CPN-Maoist Clippings 16/7/2013

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CPN-Maoist to take allies to poll talks

KATHMANDU, JUL 16 – The CPN-Maoist has insisted that the party will not sit for talks with the High-Level Political Committee ( HLPC ) until the four parties agree to hold ‘unconditional talks’ with a joint team of the 33 agitating parties. CPN-Maoist chief Mohan Baidya on Monday told HLPC Coordinator Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar that his party wanted all the fringe parties invited for negotiation first. Gachhadar on Monday reached the CPN-Maoist headquarters at Buddhanagar and requested the breakaway party to sit for talks without delay. However, CPN-Maoist leaders insisted that all the dissident forces be brought to the negotiating table for the “meaningfulness” of the talks.

According to CPN-Maoist Secretary Netra Bikram Chand, Gachhadar said he would talk to leaders of the four major parties before reaching any decision on inducting the fringe parties to the talks team. The four parties that constitute the HLPC have persistently refused to bring smaller parties on board before a deal with the CPN-Maoist . However, CPN-Maoist leaders, fearing fragmentation in the 33-party alliance, are adamant on including the allies in the meeting.

The CPN-Maoist has announced a five-member talks team led by Baidya to settle the differences over the Constituent Assembly election scheduled for November 19. The decision, apparently taken without discussion with the allies, brewed discontent in the alliance. Baidya responded by agreeing to the correct the mistake by forming a joint talks team with common demands. A second round of strategic meeting of the 33-party alliance on Monday decided to form a joint team for talks with the HLPC . Meanwhile, the members decided to immediately start another round of nationwide protests against the election procedure. “

Most of the leaders were of the view that big party leaders are not in favour of changing the Chief Justice-led government and postponing the election for our sake. They opined that the alliance should be prepared for strong protests starting with an awareness campaign,” said a leader of the alliance. The HLPC has taken a non-negotiable position on the CA election and the Khil Raj Regmi-led government while expressing its readiness to organise a round-table conference. CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung said the reluctance of the four parties to give space to other fringe parties has caused the delay. He said his party would not sit for talks until the HLPC formally invited all the members of the alliance.


No election in status quo: Gajurel

Constituent Assembly election can only be held by government represented by all political parties after a round table conference by scrapping the 25-point and 11-point agreements, said Vice Chairman of the CPN-Maoist CP Gajurel . Vice Chairman Gajurel while talking to journalists after inspection of the building construction site of the Music College Foundation at Itahari-2 of Sunsari district on Tuesday, said there was no possibility of election of CA in the present situation.

The election to be held by the present government will be no other than staging a drama, said Gajurel, adding there was no rationale of sitting for dialogue called by four-party syndicate. As talks with precondition will not bring results, we have said we will only sit for talks without precondition, he said. As they stage a drama of talks and on the other hand move ahead election programme, we will in no way not allow election , he added. Gajurel argued that the incomplete constitution can be completed by a group of experts and can be approved from the representative council.


33 parties reiterate prior stance on poll

HIMALAYAN NEWS SERVICE KATHMANDU: A meeting of the CPN-Maoist-led 33-party alliance, held after week of confusion regarding talks with the government and the four parties, today decided to further strengthen the front and the movement against the government to foil the scheduled election. According to Dev Gurung, today’s meeting of the 33 parties held at CPN-M headquarters at Buddhanagar, assessed the previous programmes of the alliance and the existing political scenario of the country.

The meeting decided to form a Front Committee to strengthen the alliance. Gurung further said the meeting also decided that CPN-M will not sit for talks in the absence of the representatives from the 33 parties. Top CPN-M leaders clarified to representatives of the 33 parties on formation of the talks team on behalf of the party. The meeting reiterated the earlier stance not to allow elections in the existing situation and to strongly resist if the government tried to hold elections by using force. They decided to organise a gathering of all the sister wings of the 33-parties on July 21 and a mass meeting in Baneshwor on July 23 to declare that they will foil the election.


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