CPN-Maoist Clippings 24/6/2013


No taking part in election in status quo: Baidhya

KATHMANDU: Chairman of the CPN-Maoist Mohan Baidhya has said that they would not participate in the election in current status though a final decision has not been made about the boycotting. Baidhya said that they could participate in the election if a consensus is achieved after stopping election process along with election schedule. At a programme organised in the Capital today, he said the central committee meeting of the party would finalise whether to boycott the election or not. Releasing a book ‘Smiritika Kuineta,’ written by Hiramani Dukhi, the CPN-Maoist Chairman said that the election schedule including process and date should be stopped.

He added that they are ready to hold talks on other issues by keeping the election issue aside. He further said that all should be involved in the process of promulgating the new constitution. Baidya said the election would not be held on November 19 in the present situation and added constitution of people’s aspiration would not be promulgated even if the election is held.


Two parties not to join protest hands with Baidya bloc

KATHMANDU, JUN 24 – The Federal Socialist Party Nepal (FSPN) and the Upendra Yadav-led Federal Democratic Front (FDF) have decided not to collaborate with the CPN-Maoist-led 33-party alliance that has been opposing the November elections. The three dissident forces were set to announce joint protest programmes after they successfully called a nationwide banda after the announcement of the election date.

Efforts to launch a joint struggle failed after FSPN chairman Ashok Rai and FDF leader Yadav expressed their desire to launch protests on their own. The 33 parties had formed a five-member team led by CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung to negotiate with Rai, Yadav and other fringe parties to start a unified protest. “They (Yadav and Rai) want to go separate ways now,” Gurung told the Post. Despite apparent differences in their demands and agendas, the parties had jointly launched a protest against the announcement of the election date. According to Gurung, Yadav refused to tie up with the alliance as some parties in his front were opposed to the idea.

Rai, on the other hand, put forth a precondition that his party will join hands only if all the dissident parties agree on one joint protest. “We respect their decision to go separately. We came a long way separately. Both the leaders, however, have agreed to join hands if need be,” said Gurung. He said the parties will, however, keep working together on common agendas and areas of common interest. FDF spokesperson Parshuram Tamang said some technical issues hindered them from announcing a joint protest. “This does not mean our cooperation ends here. We will continue to support each other on common issues. It’s just that we are launching the protest separately for now,” he said.

Sources, however, said Rai and Yadav changed their position after talks with senior Nepali Congress leader Sher Bahadur Deuba.

Baidya adamant

KATHMANDU:CPN-Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidya on Sunday said his party is “not against holding talks and the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections as some political parties have portrayed us to be.” Baidya said he is ready to sit for dialogue if the government immediately halts the election process, which, according to him, began without his party’s consent.

“We have not officially decided to boycott the elections and we don’t intend to do so. We are just asking the big parties to correct the grave mistakes committed in the past,” he told an interaction organised by the 33 poll-opposing parties here. He claimed that many leaders within the big parties themselves are against the “elections directed by outer forces.” He did not elaborate. Baidya reiterated his party’s demand that the 11-point and 25-point agreements signed among the four major political forces for removing constitutional difficulties must be scrapped and the Khil Raj Regmi-led non-partisan government must be replaced with a political one.

“We are ready to adopt optimum flexibility, but it will be unacceptable to us if the parties go for elections by ignoring our demands,” said Baidya. He demanded that big leaders like Sushil Koirala elaborate on the “pressure that forced them” to appoint the chief justice as the head of the interim government. Addressing the interaction, CPN-UML general secretary Ishwor Pokherel said, “The CA election cannot be successful unless every party takes part in it. I urge Baidya-ji to join the process to bring the nation back on track.” NC central committee member Deep Kumar Upadhyaya said the “art of compromise” is needed to bring all the parties on the election track.


CPN-M firm on sabotaging CA election

KATHMANDU: Backed by at least 32 parties, CPN-Maoist is determined to scuttle the Constituent Assembly election scheduled for November 19. CA election announced by the government has been on the agenda of the ongoing politburo meeting of the party that began on Friday. The leaders want to sabotage the election, claiming that CA would not be able to draft a pro-people constitution and will serve the interest of foreign power centres, and not the Nepali people.

The leaders of CPN-M have claimed that the election cannot happen ignoring the opposition of so many parties. Senior party leader Khadka Bahadur Biswokarma said the CA polls will top the agenda even during the central committee meeting scheduled to begin in Pokhara on June 29. Party Secretary Dev Gurung said nobody would go to vote if the parties tried to hold election deploying the Nepali army.

Asked whether they could bear the pressure from the international community, a senior CPN-M leader Hari Bhakta Kandel said his party leaders had already convinced the diplomats why CPN-M and 32 other parties could not join the election. The CC meeting of the party is expected to come up with a concrete action plan to ensure that the election was not held on the date announced by the government.



Pressure cooker bomb recovered from Regmi’s ancestral house

PALPA, JUN 24 – A pressure cooker bomb was found on the premises of Chairman of Interim Election Government Khilraj Regmi’s house in Palpa on Monday. A pressure cooker wrapped with explosives and pamphlets in the name of CPN-Maoist (Revolutionary) was left unattended about 30 meters away from Regmi’s ancestral house at Dhobabi in Pokharathok VDC, ward-6 in Palpa. However, a bomb disposal squad of Nepal Army from Butwal defused the explosives.


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