by police, the source said. “His present condition, whether he is alive or dead, is not clear,” he said. Another source inside Tibet but outside the Dzatoe area claimed that he had killed himself. “The situation is extremely tense and sad,” another source in Dzatoe said after the crackdown. “Tomorrow [Saturday], the paramilitary and police teams are planning to attack those sitting in protest at the Chidza site.”

Security forces had first arrived in the area on Tuesday after the standoff began when large numbers of Chinese mine workers went to the three sites to start excavation. The protesters have rejected assurances given by the mine operators that they have a national permit to begin work at the mines, saying they will only stop if Chinese President Xi Jinping gives a public television address authorizing the work, a local source said earlier this week.

Mining operations in Tibetan regions have led to frequent standoffs with Tibetans who accuse Chinese firms of polluting the environment and disrupting sites of spiritual significance as they extract local wealth. In March, operations at the Gyama mine in Tibet’s Maldro Gongkar (Mozhugongka) county near Lhasa caused a catastrophic landslide that killed 83 miners. And in January, Tibetan sources told RFA that Chinese-operated mines in Lhundrub (Linzhou) county, also near Lhasa, have caused “severe” damage to local forests, grasslands, and drinking water.

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