Reports from First International Day of Support for Peoples War in India-July 1st

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Belo Horizonte

Activists of the Revolutionary Front for the Defense of the People – FRDDP (Brazil) realized actions of propaganda on 1st July in occasion of the Internationa l Day to Support People’s War in India. An action took place at the Praça Sete , in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Organized by FRDDP, activists of A Nova Democracia , a newspaper part of democratic and popular press in Brazil, distributed an edition of the newspaper containing News of People’s Wars , a section dedicated to inform about the revolutionary armed struggles led by Maoist communist parties in different parts of the world.

Hundreds of copies of the newspaper were distributed. Posters in support of People’s War in India made by FRDDP were fixed in the square and activists raised banners reading: ” Long live the heroic resistance of the adivasi people and all Indian peasants ” and ” Down with Operation Green Hunt !” In their speeches to the public, the FRDDP activists spoke about the struggle of the Indian people and made propaganda of the heroic People’s War led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) among workers and students passing in that square.





In Palermo the Day of Solidarity with the People’s Wa r in India on 1 July began with the posting of and leaflets spreading among the workers of the first shift at the Cantieri Navali (shipyards). Workers welcomed the flyers. Some of them were already informed about the Indian revolution. The leaf let referred also to the situation in Brazil and Turkey, were masses are uprising in these days. In the afternoon in Piazza Massimo under the waving red flags of the PCm Italy, comrades exposed banners, a small slide-show, and spread pamphlets on the people’s war and hundreds of leaflets. People were particularly interested by the information about the relationship between the Italian government and capitalists and the Indian regime and ruling classes, both when they implant factories to exploit the cheap labor and loot the natural resources of India or distribute bribes to sell helicopter such as the affair Finmeccanica.

Furthermore, it was explained how, although the countries ar e very different, the policies of governments resemble a lot, for example those for the employment of youth, which indeed revealed to be a true deception. But there was also a lot of interest on the concrete response, the revolutionary struggle led by CPI (Maoist), that the people of India is giving to the Indian regime, lackey of the imperialist countries.

The genocidal State of India, that makes war on its own people, with the operation Green Hunt, has been dealt a hard blow on 26 of May, when a strong, determined and brave attack launched by the people’s army killed dozens of their political leaders and PMs. Some people, particularly women, said spontaneously “but we knew nothing of all this, TV does not speak about that … so in India the people are making revolution, and what are we doing here?Exploitation oppression, poverty, there are also here”.

India, with its people in war, is a clear example of the struggle against exploitation, oppression, misery, grief … against this imperialist and capitalist society that imposes all this to the proletarian and people’s masses.


Two actions on 1 July, at the Ilva plant early in the morning and in the city center in the evening, marked a turning point in the debate and our action in this city. In our speeches, we gave space to the movements in Turkey, Brazil, to bring out as the main trend in the world is the rebellion and revolution, of which the People’s War in India is the most advanced and this is also the proposal of the communists and internationalists in our country, in our factories and cities.

This morning, in the speech to the Ilva workers, it has been said also that, to give response to the issues of work and health, to the attacks by government and bosses, the trade union struggle, even that of the base and classist unions, is not enough. We need revolutionary politics, workers’ and people’s rebellion and revolution. In the evening in the streets we strongly attacked the electoral path and the peaceful and reformist thinking and action. A worker comrade of the PCm Italy, with a strong speech, made clear what is the people’s war in India and why it is, in a different cont ext, the reference and the line of the construction of the Maoist Communist Party.


1 July at the Market of migrants and steel factory in Dalmine In Genoa the 5 July, meeting took place at the “Music for Peace” hall. In his speech, the comrade of the International Committee said, among other: “… The support for the People’s War in India today is the litmus test for the genuine internationalists: Maoists or not, every internationalist and anti-imperialist today can not refuse to support to the strongest, most advanced and important revolutionary struggle in the world today and recognize the party leading it ….” During the meeting, a comrade who had been in Peru the last year, said he witnessed demonstrations of solidarity with the PW at the Indian embassy in Lima and wished that the PW in India can play today the same role of global reference point like the PWs in Peru and Nepal in past years.

As conclusion, the comrade of the IC called to stand up and take action, and also to take lessons from the PW in India and the CPI(Maoist), in order to advance the struggle of the communists in the world and in each country. Finally, it was proposed a new initiative that will involve a wider audience and the many immigrants from South Asia who live in Genoa. Other initiatives took place in: Milan, at University and Istituto Nazionale Tumori; and in Ravenna .



From the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement – Italy

The Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement – Italy join s and enthusiastically supports the International Day of Solidarity with the People’s war in India on 1 July. On occasion of the national mobilization we launched on 6 July in Rome against femicide and sexual violence on women, we will protest at the Indian embassy, renewing the “bridge from Italy to India” that we are pursuing since the International Conference in Hamburg.

On the International Women’s Day of this year, in Italy banners appeared at the embassy in Rome, at the consulate in Milan and the University of Palermo, to make concrete the solidarity with the mighty protests of women in India after the fierce rapes and killings in recent months. We want to show that the only way for a real liberation of women against oppression, exploitation, rapes, is the prominent role of women in the revolutionary people’s war against the states, governments, men who hate women!

Recently our enthusiasm has grown for the news of the attack on May 25 that hit 27 leaders and members of the Congress Party and policemen. In particular, the death of the Mahendra Karma leader of the fascist Salwa Judum, arch-enemy of the masses of Bastar, oppressor, murderer, looter, but also rapist, only can be welcomed as a high act of justice, not only by the women of India but also from Italy and the oppressed women around the world.

That individual was deservedly hated by the people and especially women. Always the rapes, violence, killings of women, the violation of their rights, have accompanied the dirty work of Mahendra Karma, as well as the other members of the Congress Party, to pave the way to the interests of big capitalists in India, including the European and Italian. In India in many cases the sexual violence are war rapes perpetrated by the military and paramilitary forces which this way try to suppress and stop the rebellion and strength of women. But, as we said at the Conference in Hamburg, for many women the violence and rapes have become one more reason to rebel and join the People’s War. So, why could not women and even we rejoice! Finally hundreds of mothers and sisters are victims of the most cruel forms of violence, humiliation and rape have been vindicated.

But not only this. In the situation in India, that in recent months witnessed the tremendous expansion of rapes and killings of girls, children, but also a vast and impressive response of millions of people, particularly women against such violence, facing government, a State that, beyond the hypocritical words, tried to protect rapists and murderers of women from the just violence of women and sent cops and soldiers to suppress the demonstrations, this attack on the enemies of the people and women is also a response and a hope .

Revolutionary Feminist Proletarian Movement– Italy


Actions of propaganda by Gran Marcha Hacia el Comunismo

Responding to the call of the International Committee, Gr an Marcha Hacia el Comunismo (Long March Towards Communism) realized various initiatives of agitation and pr opaganda to spread and celebrate this day in Madrid. In the afternoon of 25 June, the radio station Radio En lace in Madrid has broadcasted, in its programme “A Contratiempo”, a half an hour interview with a comrade on the revolution in India led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and 1 July International Day.

To the question on how the new people ́s power is developed in the liberated areas, the comrade stressed the work of the “Janatana Sarkars” (People ́s Governme nts) which have liberated thousands of adivasis and peasants from the power of the feudal landlords. The comrade denounced the savage repression carried out by the reactionary Government of the PM Manmohan Singh against the Indian people, through, for example, Operation Green Hunt. In reply to the question of the situation of women in India, the comrade of Gran Marcha Hacia el Comunismo pointed out how the Indian women are incorporating to People ́s War as a way to liberating themselves.

The comrade ended the interview with the words that “not a single proletarian internationalist can be indifferent to the development of the revolution in India”. This interview will be soon available in Internet.

Friday June 28:

hundreds of leaflets with the call of the International Committee were distributed between 7 am and 7.30 am in the morning in the subway stations of Alvarado, Eytrecho, Tetouan, Valdeacederas and Plaza de Castilla, all of them are in the popular district of Tetouan where resides a large number of migrants, mainly from Latin America.

Sunday June 30:

Put up posters of the International Day in Support of the People’s War in India at the bus stops in the Avenida Complutense, University City. In addition, throughout the morning thousands of leaflets were distributed in the subway stations of Atocha, Anton Martin, Tirso de Molina and La Latina in the center of Madrid. Hundreds of leaflets were also distributed in the Plaza de Tirso de Molina and Plaza Cascorro at the foot of the statue of Eloy Gonzalo right in popular market of Rastro, crowded with people.

Monday July 1:

At 1 PM hundreds of leaflets were distributed at the main gate of San Fernando Market, in a popular neighborhood where a large number of migrant population, especially India and Pakistan, concentrates.


pw suport

Spanish State Galicia: Letter by the Committee Of Galicia to the other organizations in the country

Dear comrades:: The 1st of July is called an International Day of support to the people’s war in India dedicated to comrade Azad. That is why the Comité Galego de Apoio a Guerra Popular na India calls you to support this campaign with actions and propaganda. The aim is to send to the Hindu oligarchy the message that people who belong the Indian Union rely on the support of peoples worldwide in their just struggle for the liberation, expressed by the protracted people’s war led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist).

Nobody, even less a revolutionary, can ignore the great historic importance of this struggle of the people’s masses in one of the most populated countries in the world. A struggle that fights also enemies we well know in Galicia, like the mining companies with their devastation.

Red greetings Comité Galego de Apoio a Guerra Popular na India

Statement by the Patriotic Democrats in University (Tunisia)

Communist greeting, We Patriotic Democrats in University (Tunisia), We express to the popular masses in India and the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and the Committee to support the People’s War in India, our support for People’s War in India and for armed revolutionary struggle

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism ,

Long live the people’s war


Chile Action of the FERP

On July 5, a handful of young revolutionaries protested in front of Embassy of the genocidal Indian state, which recently had killed the comrade Ganti Prasadam, vice president of the Revolutionary Democratic Front. Our humble protest, aimed to raise high the flag of the People’s War in India and Comrade Azad, consisted in a march through one of the rich neighborhoods of Santiago, raising red flags and shouting slogans in support of the People ’s War.

In addition 4 banners were put on the walls of the embassy. This provoked an immediate reaction from the police, which was put on alert, tried to stop, but could not silence us. All the above, joining the call of the July 1st International Day in Support of the War in India. We decided to extend the mobilization to a week in which 500 posters on the PW in India were put on walls, we had talks and propaganda among the masses, culminating in this short action that makes us join the stream of the World Proletarian Revolution.


Turkey Message by MLKP Turkey/North-Kurdistan

Dear Comrades, We hail your initiative to raise up the flag of comrade Azad, who lives in our struggle and in the determined and just armed struggle of Indian comrades. We declare our solidarity with the great struggle developed in India, that is source of inspiration not only for us but for all the communist and revolutionary forces in the world. With our internationalist solidarity, we greet you on the the spirit of the uprising in Taksim, that continues growing in our country

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