1 July 2013 International Day of support to the People’s War in India –


Quotations from the speeches at the International Conference of Support to the People’s War in India, Hamburg 24 November 2012

We call all the forces that have contributed to this work to advance together, to continue this work in every country, to use all the forms of struggle, from the propaganda, to spread information and unite masses, to the actions to hit the symbols of the Indian Regime and imperialism.

International Committee of Support to People’s War in India

our comrades in India are fighting a life-or-death struggle against imperialism and its lackeys. Sacrifices are big and they are being made for the liberation of humanity from the imperialist yoke by those most oppressed, those most exploited.

League Against the Imperialist Aggression – Hamburg

Building broad support to defend the people’s war, building broad resistance to inhuman repression – both complement one another. There is a new reality, a transformed situation, being created by the development of the people’s war. It is being created in conditions of devastation, of globalisation and the imperialist crisis. But, within that, it is the people’s war, the revolution to seize power and build a new democratic society, which creates it.

Communist Party of India (M-L) Naxalbari

We carried out a demonstration against Operation Green Hunt, in front of the Indian Embassy. We issued and reproduced thousands of posters in support of the People’s War in several regions of the country and developed (also on a permanent way) the slogans “Long live the People’s war in India!”, “Long live the CPI Maoist!”, “Down with Operation Green Hunt!” on the walls of different regions of the country. We endeavoured to spread documents of the CPI(M) and of the Revolutionary Democratic Front of all India.

Revolutionary Front in Defence of The People’s Rights (Brazil)

But the Indian people are fighting back, they are waging a new democratic revolution. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the ongoing People’s War is building thousands of people´s organizations and Revolutionary People’s Committees in the countryside. In the cities, mass organizations led by the CPI (Maoist) launch massive mass protest actions, shaking the foundations of the reactionary state power.

Communist Party of Philippines

It also should be reiterated that the best way to support the revolutionary war in India is to intensify the fight against semi-feudalism, capitalism, and imperialism everywhere. And that is also to say to launch people’s wars elsewhere.

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

Today the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army is our army. They are at the forefront of the revolutionary struggle against imperialism, feudalism and capitalism because of the importance of India in the global imperialist economy and geopolitical order.

Revolutionary Communist Party – Canada

In this period of crisis of imperialism, the people’s war in India should be a source of inspiration for all communists, revolutionaries, the working class and the peoples of the world.

Maoist Communist Party of France

People’s war in India is a support to the struggle of other peoples of the world, so it should also be made known to those who struggle in other countries for the same purpose : the national and social liberation.

Committee to support the Revolution in India, France

It is time that people of the world stood up and oppose the Indian comprador-bureaucrat ruling class. And it’s time we organize ourselves with the dedication and determination for this purpose. A gigantic mass movement of peoples around the world should be built in order to give practical support to the people of India on concrete issues surrounding state repression.

Mass Line, Nederland

All of those who combat our imperialism, in India and elsewhere, are our allies in our fight against imperialism, against our reformist leaders and for the construction of our party

OCML Voie Prolétarienne, France

We have no doubt that the blood-stained hands of the reactionary murderers will be cut by the masses, although they may seem strong or these criminals may believe it, they are just paper tigers, in front of the masses people´s war which is almighty and invincible.

Galician Committee to Support People´s War in India

Construction Committee of the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia, Spanish State

Not a single internationalist proletarian can be indifferent to the development of Indian revolution.

Great March towards Communism – Madrid

… solidarity to the Indian women who are fighting in the nowadays biggest and incisive people’s war, that gives a liberating response also to the condition of severe sexual violence and oppression that women in India – and in the world – suffer in a so fierce manner. In India many rapes are rapes of war, perpetrated by the military and paramilitary forces to suppress and annihilate the anger and the strength of women.But for many women the suffered violence and rapes have become a lever to rebel and join the people’s war

Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement, Italy

The Indian comrades make grave sacrifices. The peoples’ war shows us the real meaning of putting the collective before the individual. They do not only put the adivasi, the cast less, the peasants and proletarians of India before them self.They put the faith of humanity, and the future of the working peoples of the world, before their own lives.

India Solidarity, Norway

The importance of Peoples’ War in India is not only in its huge proportions and the corresponding level of genocidal atrocities committed by imperialism against the peoples of India, but it is also in its potential.

Red Action, Croatia

It is an important task to do propaganda to support people’s war and to give information about the terror of the Indian State and Imperialism. Is necessary to build up a wide front of solidarity with the people’s war in India and to spread a revolutionary perspective to the peoples to mobilize them for struggles

Revolutionarer Aufbau

Committee to Support People’s War in India, Austria

we affirm that the popular war in India is our war,, because imperialism and its lackeys carry out a war against the exploited workers and the oppressed people all over the world and vis-a-vis this violence of reactionary State, only the popular war directed by the Communist Maoist party can lead to victory, liberation and the building of the popular power, the new democracy, paving the way to socialism.

Maoist Communist Movement, Tunisia

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