CPN-Maoist Clippings 3/6/2013


CPN-Maoist’s position likely to derail electoral process in Nepal

KATHMANDU, June 3 (Xinhua) — The CPN-Maoist’s decision not to register at the Election Commission (EC) will likely derail the government’s plan to hold Constituent Assembly (CA) elections in November, according to political analysts here. The CPN-Maoist, along with 32 fringe parties, refused to register at the EC, a constitutional body mandated to hold national and local elections, saying that any election under the incumbent government and circumstances is meaningless. To take part in the election, only the parties registered in the EC will be eligible. A total of 139 political parties have registered with the EC.

The deadline for party registration was May 30. The 33 other parties, led by the CPN-Maoist, have vowed to obstruct the electoral process after their demands were not met. They have already been obstructing voter registration update and citizenship distribution process across the country, key activities for preparation of election. Their main demand was the dissolution of the incumbent government led by Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi and formation of new one to be led by political party leaders. But the government and major parties UCPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress, and CPN-UML have said that dissolution of incumbent government is not possible because this would hamper the plan to hold elections in November.

“CPN-Maoist’s decision not to register their party would definitely affect the government’s plan to hold polls but there is no alternative to holding polls as scheduled,” said political analyst Lok Raj Baral. He said that in the many countries elections have taken place despite protests and violence and the government must proceed with the election despite the threat of CPN-Maoist. On March 13, major political parties in Nepal 13 formed a caretaker government led by Regmi to prepare for the holding of the CA polls after the political party-led government was hesitant to act. But the CPN-Maoist and many other fringe parties have opposed the move and called for the scrapping of such a government and demanded for the setting up of new one. “Without bringing CPN- Maoist party in the election process, it is not possible to hold the election,” a Nepali Congress leader told Xinhua.

The government and major parties are holding talks with CPN- Maoist and other parties to resolve the problem but so far there has been no substantial progress. The CPN-Maoist party was formed in June, 2012 following the split in the UCPN (Maoist), the party which launched 10-year-long insurgency and emerged as a largest party in the 2008 constituent assembly election. The CPN-Maoist is demanding to convene a roundtable conference of all political forces, form a new government, and draft a new constitution but the major parties do not agree.

Political commentator Mumaram Khanal, who is also former Maoist leader, said that the CPN-Maoist cadres have already obstructed the citizenship distribution process in some parts of the country. “Many ex-combatants who were discharged from the cantonments have joined the CPN-Maoist and they can create disturbance in the election process,” he said. The government is preparing to hold elections in November but the exact date is still not known because the major parties are yet to settle their disputes related to electoral law and because of opposition from the CPN-Maoist and other fringe parties. Nepal is struggling to hold new elections for members of the constituent assembly after the CA elected in 2008 was dissolved last year without drafting a new constitution.



Only security bodies fall short of destruction: Gurung

POKHARA, JUN 03 – CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung has remarked that only the security bodies of the nation remains to be ruined. Addressing an interaction on ‘regressing and election’ organised by joint agitation mobilization committee of Kaski district on Monday, the Maoist leader remarked that it would not be a surprise if the current government declared that the security bodies should rule over the nation citing its inability.

“The executive has finished, the judiciary has been made handicapped, now it is only the security bodies that fall short of destruction,” said Gurung. During the interaction, the CPN-Maoist secretary presented a paper on regression and elections. He claimed that the current state of affairs was designed by foreign powers. “Otherwise, why can’t they [four parties] talk with logic, they stick to any proposal without delving into it,” said the UCPN (Maoist) leader.

He, however, did not elaborate who the foreign powers were. Gurng opined that the ‘coup’ of the past had nationality but the current ‘coup’ was aimed at ruining the nationality. He went on to say that the country was gradually being turned into a “Sikkim” by distributing citizenship by descent and prioritising migrants, while putting the indigenous people in minority group.




Police action on Kamlharis comes under universal fire

KATHMANDU: Police atrocities on former Kamlharis which left at least six protesters injured while staging a sit-in near South gate of Singha Durbar on Sunday evoked rage from different political parties and organisations, condemning the police high handedness towards the citizens. In a press statement on Monday, CPN-Maoist party spokesperson Pampha Bhusal has condemned ‘barbaric suppression and arrest’ on Kamlharis demanding to end to Kamlhari system.

They also asked the management and security to free the arrested Kamlharis, and do the needful for the injured. Likewise, Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN), an organisation working on the welfare of children also expressed their sadness on the police intervention on the emancipated farm hands that led to a series of injuries. In a press release on Sunday they also likened the police suppression to a violation of the human rights, and urged the government to facilitate the injured with proper treatment, and compensation. Likewise, they asked the administration not to repeat such kinds of misdeeds in the future, and asked for sensitivity in terms of securing children’s rights.

Also, All Nepal Women’s Association -Revolutionary too condemned the attack to the Kamlharis through a press release. Their demand too complemented with the demands of CWIN and CPN-Maoist for securing rights and compensation to former Kamlharis. Moreover, the United Struggling Committee for the Elimination of Kamlhari has been demanding a probe into the killing of Shreejana Chaudhary and Meghi Chaudhary on March 27 this year and August 18, 2011 at Chakupat and New Baneshwor, respectively. Around 60 freed Kamlharis, mostly from Dang, Banke, Bardia, Kanchanpur and Kailali districts, have been staging protests in the Capital for the last six days demanding security for the freed farm hands.



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