PCm Italy for 1 july for proletarian internationalism


The International Committee to support the People’s War in India has launched for the 1st of July a Day of Support, that will be held in many countries. The PCm Italy contributed in a decisive way to the formation of the Committee and the International Conference of Support in Hamburg, on 24 November 2012, and calls all the Communists, revolutionaries, anti-imperialists, the proletarian struggle organizations to take part in this Day. In India an epochal battle is fought, not only for the proletarians and people of India, but also for the global balance of power between bourgeoisie and proletariat, imperialism and revolution.

The People’s war in India, as for number of fighters, wideness of the guerrilla zones and population involved in the struggle between State power and people’s counter-power, is the greatest liberation and anti-imperialist struggle in the world today. The CPI(M), as for number of members and fighters, is the strongest Communist Party in the world. One can be Maoist or not, ma nobody can disregard the reality. Those who do not stand on the side of the People’s war, stand on the side of imperialism, revisionism and opportunism.

For proletarian internationalism,For the victory of the proletarians, Let’s get all in action on 1 July!

PCm – Italy 17th June

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