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(A rough translation of AND’s response earlier today to the claims of “fascism” from the revisionist left serving the old state-Signalfire)

The speech of Rousseff and her meeting with all the governors and mayors of the largest cities in Brazil. The boss of the old state says the country’s progress in recent years is clear. The people, in protest, disprove this lie a thousand times. The government’s proposal: political reform, new taxes and blah blah blah… Words, words, words, nothing but words … What we want you can not give us. Laws are not enough. Lilies are not born of the law.

In his speech, Dilma Rousseff, who in the military regime betrayed her own companions and helped the police to arrest others, again pointed her finger hard against what she called “violent and authoritarian minorities.” The twitch of informers in line with the communications monopolies maneuvers to divide and weaken the demonstrations. Who is this “minority” of hundreds of thousands of people who rebel against all governments, “left” or right, and react to the violence of the fascist police? The rebellion is in the street. We will never forget you. And  always remember the war that is to come.

Opportunistic sectors of the popular movement, who have profited from PT rule for ten years, are fearful of losing their comfortable seats and subsidy programs. They rush to channel the rebellion in into “concrete demands”, “possible to achieve.” These same government supporters, angered by the people’s rejection claim that most of the protesters are “middle class”, the movement is taking a turn which is “conservative, right-wing and fascist”. Middle class? What we see are young unredeemed stone throwers facing riot helmeted BOPE in Rio de Janeiro. Scenes reminiscent of the Palestinian intifada. Flowers on asphalt.


Conservative? While the flags of PT were removed by force, the rainbow of sexual diversity was hoisted without any retaliation. One of the posters seen at most events is against to the so-called “gay cure”, draft law presented to Congress by Congressman and fundamentalist Pastor Marco Feliciano who is a integrated basic parliamentary ally of Rousseff’s government. Rightist? This wave of demonstrations began in São Paulo, where the state government is the PSDB (openly right) and the municipal government is the PT (false left). States, PT and PSDB, increased fares, repressed demonstrations and reduced tariffs when it was impossible to keep them. Dilma’s rightist government, whose allies are old foxes of the political oligarchy of Brazil.

Fascist? Fascism is FIFA banning fans who come with shirts in support of the demonstrations who force from the stands people who paint slogans on the streets and threatens to cancel the credentials of journalists who record this repression. Fascism is Dilma who in her address to the nation said: “I assure you, we will maintain order.” She said this to FIFA, who was immediately thankful. And now the government is mobilizing the army to suppress the demonstrations in nearby Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. Opportunism is these organizations of government supporters who cry when their flags are snatched, but do not denounce imprisonment, or death of protesters. In 1968, when the student Edson Luiz was murdered in Rio de Janeiro, the slogan that mobilized hundreds of thousands of Brazilians was: a student was killed who could be your son.

Today, when a 18 year old dies in a protest in Ribeirão Preto, we witness the silence of the false left, perhaps at their meetings in government offices they say, “a student was killed, that could be right.” Nationalism does not mean fascism. People are in the streets with green yellow flags in a justified feeling for the countries defense. Use the symbols that are at hand. Pacifism does not necessarily mean rightism. The struggling masses always prefer peace to violence. But struggle is a school and in it one learns that there are only two powers on earth: the organized power of the reaction and the unorganized power of the masses.

Popular organization surges only in combat. In 1905, in Russia, a peaceful march, led by a priest connected to police, went to the palace of the tsar. Thousands of people singing hymns wanted to deliver a petition to Nicholas II. We received the lead, hundreds of peaceful demonstrators were killed. This episode known as Bloody Sunday, was an expensive lesson, which resulted in workers armed insurrection in the same year and the triumphant socialist revolution in 1917. The fight is just in its beginning and in many cities the people are realizing that the state is violent. The process is messy, still aimless.

This is the story. There are no recipes for revolutions. Theory is gray, green is the tree of life.

The zigzagging path is full of twists and turns, but the prospects are bright.

Tremble reactionaries and opportunists.

People have nothing to lose except their chains, they have a world to win.

I accept the revolution with all its horrors, without any reservations

Many unknowns, but one thing is certain: Nothing will be as before.


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