World Popular Resistence Clippings 11/6/2013


Baidhya says “no unification with traitor UCPN-Maoist”

KATHMANDU: The Mohan Baidhya-led CPN-Maoist has rubbished the media reports about the unification of the party with UCPN-Maoist, saying they are ficticious and misleading propaganda. Issuing a statement on Monday, CPN-Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidhya dubbed the UCPN-Maoist as a broker and traitor group, and said there is no scope of unification of the two parties. “The reality that these two parties are at the opposite poles and divided over the matter of ideology, politics, strategy, programme, policy and practice is known to the world,” Baidhya said.

Moreover, he charged that the group led by UCPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Vice Chairman Baburam Bhattarai of betraying the country and people, and heading towards downfall by being brokers of imperialism and Indian expansionism. “In this situation, there is no question to unify the party with the broker and traitor faction.” He further said that no decision has been made or talks held for the unification.

Indonesian dies in Saudi residency protest

One woman was killed in a stampede and part of the Indonesian consulate in Saudi Arabia set on fire during a riot by a group of 12,000 workers who had been waiting for hours to confirm their residency status. The crowd of Indonesians gathered outside the consulate in Jeddah on Sunday, trying to sort out their papers in the face of a July crackdown by Saudi authorities on illegal immigrants.

Videos posted online and verified by witnesses showed a fire against the wall of the consulate. Other pictures showed men with scarves over their faces setting alight plastic barriers next to the wall. Before the fire, rocks and stones were thrown at the consulate by the workers frustrated by long waits to get their cases dealt with.The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday confirmed that a national had died during the disturbance.


Palestinian prisoners begin landmark hunger strike

Palestinian administrative detainees in Israeli prisons began an open-ended hunger strike on Monday in protest against their detention for extended periods of time without trial, Palestine’s Prisoners Centre said. In a statement released by the prisoners centre, it was confirmed that four administrative prisoners have begun a hunger strike which will be expanded and extended if the Israeli prison services do not respond to their demands. More administrative prisoners, including ten MPs, are planning to join the hunger strike day after day. There are over 200 administrative prisoners in Israeli prisons, all of whom will be joining the hunger strike within days.

The prisoners began discussions about this strike several months ago, and decided to start a collective protest because of Israel’s continuous detention of Palestinians without setting trials for them, and because of the Israeli prisons services’ repeated retraction of individual agreements to end administrative detention. Palestine’s Prisoners Centre said that the hunger strikers have called for widespread Palestinian official and popular support for their action. They said that it would be a historical strike as they are planning to achieve landmark results regarding Israel’s policy of administrative detention. Most administrative prisoners live in tents located in al-Naqab Prison where weather conditions are sweltering during the summer months and extremely cold during the winter.

Clash between protesters, police turns Rio into chaos

RIO DE JANEIRO, June 10 (Xinhua) — Protesters against bus fare hikes clashed with police on Monday evening, turning the downtown area of this Brazilian city into chaos. During the protest, organized via the Internet by a group which claimed that Brazil’s urban transport fares are too high, some 300 people gathered in front of the town assembly building and blocked some of the most important avenues in the area.

Violence erupted after a special-operations police unit arrived to contain the rally. Police shot rubber bullets and used stink bombs and pepper spray to disperse the crowd, while the demonstrators threw coconuts at the police. It was the second protest against bus fare increases in less than a week. On Friday, a similar protest also ended up in a clash with the police, in which two people were injured and four others arrested. Protests against bus fare rises also occurred in Sao Paulo, Goiania and Natal on Friday. A new protest has been scheduled for Tuesday in Sao Paulo.

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