Declaration of the Revolutionary Front in Defense of the Peoples Rights on the Protests in Brazil


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Workers and oppressed people of the world, unite!

Brazil needs a Great Revolution!

“Fight, fail, fight again, fail again, fight again . . . until their victory; that is the logic of the people”

Chairman Mao

Demonstrations and protests explode across the country and a spontaneous movement, a colossal contingent of hundreds of thousands of masses take the center of large cities and spread everywhere, shaking and shivering the whole the old order. A new phase of development of the revolutionary situation is underway in the country, and major storms are expected! The final straw was the brutal repression of the just and peaceful demonstration against the increase of bus fares in SP and RJ. The outrage spread across the country and unleashed popular anger stifled by decades of political demagoguery and propaganda bombardment of successive governments of a Brazil on progress and improvement.

When television networks, radio and newspapers trumpeted the popularity of glorious President Dilma, full employment, creation of a new middle class, the development of the country with a sound economy against the global crisis that sinks the world’s largest economies there suddenly exploded upheavals which arose like a tsunami. Amid the deep and prolonged general crisis of the imperialist system which causes disorders worldwide, striking hard the working masses with mass unemployment and brutally cuts hard-won rights, pushing them to the streets by the millions, in a desperate fight for survival and resistance against repression launched by the capitalist governments and their client regimes in the oppressed countries.

As a direct result of the contradictions and weaknesses of the economy of our country dominated and exploited by imperialism and in reflection of its general crisis, the popular revolt is the ongoing explosion of decades of stifled screams, the scream contained by the ‘eternal’ deception of elections ,frauds,the never fulfilled promises of a false democracy in which the people are constant victim of cunning deception and savage repression of their protest. Now also the mask of the demagogic,opportunistic false left regime of PT / PSB / PCdoB etc has been torn off.. What happened? A snap broke the charm of a lie made truth by a thousand repetitions, the anesthetic of bread and circus backfired.


A cry of outrage echoed through the air

And this had to start from the younger generation who were less numbed by all this brainwashing. The uprising of youth against the police broke the walls imprisoning reality in pieces, becoming the growing popular revolt of suppressed dissatisfaction with all this order of exploitation, inequality, and political privileges of the rich, abuse by the authorities, widespread corruption, crime and insecurity, precariousness of public health, education and transportation, subservience of rulers to capital and foreign agencies (such as the current ‘state of exception’ decreed to serve FIFA), massacres of the poor in the slums, regime concentration camp for workers and massacres of peasants and indigenous fighting for land.

Against the old state and its anti-people, country selling bosses The popular explosion expressed general dissatisfaction with the order of exploitation, abuse and police violence in the everyday life of the people. Low wages and law courts, the dictatorship of the gouging taxes on workers while the national budget favors the banks and the rich at the expense of public health services, education and public transport that are true garbage, the excesses and corruption, works spending billions and overpriced to favor contractor mafias and election financiers, the spree of public money to banks and transnational corporations and public debt which amounts to 3 trillion dollars, whose securities are redeemed to the bankers with some of the highest interest rates in the world, the delivery of natural, state heritage and basic services to foreign capital, etc..The indignation and revolt are against this system of exploitation and its old state, its institutions and its rotten and immoral rulers anti-people, lying, cynical, corrupt and country selling.



A system of exploitation and repression

The system we live in is that of the old exploiting classes and their state that for centuries has oppressed and kept the people in poverty, delivering the wealth of our country to foreign powers. Its a system of absolute privilege for the rich and injustice genocide and deceit for the poor . And the greatest proof of this was the arrival of the PT in the federal government, “radical defenders” of the workers transformed into their newest hangmen. To maintain the imperialist world system the oppressed countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, such as Brazil, are enslaved to serve the interests of foreign powers and their monopolistic corporations and do as they are told.

The Brazilian state was constituted and structured as the dictatorship of the big bourgeoisie and landlords to subjugate our people and our homeland. But these old ruling classes, political lackeys of imperialism could not always rule however they liked. There is oscillation in history, between openly fascist regimes (New State of Vargas regime Dutra, Military Regime 64, etc..) And demo-liberalism (JK, Jango, Sarney, Collor, Cardoso, Lula / Dilma, etc.. .) As in recent decades they need to trick the people by serving up a system of government, they call democracy or the democratic state, with a phony and corrupt electoral process and bureaucratic institutions called the executive, legislative and judicial.

In fact, this state is a machine for subjecting the people to accept this system of exploitation, spreading the illusion that it is the people who elect their representatives. A machine to extort and rob the people with taxes to fill the coffers of the bankers and tycoons local and international, to deliver the natural wealth of the country to foreign powers and to suppress the people when they stand up in defense of their rights and trampled, debased national interests.

We currently live with the propaganda that the country’s democracy is consolidated and that this is the full democratic rule of law, the lack being voters who do not elect corrupt politicians, so the people themselves are to blame for the corruption and underhandedness of the rulers .In opposition to popular rejection,defenders of the system say political reform is urgent to improve the functioning of the political system and root out corruption. However, in the last 20 years in every election, where voting is compulsory, tens of millions of citizens, one-third of the electorate, have boycotted the electoral farce not showing up to vote, or voting null or blank.

For the fact is that we live with many lies, deception, more and more violence against the people. What have we seen these days? Any popular demonstration in defense of the most basic rights, such as the fight against increased bus fare is ruthlessly suppressed. The police apparatus, no longer content with beating people with batons, tear gases and pepper and shooting rubber bullets, now follow the order of shoot to kill, because the police have never killed so many poor people in the city and countryside as now.The killing of poor youth has become routine. On this account the people have risen in protest here and there and now they have exploded.



Just revulsion against rotten political parties and their thugs and scoundrels

Therefore in this system that we live in to participate in elections, to vote for a party or another one or another candidate is to give our endorsement to all the rot that is repugnant in official policy. Voting is consenting to this shameful situation which today the whole country rises against. Voting is legitimizing this old state and its bourgeois democratic system of exploitation, oppression, poverty, violence and corruption.

This bureaucratic-bourgeois democracy is false, narrow, hypocritical and corrupt. Advocates, millionaires with their propaganda say that that the vote is the power of the people to decide on their future. Lie, this is pure cynicism and deception! The truth is that the people are forced to vote, from time to time, just to elect who will decide in their place and against their interests. In recent decades the Brazilian people have patiently experimented with all the electoral parties (PDS, PMDB, PFL, PSDB, PT / PSB / PST / PCdoB), the right, those who call themselves the center and the ‘left’. And there can be no other conclusion then that are are all cut from the same cloth.

They are actually different acronyms of a single party of explorers, the billionaires and leeches of old bourgeois democracy and its parliamentary cretinism. Acronyms which debate among themselves on the largess from the public treasury, but are united by the same program to serve capital. They are all, each in their own way serving the interests of the big bourgeoisie, landlords and imperialism. With all these parties nothing has changed in the country or for the people, except crumbs and handouts. Yes there has been change, but only in the faces and ways to cheat the people.


The fight did not start now:

Even under the offensive of the rulers, the people never stopped fighting

The official propaganda of the government and official bourgeois press hammered on that everything was going splendidly in the country. That the economy was sound, there was full employment, poverty would be over and that the majority of the population would already be middle class. But underneath all this propaganda the vainglorious reality of the country and the people is quite different and the facts are stubborn.

For, never before have bankers been so rich, never has imperialist finance capital so throughly dominated and subjugated both our economy and country. The prices of food, medicine and other basic necessities have not stopped increasing, inflation erodes the popular economy and the absurd interest rates remain the highest in the world. Unemployment penalizes millions, especially the young and the “land reform” government is yet another scam and deception to rural people.

Diseases which had been eliminated, return and others, such as dengue, spread in waves of epidemic, killing hundreds of children and adults across the country. The educational system and public health has scrapped its material structure slashing salaries of teachers, civil servants and workers. The spree of easy credit has only been one more illusion, deception and brutal indebtedness of the people, to hide the fragility of an economy supported by the production of primary commodities for export, completely subservient to foreign powers and dependent on imported capital and technology.

But the workers, public servants, teachers, students and peasants, under the systematic and orchestrated campaign of criminalization and repression, arrests and murders and facing the direction of their own unions co-opted by the corrupt government never stopped fighting and have bravely waged strikes and taken land throughout the country. In all parts of the country echoes the cry of jail for the torturers of the military regime! Students from across the country went on strike and occupied the rectories of universities demanding an end to the plans of the government’s dismal MEETING / PROUNI and in defense of public education, and free democracy in schools and universities.

Workers, teachers and civil servants held strikes over wages and better working conditions. In large PAC, Jirau, Santo Antônio, Belo Monte, SUAPE, the workers rose up in revolt, stopped the works, set fire to the house and revealed to Brazil the slave labor conditions to which they are subjected. In the countryside the “land reform” government does nothing more but repression and funding of landowners.

Only through the Agrarian Revolution, taking into their own hands in an organized appropriation of the landed estates, the peasants are conquering the land to work and produce and win their freedom. And now that the masses of the cities explode in riots and the cowards strongly repelled by the combatant youth could not repress them,they orchestrate with their poisonous dirt psychological warfare against the people editing images and manipulating materials through their massive communications apparatus. All the monopolized media are the enemies of the people. How the reactionaries and miserable rats tremble!


Vandalism is the practices of the ruling bastards

The street demonstrate once again that the people to ensure their interests have to impose them by massive and combative force. The authorities and the press who attacked, discredited and criminalized the first protests, just as they have done for years against the popular struggle in order to crush them, cornered and haunted by their explosive growth, now pose as champions of freedom and democracy in defense of peaceful demonstrations and sing the hypocritical tune that the radicals are only a minority. In the art of manipulating ‘public opinion’ and callous lies with Globo always in the lead, they try to offend, frighten and intimidate the demonstrators.

Terrified with fear of public anger they now try to create tame protests. The people are attacking their enemies yes, the seats of governments and legislatures (dens of corruption and excess), banks leeches on the people and the nation and forcefully rejecting the attacks of genocidal police troops. The episodes of looting by profiteers and criminals transformed by this press into great terror are only part of the sad reality created by the same vile system that we want to bring down. Vandalism is the same thing as the anti-people, country selling rulers.

Vandalism is the same criminal activity of the bastards who kill people in hospitals waits,starving and shooting with murderous police, who incessantly assail the nation’s coffers not sparing even the school lunches of the children of the poor, handing our natural riches over to foreign countries, which sells the sovereignty and honor of the country to imperialist marauders and even the FIFA mafia.


lucha armada

To build the new one must destroy the old

This is the struggle of peasants, workers, students, workers, intellectuals, indigenous and small-holder traders and manufacturers, we are the majority and are millions! We fight this old rotten State represented today by the Brazilian government’s PT / PSB / PMDB / PCdoB / PDT and its support base, which commits all kinds of daily outrages and crimes against our people. A fascist state that needs to be brought down altogether and only a Great Democratic Revolution can destroy it and build another in its place new and different, the State of New Democracy’s revolutionary united front, based on the worker-peasant alliance along with all the exploited and oppressed.

Every revolutionary and popular democratic struggle should raise these demands in defense of the rights of the people:

-General increase of wages and end of cost of living increases;

-Security and public and integral retirement;

-Cheap public transport, decent health and education;

-Against violence against women, equal rights and the decriminalization of abortion;

-Punishment for criminals of the military regime, instigators and executors (civilian and military) of torture, killings and enforced disappearances;

-End of the menial work in agribusiness plantations, the PAC and nationwide;

Recognition and immediate demarcation of the territories of Indigenous Peoples and remaining Communities Quilombo;

Land-for who lives on and works it

. -an end to the mines and their plundering of natural resources and environmental degradation;

-an end to the bleeding of public resources given to banks and transnationals;

However we must emphasize that our main demand is Power.


Organize people to make revolution!

The question of democracy in fact, ie, the establishment of a genuine Democratic Republic, was never fully resolved in Brazil. Exploiting local ruling classes and their imperialist masters fear the existence of a true democracy because that would mean the end of their domain and its operation. But as the class contradictions and the people’s aspiration for democracy are large, imposing maneuver to the people and country this travesty of democracy to their old dirty and corrupt elections and drag the opportunist parties to legitimize them. And every time the masses rise up they send repression with one hand and with the other make the bla-bla-bla of “dialogue”,”negotiations”,the “peace” of submission against “violence” and “vandalism”of the exploited and oppressed.

To make comprehensive and complete change the people have to take power and suppress their enemies! Brazil’s problems are structural and secular, their solution requires radical and profound changes that only the bold and permanent mobilization of the masses around a revolutionary program can accomplish. Because only a Great Democratic Revolution uninterrupted until socialism can sweep away the poverty, violence and injustice against the working people.

Put a stop the old state,the real machine of corruption and oppression,sweep away the age old pillaging of the nation. The people can and will destroy this old power ripping it piece by piece, demolishing it part by part. If today people are able to mobilize hundreds of thousands in demonstrations, which are large accumulations and educational, little by little they can build solid organizations in workplaces, and neighborhoods and unite with the masses of poor peasants and landless with little land are fighting tenacious struggle to bring forward the agrarian revolution, to destroy landlordism inch by inch, to do justice, to liberate the productive forces of the field, produce and create the new revolutionary power.

The Great Democratic Revolution in our country can only win through a long process, because our enemies are still strong, are defended by police and armed forces, supported by this bourgeois press and parties that monopolize the old order and have the support of the imperialist powers, especially U.S. imperialism. The people are unable to down their enemies with a single blow, in a few months or days, even less in a single day. It is necessary to go a protracted struggle building the essential tools of the revolution, embryos of the new power and new people’s state: the true Revolutionary Party of the Proletariat, the Guerrilla Army and the Revolutionary United Front.

Clandestine revolutionary organization, the Revolutionary Party does not exist to solicit votes and prime deputies to rot in the sty of comfortable armchairs which is bourgeois parliament, but built in the fire of class struggle to master and apply science and class ideology, Marxism -Leninism-Maoism and firmly guide the masses. The People’s Guerrilla Army to wage the people’s war to overthrow the enemy power and establish the new power in New Democracy.

The Revolutionary United Front to unify the revolutionary classes in the same Program of transformations political-economic-social and cultural rights, to support the people’s war, surround the enemy and defeat him. The democratic revolution, agrarian-feudal and anti-imperialist confiscates all the lands of the landlords, the whole of bureaucratic capital (the big bourgeoisie) and all transnational capital (imperialism), nationalizing these great properties and concentrating them in the hands of the new Peoples State which will apply apply everything to the establishment of a new economy, autocentric and self-sustaining, for the general welfare of the people and the progress and independence of the nation.

A revolution is unleashed with the agrarian revolution, to destroy landlordism, giving the land to the landless and poor peasants with little land and sweeping away semi-feudal relations which have crushed the peasantry for ages and hinder the overall progress of the people and the nation.

Down with the fascist state and its anti-people, country selling bosses!

Long live the New Democratic Revolution!

Long live popular revolutionary struggle and protest!

Revolutionary Front for the Defense of the People’s Rights

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