World Popular Resistance Clippings 25/6/2013

Security forces remove explosive charges from pipeline in southern Peru

Lima, Jun 24 (EFE).- Several explosive charges were removed by military bomb experts on the Camisea pipeline in the southeastern Peruvian region of Cuzco, the Armed Forces Joint Command said Monday. Joint army and National Police patrols launched an operation Saturday in the area around the pipeline, which is operated by Transportadora de Gas del Peru, or TGP, to evaluate damage caused by a guerrilla attack last October on the duct. Security forces members deployed in Komesiato, a town in the Echarate district of La Convencion province, found six explosive charges.

The charges had been placed next to valve on the pipeline. Explosives experts disarmed five of the charges and detonated a sixth device, the Armed Forces Joint Command said in a statement. An armed group burned three helicopters belonging to a company that provides services to the Camisea gas consortium on Oct. 6 in Kiteni, a district in Cuzco region, but no one was hurt in the attack. The rebels may have staged the attack because the company failed to pay protection money, media reports said




Ashaiman Unrest Result In Casualty

A violent demonstration by drivers and a section of the youth of Ashaiman yesterday in protest against the poor conditions of roads in the municipality turned bloody. A policeman who wanted to save journalists from the missiles thrown by the marauding youth was injured in the head and had to be rushed to hospital for medical attention. As early as 5 a.m yesterday, the rampaging youth blocked all the roads leading to the town by burning lorry tyres on the roads.

The rowdy demonstrators accused their Member of Parliament (MP), Mr Alfred Agbesi, and the Municipal Chief Executive, Numo Adinortey Addison, of neglecting their needs, especially the rehabilitation of the roads. By 6 a.m, the actions of the demonstrators had spilled over to the Tema Motorway, where they took control over the toll booths and drove out the attendants, causing traffic jams on all roads towards the toll booth at the Tema end of the Motorway and on the Aflao and Afienya roads.

They also vandalised every structure in their way. Unable to contain the situation, the Tema and the Ashaiman Police called for reinforcement. Soldiers responded to the distress call to support the police to quell the violence that had, by 7 a.m., crippled business activities in the Ashaiman municipality and adjoining communities.

In the melee, journalists who had converged on the scene to report on it and security personnel had to take cover to avoid being hit by the stones being thrown by the angry demonstrators. In the process, our photographer, Mr Samuel Tei Adano, escaped death by a hair’s breadth when a policeman who tried to shield him from the missiles was hit on the head and bled profusely. Sensing danger, the journalists took to their heels. The security reinforcement, however, yielded results, as the policemen and soldiers managed to bring the situation under control after four hours of violent protests.

The police made 11 arrests and the suspects are in custody. Meanwhile, more than 200 policemen have been deployed to the area to maintain law and order. Three civilians were said to have been injured by the rioters, who also vandalised two police vehicles. Some residents of Ashaiman the Daily Graphic spoke to did not spare Mr Agbesi and Numo Addison for failing to fulfill their promises to rehabilitate the roads.

The two personalities could not be reached for their comments. Ashaiman is known to be a place where vehicles from all regions have stations, from where they convey passengers and goods to other places on a daily basis. Many workers in Accra, Tema and other nearby communities reside in that community. The Ashaiman Divisional Police Commander, Superintendent of Police David Eklu, told journalists that the team would offer 24-hour patrol to residents and commuters in the wake of yesterday’s violent demonstration.


Peruvian Former Guerrilla Chief Abimael Guzman’s Condition Is Serious

Lima, Jun 24 (Prensa Latina) The jailed former head of the armed group Sendero Luminoso, Abimael Guzman, suffers from a serious heart disease, so he needs to be treated in hospital, his lawyer Alfredo Crespo said today. Crespo said that Guzman’s wife, Elena Iparraguirre, who is also sentenced to life imprisonment, reported the situation to the chief of the National Penitentiary Institute, Jose Luis Perez Guadalupe, and blamed the authorities for what happens with the prisoner.

Crespo argued that the Sendero Luminoso leader, captured in 1992, has been under rigid confinement for 21 years in a high security prison located at the naval base of the neighboring port of Callao, in conditions of confinement that he described as torture. He said the heart disease suffered by Guzman , 79, has joined hypertension and chronic psoriasis, and that he has never been taken to a hospital since his capture.

Crespo belongs to the Movement to Amnesty and Fundamental Rights (MOVADEF), created by former immates from the Sendero Luminoso movement and its supporters, who have complied with the order to disarm given by Guzman after his capture. The registration of MOVADEF as a political party was rejected by the National Elections Jury. The government considers that MOVADEF is terrorist and argues that it is a frontal organization for Sendero Luminoso.

Moroccan man ‘burns himself to death’ in Meknes

A Moroccan father of five died after setting himself on fire in the central Meknes region in protest at having his application for a residency permit rejected, a human rights activist said on Tuesday. The incident took place on Monday in the town of Sebaa Ayoun, where Abdelkabir al-Atawi, 50, needed the permit to avoid having to pay the hospital fees for his wife who was sick, said Habid Benkarroun, the Meknes representative for the Moroccan Association of Human Rights. ”

The man went to apply for a residency permit but he was refused. So he covered himself with petrol and set himself on fire,” outside the main administrative building in Sebaa Ayoun, and died shortly afterwards, Benkarroun told AFP. The man was unable to pay for his wife’s hospital treatment because he had no job and no money, he added. Moroccan Arabic news websites confirmed that the victim was Abdelkabir al-Atawi, a father of five who staged his dramatic protest out of frustration at the behaviour of the local authorities.

Afghan protesters clash with US troops in Kabul

Hundreds of Afghan protesters have pelted American forces with stones and torched a fuel tanker near a US military base in the capital city of Kabul. The violent clashes broke out as a group of Afghans was rallying for land rights on the road that links Kabul to Jalalabad city.

Meanwhile, a convey of US military vehicles arrived at the scene and tried to get past into the nearby base. The US troops started firing into the air to disperse the protesters. The gunfire further enraged the protesters and turned the rally into an anti-US protest. The developments come as Washington is trying to defuse tensions with Kabul over the recent opening of a Taliban office in Qatar.

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