CPN-Maoist Clippings 8/7/2013



CPN-M wants its demands fulfilled before talks

KATHMANDU: The politburo meeting of the CPN-Maoist today decided to announce that they were ready for talks if the parties expressed serious commitment to fulfill its demands. According to a politburo member Dharmendra Jha, further discussions will be held whether to join the dialogue or not if the parties come up with a commitment to fulfill the demands that also include dissolution of the Khil Raj Regmi-led government and changing the election date fixed by the government unilaterally.

Addressing a function today, CPN-M Chairman Mohan Baidhya said the government and the four major parties’ utterances that they were flexible to address his party’s demand were meaningless until the 25-point order on removal of the constitutional difficulties was scrapped. “We are against the formation of incumbent non-political government and the 25-point order that led to its formation. So the four major forces should agree on annulment of the Presidential order first if they are flexible,” Baidhya said.

The High Level Political Committee had decided to be flexible to address the demands of the disgruntled parties and had decided to discuss all their demands except the change of guard or changing the election date. A CPN-Maoist politburo member claimed that the party would not accept the call for talks as long as the Regmi government remained and the parties were not ready to review the accomplishments of the last Constituent Assembly. The party’s central committee meeting held in Pokhara had decided to boycott the election in the present situation. He claimed that dialogue was not possible without addressing the major demands of the party, including Regmi’s resignation and postponing election.


No talks until Regmi govt quits: CPN-Maoist

KATHMANDU, July 8: Responding to the decision of the High Level Political Committee (HLPC) meeting on Saturday to hold a roundtable political conference as demanded by the agitating parties, the CPN-Maoist has said that it would not participate in the Constituent Assembly (CA) election unless the 11-point deal and 25-point ordinance on removing constitutional difficulties are scrapped.

A politburo meeting of the party held on Sunday evening at the party office in Buddha Nagar took this decision, arguing that the proposal is aimed not at resolving the political deadlock. The party also said that the HLPC’s offer for a roundtable assembly is “meaningless”. “The proposal is not aimed at finding a long-term solution to the problem and promulgating the new constitution. It appears that the proposal is only aimed at making us participate in the election to fulfill the interests of foreign forces,” said a Maoist politburo member on condition of anonymity.

“Our party will not sit for talks without dissolution of the Khil Raj Regmi-led government and annulment of the entire election process.” The meeting also maintained that a government led by a political leader should announce fresh election date. The politburo meeting on Sunday was held to unveil concrete struggle programs to boycott the election as decided earlier by the party’s CC meeting held in Pokhara.

The CC meeting that concluded on Tuesday last week had decided to boycott the election while keeping doors open for talks. The major parties represented in the HLPC decided on Saturday to stand ready for a roundtable conference, but ruled out changing the government. “The government led by a political party should announce fresh date for election after scrapping the 25-point ordinance, which led to the formation of the Regmi-led government,” added another politburo member.

Expressing disagreement with the announcement of fresh date for CA election by then Baburam Bhattarai-led government, the CPN-Maoist had floated the proposal for holding a roundtable assembly. But the UCPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and Madhes-based parties ignored the proposal. “The HLPC proposal is only aimed at making us participate in the election under the Regmi-led government. This is not acceptable to us,” said the politburo member.


CPN-Maoist forms talks team led by Chairman Baidhya

KATTHMANDU: CPN-Maoist has formed a five-member talk team, led by party Chairman Mohan Baidhya, to hold talks with the government and the major political forces, on Monday. At a press meeting organised at the National Academy Hall to brief the decisions of the party’s politburo and Central Committee meetings, CPN-Maoist announced the high-level talk comprising of Chairma Baidhya, Vice Chairman CP Gajurel, General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa and secretaries duo Netra Bikram Chand and Dev Gurung.

The party had held its politburo meeting on Sunday in the Capital and CC meeting a week ago in Pokhara. Earlier, this morning, in a meeting with coordinator of the High Level Political Mechanism (HLPC) Bijay Kumar Gachhadar, interim government Chairman Khil Raj Regmi had agreed to call a round table conference as demanded by the CPN-Maoist.


Nepal-Venezuela relations stressed

KATHMANDU, July 7: Chief of UCPN (Maoist) Foreign Department Ram Karki has said that the mutual relations between Nepal-Venezuela should be developed. At an interaction organized by Nepal-Venezuela Solidarity Network in the capital on Sunday, Karki said Nepal could learn many things from Venezuela´s Socialist Revolution.

He said the relations at the peoples´ level should be developed though the two countries are too far geographically. Director of Institute of Foreign Affairs and former ambassador to Malaysia Dr Rishi Adhikari said that a warm relation between the two countries should be developed as both the nations were leading the socialist revolution.

He also said that the constitution making process of Venezuela could be exemplary for drafting statute in Nepal. Non-residential ambassador of Venezuela to Nepal Milena Santana Remirez said that Venezuela was ready to extend relation with Nepal in the equal footings. Remirez said that Venezuela was closely watching Nepal´s political changes and expressed happiness to ongoing studies about Venezuelan model of socialist revolution in Nepal. Chairman of Network Man Rishi Dhital, senior journalist Hari Govinda Luintel, RSS´ journalist Ramesh Lamsal and others stressed for developing relations between Nepal and Venezuela at the peoples´ level.


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