We demand an end to the massacre of workers at construction sites!-Brazil




The Workers League and the Union of Workers in the Construction of Belo Horizonte – MARRETA express their shock and outrage at the deaths of five workers and injury of five others in the construction of the new Ring of Piracicaba bridge. It’s sickening to know that the bodies of three of them were not even removed from the waters of the Rio Piracicaba. They are trapped and submerged by structures of steel and concrete that weigh 80 tons and two other workers are still missing in the river. These unfortunate deaths and injuries of our fellow workers add to the carnage that occurs daily at construction sites scattered throughout the country.
The precariousness of working conditions is absolute; death and mutilation of workers often occurs due to the imposition by the greedy employer class of poor working conditions, lack of collective action and individual protection, long work hours and exhausting and failures of structural work, with workers being herded like slaves and forced to perform all kinds of services.
The federal government and other State authorities are complicit in this situation, do not adequately supervise working conditions, outsourcing reigns and sites are only shutdown long after after such tragedies could be avoided. Tragedies are announced and there was another serious accident in that area a month ago, when after the breakup of a cable support, two workers were injured and hung 15 feet off the ground, but the work continued to be done in haste and only now has been stopped.
Over  79 million is the projected cost of this fabulous work of Ring of Piracicaba, but not a penny is applied to protect the precious lives of the workers. For contractors leeches and exploiters and their accomplices in municipal, state and federal agencies workers can be sucked to death and then replaced by the large number of workers recruited in the various corners of the country and subjected to slave labor.
Construction sites directly managed by the government, such as the PAC, stadiums, “Minha Casa, Minha Debt”, are champions of irregularities and abuses against the workers, like the construction sites of hydroelectric Jirau and Belo Monte, occupied by Força Nacional and special repressive detachments of military police, where work is carried out under rifle barrels.
President Dilma Rousseff, governors and mayors, who have their campaigns financed by large contractors, are totally subservient to the interests of contractors and have completely dismantled inspection of working conditions. The government is also complicit in the crimes committed by unscrupulous and greedy companies who murder workers with impunity because it suits  the fulfillment of tight schedules, are silent on monitoring of irregularities and not one businessman guilty of these deaths is in jail.
We demand an end to the massacre of workers at construction sites!


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