CPN-Maoist Clippings 19/7/2013


CPN-Maoist will boycott Nov poll: Gurung

PALPA: CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung on Friday reiterated that his party will boycott the November election for it was “designed” by India. Speaking at the party’s Magarat state committee meeting and training programme in Tansen, Gurung claimed that the Constituent Assembly election, scheduled for November 19, will lead Nepal towards Sikkimisation. He further said his party will not take part in the election with any precondition.

Gurung warned that the CPN-Maoist will not let the Constituent Assembly election happen unless the Khil Raj Regmi-led interim government is replaced with a partisan government. More than 250 cadres were present in the programme today. The bloc of 33 parties led by CPN-Maoist has consistently been opposing the November poll citing that it was announced by the non-partisan government.


CPN-Maoist rejects offer for talks

KATHMANDU, July 17: The High Level Political Committee (HLPC) on Wednesday formally invited the CPN-Maoist and other dissident political parties for talks but the agitating leaders have rejected the offer. UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who also heads the HLPC, wrote an invitation letter and sent it to the office of CPN-Maoist on Wednesday afternoon as per the decision taken at the HLPC meeting earlier in the day.

Leaders at the HLPC meeting had decided to send a letter to CPN-Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidya, who heads the 33-party alliance, requesting them to sit for talks. “We received the letter but it is not acceptable to us because they have set a condition for negotiations,” Baidya told Republica. He said that wordings “talks on the announced Constituent Assembly (CA) polls” is unacceptable to them. “However, we will take a formal decision only after our [alliance] meeting.”

The UCPN (Maoist) breakaway group CPN-Maoist and other dissident political parties have been arguing that they are ready to sit for talks without any precondition while the member parties of HLPC have been maintaining that the demands for dissolution of the present election government and postponement of the November polls can´t be fulfilled. UCPN (Maoist) Vice-chairman Narayankaji Shrestha, who was present during the HLPC meeting, denied the allegations. “There is no condition at all.The letter has certainly mentioned that the talks will be held on the issue of CA election because that is the very issue for talks,” said Shrestha.

According to him, the letter undersigned by UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Dahal as the HLPC coordinator has stated that “in view of special political and constitutional transitional situation, HLPC invites CPN-Maoist and other member parties of the alliance for talks with a view to making the CA polls a success.” Shrestha said it was amusing that the CPN (Maoist) construed the general language of the letter as a precondition. Also, some other member parties of the Baidya-led alliance have termed the letter of invitation unacceptable. Mani Thapa, chief of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Nepal, said the talks are unlikely as HLPC has failed to address their demands properly.

“We have been consistently demanding talks without any precondition. But the letter sets a condition for us to accept the polls scheduled for November,” said Thapa. He also informed that they will hold a meeting of the alliance and reply to the HLPC soon. The Baidya-led alliance has announced to boycott polls to be conducted by the present government. The have consistently been opposing the chief justice-led government saying the formation of such a government has violated the principle of separation of powers. They have been demanding formation of a government led and participated only by political parties.


Armed outfits may disrupt polls: Giri

KATHMANDU, July 18: Chairman of Nepal Sadbhawana Party (NSP) Sarita Giri has said that the Tarai-based armed outfits may disrupt the Constitution Assembly (CA) elections if the government does not address their demands. “Armed outfits of Tarai have unified and they are likely to pose a security threat during the polls,” said Giri.

Speaking at a press conference in Janakpurdham, she said, “Armed outfits of Tarai have a harbored a feeling of resentment against the government as their cadres were not integrated into the national army.” On a different note, Giri said that the previous CA was dissolved in a bid to sideline the Madhesi communities. “The CA was dissolved with a clear intent to repress the demand for one-Madhes,” she claimed. When asked about Mohan Baidya´s move, she said the three major parties should be blamed for inviting confrontation. “Baidya forced by the three major parties to go for protests,” she said adding,

“The government should be ready to hold a round table conference in order to bring the agitating parties on board the election process,” she said, claiming that the CA polls will not be held on November 19. “How can the polls be held in the current situation?” she questioned. She also accused the three major parties of not being serious about holding CA election. Talking about party unification between her party and the Tarai Madesh Democratic Party-Nepal, she said second round of dialogue would be held very soon on the issue.


Dahal meets Baidhya on behalf of HLPC

KATHMANDU: UCPN-Maoist Chairman and Co-ordinator of the High Level Political Committee (HLPC) Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Friday held a meeting with CPN-Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidya and urged him to join the election process. CPN-Maoist Spokesperson Pampha Bhusal confirmed that the meeting took place.

She told THT Online that the two leaders held discussion on the purported elections and the invitation that the HLPC sent to the agitating parties for talks. The meeting was held at Lazimpat-based residence of Chairman Dahal. It has been learnt that Dahal made it clear to Baidhya that the HLPC’s letter sent to the 33 poll-opposing parties including CPN-Maoist did not pose any precondition for talks. Dahal told Baidhya that the HLPC meeting scheduled for today will further clarify the matter. In response, Chairman Baidhya assured Dahal that his party and the alliance of 33 agitating parties will come up with clear decision if the HLPC calls them for talks without any precondition.


Baidya-led bloc agrees to sit for dialogue ‘next week’

KATHMANDU, JUL 19 – The Mohan Baidya -led CPN-Maoist and its allies, 33 parties that have been opposing the elections, have agreed to sit for talks with the High-level Political Committee ( HLPC ). The decision follows HLPC Coordinator Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s willingness to sit for unconditional dialogue and the panel’s invite on Wednesday. In a telephone conversation on Thursday, Baidya told Dahal that his alliance, of which he is the coordinator, will attend the talks next week, after discussing the possible compromises in his party’s State Council meeting that is under way. By then, the UCPN (Maoist) also plans to settle some internal issues through its extended plenum that begins on Friday.

CPN-Maoist spokesperson Pampha Bhusal said Baidya accepted the call of talks after Dahal agreed to hold open discussions, including on the possibility of changing the Khil Raj Regmi government and the date for holding the Constituent Assembly elections, currently scheduled for November 19. “We will be sitting for talks next week as we need a few more days for consultations with our allies,” Bhusal said. CPN-M leaders said they also need time as they are waiting for some leaders, including Vice-chairman CP Gajurel and Secretaries Dev Gurung and Netra Bikram Chand, to return from their tour of some districts.

The 33-party alliance has authorised Baidya to take a call on key issues concerning elections during negotiations with the major parties. The CPN-Maoist has been demanding replacement of the non-partisan government with a political one, termination of all agreements signed among the four parties and a halt to the election process. The alliance has also demanded that the contentious issues that led to the dissolution of the CA last year be resolved through an all-party round-table conference.

“There will be no change in our demands. The entire political course that the four parties have taken at the cost of the constitution should be corrected,” Gajurel told the Post. The CPN-Maoist has already formed a high-level talks team under Baidya, while its members include some top leaders of the party. This decision, apparently taken without consultations with the fringe parties, threatened to split the alliance. Baidya later agreed to incorporate other parties in the dialogue team.


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