CPN-Maoist Clippings 25/6/2013

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33-party alliance urges holding of all-party meet

KATHMANDU, June 24: The CPN-Maoist led 33-party alliance has urged a political consensus through meetings among all the agitating forces, nationalists and progressive forces of the country. A meeting held at the CPN-Maoist head office at Buddhanagar on Monday also demanded the scrapping of the upcoming election, terming it ´regressive´. “We will not accept the election if it is held under the ´existing situation´,” reads a press statement issued by CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung on behalf of the alliance. The alliance also decided to give continuity to its protests and make public new protest programs. According to the statement, the alliance is scheduled to organise a transport strike for 15 minutes in all cities of the country at 4 pm on 27 June.

Similarly, the alliance is scheduled to hold a motorcycle rally with black flags from 4 pm to 5 pm on July 5. The alliance demanded that the government provide compensation and a rehabilitation package to the flood and landslide victims and carry out rescue measures promptly. The alliance has been holding protests demanding the scrapping of the 25-point ordinance for removing constitutional difficulties. The alliance is against the formation process of the Khila Raj Regmi-led government and has also turned down talks proposals from the government, putting forward preconditions.But the government has already announced elections for November 19 without consulting the agitating forcces.


CPN-M seizes land

DAMAK: CPN-Maoist cadres have captured four bigha and two kattha land belonging to Yadav Paudel and Bishnu Paudel of Pashubazaar in Bhadrapur,Jhapa, on Monday. CPN-M district in-charge Dilli Ghimire said the land was seized because Ram Chandra Mahato had been deprived of tiller’s right. The party’s people’s volunteers bureau Jhapa in-charge Naresh Sanjel said the party had taken the decision as per the party’s policy of giving justice to the tiller. He further said the land seizure was in accordance with the campaign to strengthen the party’s relations with the public.


CPN-Maoist-led alliance to go solo against polls

KATHMANDU, JUN 25 – The CPN-Maoist led 33-party alliance has endorsed the second round of nationwide protests against the Interim Election Government’s decision to hold the Constituent Assembly elections in November “without consultation with them”. A meeting of the alliance held at the CPN-Maoist headquarters on Monday agreed to continue protests unless the government created an atmosphere for dialogue by immediately halting the election process.

Accusing the big parties of bypassing them instead of addressing their fair demands, the agitating parties warned of extreme measures in retaliation if the government attempted to suppress them. “We will stop our protests if the government agrees to halt the election process and revoke a number of controversial election-related decisions. This is our bottom line for negotiation,” CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung told the Post

. The announcement of the second phase of protests follows the refusal of the Ashok Rai-led Federal Socialist Party Nepal and the Upendra Yadav-led Federal Democratic Front to collaborate with the 33-party alliance. The two major forces, who launched a joint anti-election struggle a few days ago, have decided to start protests on their own citing primarily the differences over the way they view the Khil Raj Regmi-led government.

The meeting of the alliance decided to carry on with the protests till the end. “We will not give up until all our demands are met,” said Pasang Sherpa, vice-chairman of the Social Democratic Party, adding that the absence of the Rai and Yadav-led parties would not hinder their programme. “Our party concluded that election is impossible in the current circumstances, while the other parties are not ready to see the reality and stop the overall election process. Dialogue is meaningless until they realise,” said Gurung. The alliance remains adamant on its demand for scrapping the 11-point and the 25-point agreements reached to remove constitutional difficulties, and replacing the incumbent non-partisan government by one of political parties.

Considering the advent of monsoon and its impact on the people, the parties have decided to take softer strategies of struggle. Leaders said they have focused more on indoor programmes and internal preparations. The party has said the week-long protest will primarily be symbolic with activities such as brief obstruction of vehicular movement, showing black flags and holding rallies. The alliance has not targeted the mid- and far-western regions with its protests owing to monsoon-related disasters there. “We urge the government to provide the victims with relief packages,” read a joint statement.


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