Election Boycott Statement-CPN-Maoist 25/7/2013



Carry forward the boycott movement actively and vigorously with huge participation of the masses!!

Write constitution of Peoples’ Federal Republic through new mass movement!!!

Respected masses of the people, Under the leadership of the non-party government led by the sitting chief justice, a drama of the second constituent assembly election scheduled for November 19, 2013 has been staged according to the master plan and diktat of imperialism and expansionism and the initiation of four party syndicate by pushing aside the agitating twenty four parties out of thirty two parties present in the dissolved CA.

We are not opponent per se of the CA election in an absolute sense, however, this election is not being held to write peoples’ constitution, rather it is based on the design of taking the country towards Sikkimisation. So, our party, the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist, has decided to actively and vigorously boycott this so-called second election. This decision is based on the interest and opinion of the people. We earnestly call upon the respected masses of the people to make the boycott movement effective and a grand success.

Masses the creator of history, The Nepalese people have been persistently struggling since long to safeguard the national independence, establish democracy and solve the basic problems of people’s livelihood. Enormous quantity of blood and sweat has been spilled in the movements, before and after 1951. The issue of writing new constitution through CA election was already on the agenda in 1951. Several massive people’s movements had erupted during 1979-80 and 1990-91 to free the country from the clutches of semi-feudal, semi-colonial and neo-colonial condition and as well to write new constitution. Some of the political parties in this process had even waged armed struggles.

In this course, our party, the CPN (Maoist), waged great people’s war for ten years from February 13, 1996 and we entered into peace process to write peoples’ constitution through the Constituent Assembly. Finally, the election to the Constituent Assembly also took place and big efforts were made to write peoples’ constitution. But, why the constitution could not be written finally? It was because the regressive, anti-people and status quoist forces did not want to write peoples’ constitution. Even a part of the Maoist party, the neo-revisionist group, capitulated to and brokered with the class enemy.

At last the CA was dissolved. Once again in the history Nepalese people were badly deceived. This is a serious treachery and dishonour against the wishes, aspirations, spirits, dreams and ideals, expressed in the process of mass struggles, armed struggles and particularly the ten years of great peoples war, of the brave martyrs and disappeared, injured and handicapped fighters and the broad masses. This treachery and humiliation can never be tolerated. Taking revenge against this kind of treachery and humiliation, the Nepalese people shall ultimately prevail to create a New Nepal. We shall remain at the forefront of this great campaign.

Change loving masses, Now, the country is in a semi-feudal and semi-colonial condition. The problems of national independence, democracy and people’s livelihood have assumed serious dimensions. The country is facing serious oppression on account of 1950 treaty and other unequal treaties with India. Nepalese people have been assailed by border intrusion, terror, looting in the bordering areas and intervention on the part of India. Entire Terai is inundated by floods caused by the Koshi high dam and barrages unilaterally constructed by India. Not only Koshi and Gandak but the giant hydroelectric projects like Upper Karnali, Upper Marsyangdi and Arun III have been surrendered to the foreign companies. The responsibility of construction and the security of airports including the Tribhuwan International Airport has been assigned to Indian ruling classes.

On the one hand, genuine Nepali citizens are still not getting citizenship card, and on the other, conspiratorial plans are afoot to grant citizenship to the emigrants of foreign origin. The oppression of the country by imperialism and expansionism in the spheres of economy, culture, politics and society has been intensified and the country is heading towards Sikkimisation. In this situation, the question of national independence has become serious.

Likewise, the people including workers, peasants, women, Dalits, indigenous nationalities, Madhesis, Muslims and peoples from the oppressed regions have been suppressed by feudalism, patriarchy, feudal Brahmanism, hilly chauvinism etc. The issues of their democratic rights are becoming serious. Besides, the issue of people’s livelihood has also attained serious proportion. The problems of the poor peasants, bonded labourers, tillers and landless people are unresolved.

The task of revolutionary land reform and building national economy has been neglected. The country is reeling under poverty. Corruption, commissioning and black-marketing is extensive. Our boycott movement is inseparably related to address these problems. Why the boycott of so-called election? Our party is boycotting the so-called second election of the Constituent Assembly. Why is this boycott for? Because,

• The election is aimed at bringing the country into the domain of foreign forces and taking her towards Sikkimisation under the design of some of the international power centres by pushing aside the parties, which were part of the dissolved Constituent Assembly, and other political parties involved in the movement.

• It is attempted to take the country towards party-less system and then gradually towards fascism by negating parties’ role in the political system and also the bourgeois concept of power separation and independent judiciary has been crushed.

• The election is being held under the leadership of a puppet government which acts under the guidance of the forces brokering to and working under the direction of foreign power centres in preference to the government which must have represented people to write people’s constitution through the Constituent Assembly.

• The political mechanism has been set up of those leaders who failed to write constitution from the previous Constituent Assembly and those who caused its dissolution.

• There is no any base and possibility of writing people’s constitution from the election that is being held basing on a regressive ordinance of March 14, 2013, that was adopted by revising and violating the Interim Constitution in an unconstitutional and undemocratic way.

• The demands including the cancellation of regressive ordinance dated March 14, 2013 and the formation of national unity government on the basis of consensus amongst the parties through roundtable conference proposed by our party and others, which are spearheading the ongoing struggle, are ignored.

• It has become imperative to write people’s constitution in harmony with the mandate, wish and spirit of the people expressed through the people’s movement. Thanks to the aforementioned reasons the boycott of the so-called second election of the CA has been urgent. There is no any other alternative than going for boycott movement in the status quo.

Pledge towards National Independence and the People, We are consistently struggling for the protection of national independence of the country and people’s democratic right. In the course of boycott movement too, we again express before the masses our commitment to:

• Bring to an end the reactionary state and establish People’s Federal Republican state.

• Defend the national independence and sovereignty of the country and abrogate the entire unequal treaties including the one of 1950 and reach new treaties based on mutual interest and equality.

• Establish the rights of the workers, peasants, women, Dalits, indigenous nationalities, Madhesis, Muslims, people from the oppressed regions and the national bourgeoisie and ensure provision of full proportional electoral and inclusive representative system in all the state organs for the oppressed classes and communities. Guarantee prerogative for women, Dalit and Muslim. Establish federalism with oppressed nation’s identity, national autonomy along with theoretical acceptance of right to self-determination and privilege for the local masses upon the natural resources.

• Solve the fundamental problems related to people’s livelihood including education, health, food sovereignty, employment and housing.

• Build up an independent national economy, end feudal land ownership and carry out revolutionary land reform.

• Guarantee the interest and right of the students, teachers, professors, intelligentsia, civil servants and security forces, writers, artists and journalists.

• Establish democratic education, judicial system and secularism and build up national, democratic and scientific culture. In accordance with the expectation, aspiration, will and spirit of the broad Nepalese people, it is necessary to incorporate the aforesaid fundamental issues in the content of the new constitution and our party is fully committed to doing this. Our boycott movement is based on this pledge.

Our stance on political solution

The old political consensus has been dismantled. The mainstream of the Maoist party that had led peoples’ war and other political parties have been completely negated. The wishes and sentiments of the people have been completely denied. In such a situation a new political consensus is necessary. In order to attain a forward-looking political way out, it is necessary to annul the regressive ordinance dated March 14, 2013, hold all party roundtable conference, form a national united govt from among the political parties and have general consensus on the basic issues of the constitution. If this is not materialized, peoples’ constitution would be written through peoples’ movement and from the street.

Our boycott movement is directed towards that direction. No power can confuse the people and push the history backward in an old way. Respected liberation willing masses, We are committed to marching ahead by solving the issues of national independence, democracy and people’s livelihood. New Nepal can not be envisaged without struggling against the elements, who are hell bent to drag the country backward, who want to surrender the country to the foreign reaction, who want to make the masses their slaves, who want to shatter the people’s dreams and sentiments manifested in mass movements and the people’s war and finally those who do not want to write people’s constitution.

In order to boycott the second election of the CA and write people’s constitution, our party makes a special call to the entire liberation willing masses to participate in the mass movement. We also make an appeal to all of the patriotic, republican and left political forces to join the boycott movement.

Let us boycott the anti-national, anti-people and regressive second election of the constituent assembly! Carry forward the boycott movement vigorously and actively with the massive participation of the people!!

Let us inscribe a new constitution through a new mass movement!


• Defend the national independence!

• Scrap 25 point anti-people and anti-national ordinance dated March 14, 2013!

• Boycott so-called second election of the CA!

• Election in the status quo is a deceit!

• Provide citizenship certificate to all genuine Nepalese people!

• Scrap anti-national ordinance related to citizenship!

• Dissolve non-party bureaucratic puppet government!

• Form national united government!

• Build up new political consensus through all party roundtable conference!

• Write people’s federal republican constitution!

• Ensure full proportional representation in all the organs of state!

• Solve the problems of people’s livelihood!

• Make a cheap and timely deal of manure, agro-tools, seeds and loans for peasants!

• Strictly control corruption, smuggling, price-hike and commissioning!

• Rescue the victims of flood and landslide!

• Implement full proportional electoral system!

• Disband four-party syndicate!

• Scrap all unequal treaties including that of 1950!

• Scrap all agreements on Upper Karnali, Arun III and Koshi high dam which are against the national interest!

• Scrap the BIPPA and revoke the decision to handover the management of emigration including the Tribhuwan International Airport to India!

• Revoke the permission to open Indian emigration office at Lumbini and Pashupatinagar!

• Down with right revisionism!

• Down with feudalism, imperialism and expansionism!

• Long live new democratic revolution!

• Unite all patriotic, republican and leftist forces!

• Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

• Long live brave martyrs!

• Long live Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist!

July 25, 2013 Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist Central Committee

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