CPN-Maoist Clippings 4/8/2013



Nepal’s CPN-Maoist urged to join talks

A panel of four major parties that backs Nepal’s interim election government has urged a radical Maoist grouping to come to the negotiation table, party leaders said Sunday. The High Level Political Committee (HLPC) Saturday decided to send a letter for the talks, reports Xinhua. HLPC coordinator Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who is also the chairman of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist, sent the letter to CPN-Maoist, Dahal’s secretariat told Xinhua.

The CPN-Maoist, a breakaway faction of UCPN-Maoist, is launching a nationwide campaign to disrupt the Nov 19 Constituent Assembly poll. It is insisting there should not be any conditions during the negotiation. The government has also sent a separate letter to CPN-Maoist. The CPN-Maoist is arguing that the Nov 19 poll should be deferred and the current government should be dissolved.


‘Poll protest, talks simultaneously’

KATHMANDU, Aug 3: General Secretary of the CPN-Maoist Ram Bahadur Thapa on Saturday said that his party was ready for talks with the High Level Political Committee (HLPC) even as its campaign against the Constituent Assembly election speeds up. Speaking at a book launch function in the capital, Thapa accused the four-party mechanism and the technocratic government of trying to hold the election in order to fulfill the vested interests of foreigners.

He said, “The new constitution is a must for institutionalizing the achievements of the Maoist people´s war and the people´s movement. But that won´t be possible if the technocratic government holds the election.” So there should be a roundtable conference for deciding the fundamentals of the constitution, he said adding that one could then decide to forge a consensus among all in order to frame a constitution based on nationalism and independence.

He also urged party cadres to thwart the election at any cost. “We need to have talks with the political parties to table the issues. But if the parties won´t take the issues seriously we have no alternative but to disrupt the election,” he said. “We must fight to prevent the country becoming Shikkimized,” he added. “Though the four parties know well that elections are not possible by the scheduled date, they are pretending to show seriousness about elections,” Thapa claimed. ´Kala Sahityama Dui Line Sangharsha´ by Khem Thapaliya was launched on the occasion.


“In each and every village across the country there will be confrontation between the reactionaries and the nationalists. Their agenda is whether to accept poll or reject it to save the country from being Sikkimized”. “At the center we will sing the song of holding talks whereas our cadres in the villages will sing the song of boycotting the election.” “We have not been against the election out of emotion and anger. We are aware of our activities”, summed up the former Military strategist Ram Bahadur Thapa.


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