CPN-Maoist Clippings 21/7/2013


Baidhya repeats unconditional talks stance

BIRGUNJ: CPN-Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidhya said that his party is ready to sit for unconditional talks with the government. Addressing a press conference organised by the Revolutionary Journalists Federation in Birgunj on Sunday, Chairman Baidhya said that his party has taken formal appeal made by the government and High Level Political Committee (HLPC) positively. Baidhya, however, expressed his dissatisfaction over the language of the letter sent by HLPC Coordinator Pushpa Kamal Dahal to the 33 poll-opposing parties including CPN-Maoist to come to the table for negotiation. He further went on to say that the Constituent Assembly election CA) scheduled for November 19 is impossible.

According to him, the CPN-Maoist has consistently been opposing the forthcoming election with an intent to institutionalise the democracy. Moreover, he made it clear that an all-party round table conference is the only way to bail the country out from the existing crisis.


Chand says alliance with ex-king not impossible

DHANGADHI: The CPN-Maoist Secretary Netra Bikram Chand has said that his party could forge an agreement even with the former monarchy ‘for nationality and sovereignty’. Addressing a press meet organised by Revolutionary Journalist Federation here on Sunday morning, leader Chand said, “We can reach an agreement for nationality with not only with the ousted king but also with anyone.” “The former king has more nationalist feelings than others,” he argued.

Responding to journalists’ queries on recent China visit of his party’s Chairman Mohan Baidhya, Chand argued that it is obvious for a neighbouring nation to press for polls. It is leant that that during the Baidhya’s visit to China, the northern neighbour had asked the CPN-Maoist to participate in November polls. “It’s only a coincidence that Chairman Baidhya flew to China on the eve of Indian Minister for External Affairs Salman Khurshid’s visit,” he said. According to him, the purported round table conference can settle all contentious issues if all political parties exhibit honesty, and there would be even no need to hold Constituent Assembly (CA) polls.


National freedom movement necessary: Gurung

KATHMANDU: Secretary of CPN-Maoist, Dev Gurung, has said the true communist would only carry out the responsibility of the New People’s Revolution succeeding the National Freedom Movement. Speaking at a programme organised on the occasion of Pushpalal Memorial Day by CPN-Unified in the capital today, he said the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal, Pushpalal Shrestha, had brought New People’s Revolution but some of the leaders that had promised to conclude the task have surrendered with imperialists and expansionists.

During the programme, CPN-Maoist leader Pari Thapa called for adopting the revolutionary norms and values formulated by Pushpalal in Nepalese Communist Movement. Speaking at the programme, Bishnuraj Aryal, Chairman of the CPN-Marxist-Leninist-Socialist, Matrika Yadav, Coordinator of the CPN (Maoist), Kapil Pokhrel, leader of CPN-Marxist-Leninist, and Lokkrishna Bhattarai, an intellectual, among others stressed on the need of following Pushpalal’s thought regarding nationalism.


33 parties urge international community to stop aids for polls

KATHMANDU, July 20: Thirty-three different political parties including the CPN-Maoist have called on the international community to extend support to the election only after the participation of all the parties was guaranteed. In a press release issued on behalf the 33 parties here on Saturday, CPN-Maoist leader Dev Prasad Gurung stated that this election which has been termed as the election to the Constituent Assembly and which has been declared without the political consensus among the parties would not give an outlet to the nation but invite even greater national crisis. Election without the participation of all political parties would have no relevance and we urge the friendly countries and the donor agencies to stop all kinds of assistance to be provided for the election purpose, the press release states.


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