United Demonstration of Workers and Peasants in Jaru-June 27th


By Resistência Camponesa 

(Abridged rough translation by Signalfire)

This June 27, hundreds of peasants held protests in the city of Jaru to denounce the criminalization of the struggle of the peasants and city workers. The Poor Peasants League of Rondônia and western Amazonia (LCP) has joined the the popular struggles of Brazil denouncing the violence of the Brazilian State in recent months repressing peasants fighting in Rondônia, indigenous peoples in Mato Grosso do Sul and Pará, as well the criminalization of popular struggles in big cities demanding fare reduction, health and quality public education, housing, etc..

The public action had the participation of workers in education who are on strike and the popular town of Jaru who denounced the precarious conditions in neighborhoods and public services. The Classist Movement of Workers in Education – MOCLATE denounced the governor Confucius Moura regarding the scrapping of education and in relation to non-fulfillment of the agenda of the strike movement. “The government allocates millions to benefit landowners, while people are starving and in hospital wait lines and public education is in chaos,” complained a teacher who spoke at the event.


The LCP denounced the Dilma government policy with regard to the land question through INCRA,which is to divide the peasants. “We are tired of promises and long periods when the federal government does not solve anything! We therefore advocate that only the organized people, cutting the land on their own, will ensure access to land” reported an officer of the LCP.

The event also denounced the intransigence of city hall which is not meeting the demands of municipal workers who are on strike and neglect of the population of the neighborhoods and countryside in Jaru. “And not just in the city have the people been abandoned, also in the countryside and in the districts. In the region of Tarilândia (district Jaru) the people have no roads and have lost production due to the incompetence of city hall. In the areas of Canaan, Sunbeam and Renato Nathan farmers complain that besides the precariousness of the roads, there is a power outage. ” The protest followed the main streets of downtown Jaru and had the support of traders and passersby who cheered the demonstration.


Dissatisfaction were reported on public spending over t the world cup, the situation of workers in the PAC and the corruption scandals plaguing the country. Several protesters urged the people to boycott the elections. “We do not live in a democracy, but a fake. Its democracy for the rich and dictatorship over the poor people. When people are organized and fighting they are repressed by the police. Therefore we call on the people not to vote! ” they said.

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