CPN-Maoist Clippings 18/6/2013


CPN-Maoist CC meet called off

KATHMANDU, June 18: The CPN-Maoist Central Committee meeting that was scheduled begin Wednesday in Pokhara has been called off for ´technical´ reasons. The meeting was to come up with its official position after the announcement by the government of the date of Constituent Assembly elections. “We have called off our central committee meeting due to technical reasons,” a politburo member of the party, Dharmendra Bastola said. He added that the party is preparing to hold the meeting, being outside of the valley for the first time, during June last week.




CPN-M settles on all-party council

KATHMANDU, JUN 18 – In an attempt to harmonise their demands, a group of 42 parties protesting against the government’s decision to hold the Constituent Assembly elections in November has agreed to an “all-party political assembly” as their common agenda. A joint meeting of the key forces on Monday assigned a taskforce to devise new protest programmes by Tuesday afternoon, which they said will be announced at the CPN-Maoist headquarters the same day.

“Fresh protest programmes will be drawn up after adequate consultations with all the parties,” said Pampha Bhusal, the CPN-Maoist spokesperson. The boarder alliance has decided not to hold a dialogue with the government as well as the “big parties” unless the High-level Political Committee is replaced by a multi-party political assembly. Under pressure from alliance members, the CPN-Maoist shifted its earlier demand of a round-table conference to an all-party political assembly in an effort to bring uniformity in their demands. “Since the purpose of both the meets is the same, our party agreed to the name suggested by other members of the alliance,” said Bhusal.

Despite launching a joint anti-election campaign, the 33-party alliance led by the CPN-Maoist, the Federal Socialist Party Nepal and the Upendra Yadav-led Federal Democratic Front were considered weak in the lack of unified agenda. The parties were divided over several issues including the legitimacy of the Khil Raj Regmi-led government. “The political syndicate exercised by the four parties is the main impediment to an agreement. We want it replaced by an all-party political assembly to break the current deadlock,” said Rajendra Shrestha, the FSPN general secretary.

The meeting organised in the aftermath of the first round of protests decided to sit for talks only with the President, a source said. “Its must be clear who holds true power. If it’s the President, we will negotiate with him,” said Shrestha. Leaders who attended the meeting emphasised that everything except monsoon was in their favour in launching further programmes of protest. The parties have assessed the “silent support of the Civil Society and the rising dissatisfaction over the unilateral announcement of the election date among the middle-rung leaders of the major parties” as being supportive of their protest. Citing examples of how major changes such as secularism, federalism and proportional representation were achieved through protests, the alliance hopes agitation could lead them to achieve their demands.


Chinese envoy throws weight behind CA poll efforts

KATHMANDU: Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Wu Chuntai called on former Prime Minister and CPN-UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal at the latter’s residence, Dallu on Tuesday morning. During the meeting, the Chinese Ambassador told Khanal that China’s is happy over the announcement of Constituent Assembly election date and has welcomed the new election. Wu expressed his hope that the election will help bring stability in Nepal, according to CPN-UML’s International Department member Milan Raj Tuladhar. In response, Khanal thanked the Chinese government for supporting the electoral process in Nepal, expressing his hope that the support would continue in future also.

With the announcement of election, country has advanced to a new positive phase, Khanal told the Chinese envoy. Khanal also informed Wu that he is in touch with CPN-Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidhya and other leaders of the dissident parties. “It is in the best interest of CPN-Maoist and others to participate in this election. By boycotting the election, they cannot deliver their message to the people,” Khanal has been quoted in a statement issued by Tuladhar after the meeting. Also, Khanal also informed envoy Wu that his party is working hard to bring harmony between various ethnic groups of the country while opting for the new federal system, according to the statement.



Plan afoot to use army for election: Gurung

HIMALAYAN NEWS SERVICE KATHMANDU: CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Prasad Gurung today alleged that the four major forces were preparing to deploy the army to hold election. “An election conducted by deploying the army will have no significance,” he commented. Election cannot be held by terrorising people, he said. He said the UCPN-M doesn’t want CPN-Maoist to join the election as it fears it will lose.

Meanwhile a meeting of the agitating parties today could not finalise their struggle plan because of absence of the Upendra Yadav-led front. According to Gurung, Upendra Yadav could not attend today’s meeting because his party’s meeting was delayed. “We will discuss and finalise the struggle plan against the government and the election process tomorrow,” Gurung said. He, however, said the struggle might not be as strong as they wished because of the monsoon rain and disturbances. “We will continue the struggle despite the rainy season and keep on protesting against the government,” he said.

Asked about the training of former combatants, Gurung said that was nothing but propaganda of parties that opposed the CPN-M. Gurung said the 33-party alliance had become 50 parties. Upendra Yadav-led FDF has eight parties and with the Ashok Rai-led FSP, the total number of agitating parties had reached 59. He said the CC meeting scheduled for Wednesday had been postponed after the declaration of the poll date and will be held after around two weeks.


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