Info – Nepal CC Meeting : One Step Forward from Rishi Raj Baral


The Central Committee Meeting of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist, has been concluded. 149 central committee members and 51 members of the advisory committee attended the meeting. The 4 days long meeting which was held from 29 June to 2rd July passed the document presented by Comrade Kiran, Comrade Badal and Comrade Biplav. The main issue of the CC meeting was to boycott the CA election scheduled for November 19 and the preparation for the People’s Revolt on the Foundation of People’s War–the line of 7th National Congress. Before the CC meeting some of the senior members, who used to project themselves close to General Secretary were pleading for the participation in the CA election. Those who were pleading for the participate in the CA election, have come out from the dark cavern. This meeting has brought them in the daylight. No one should be confused on this issue. This decision has done a great damage also for them, who were in the position to register the party in the Election Commission.

Not only this, the dirty game of party re-unification, played in the closed room, also has been ended. The revolutionaries have got victory over such bad tendencies. The meeting passed to boycott the CA election Actively and Strongly. No matter, the CA poll must be destroyed. In fact, the Central Committee meeting has taken boycotting the CA poll as the rehearsal of the People’s Revolt. During the anti-election campaign in the first stage, party rank and file will be deployed to the villages and towns to urge the people to abstain from voting. Then the anti-election campaign will take the next step. The 33-party alliance also will join the anti-election campaign. And in the third and final stage, a militant squad will join with the propaganda and volunteers team and entire party and its sister organizations, boycotting the CA poll.

We know the election boycotting campaign will not be ‘peaceful’. The reactionary government will come out with its all state machinery to quell the anti-election campaign. Then there is no another way to protest it with the armed force. It means, after the so called peace process, first time CPN-Maoist is going to introduce its armed force to shun the election poll. Revolutionary cadres are very enthusiastic with this decision. Not only the cadres also the revolutionary leaders, dedicated to the spirit of the 7th National Congress look very enthusiastic with this decision. Boycotting the election means moving forward from the preliminary stage. Boycotting itself does not produce any People’s Revolt, but it will be the practical preparation for the Peoples Revolt. Party’s first priority is the People’s Revolt in its own way.

But if it could not be achieved, there is no another alternative to move forward in the way to Protracted People’s War. It is the spirit and decision of the CC meeting. First time party has presented a clear cut roadmap to move forward in the way to New Democratic Revolution. We have already the People’s Volunteers Youth Team lead by Comrade Udaya Chalaune ‘Deepak’ then Vice Division Commander’ of PLA. Now the reorganization of the PLA will begin in a new way and in a new formation. This is the decision of a great significance. In fact, it is the nucleus of the whole decision, done in the Central Committee meeting. We all know, as Comrade Mao has mentioned- Without a People’s army, the people have nothing. The central committee meeting passed the resolutions regarding the International issues also. It rejected the view of Bov Avakin’s ‘new synthesis’ and decided to build a new centre based on Marxism-Leninism- Maoism.

‘New synthesis’ has raised the question on MLM and pleads going beyond Maoism. There is no any possibility of reorganizing the RIM in the basis of ‘new synthesis’. Instead of reorganising the RIM, there is the possibility of building a new centre, where the role of CPN-Maoist, CPI-Maoist and CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines) will be decisive. The CC meeting passed the resolution against the Indian reactionary government. It denounced state terror, war on the oppressed people of India. The CC meeting demanded immediate withdraw of the armed forces from the rural areas, particularly from the Adivasi areas, in the name of ongoing ‘Oppression Green Hunt’

.Likewise, CC meeting passed the resolution of solidarity with the Turkish people and their ongoing struggle. Here I would like to mention some more words regarding the International issue. We Maoist are the true followers of Proletarian Internationalism. We always denounce the role of imperialism against the world’s oppressed people. In the South-Asian context, we always denounce Indian expansionism. As an internationalist, we always support the class struggle and mass movement launched by the oppressed people of the world. It is the issue of universal value. The issue of Indian oppressed people and the role of CPI-Maoist is a different case, it should not be taken in a narrow sense and just in formality.

The people of India are fighting with life and death against the ruling class–the reactionary class in India. The People’s War in India is not only the issue of CPI-Maoist and Indian people. It has a great significance in the world proletarian movement. As a revolutionary internationalist, we must support the People War in India. Just to demanding the withdrawn of the government armed forces is not sufficient.The human right organisations also are doing this type of works. We must be stood in the forefront in support of People’s War in India. Any way, first time we are in the way to grasp the spirit of our 7th National Congress.

We are going to reorganize the PLA. We have taken the issue of International Communist Movement seriously and have addressed the issue of Peoples War in India. In conclusion, I would like to mention that the reactionary Government has declared the war on Nepalese people in the name of CA election. And we know boycotting the CA election is just a preliminary step, the main goal of our revolution is the New Democratic Revolution on the Foundation of Peoples War. It is one and only one way to move forward.

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