Bangladesh-Revolutionary memorial demo for the dead of Rana Plaza





On 24th of April, 2013, Rana Plaza, a construction visibly under threat, crumbled to a huge pile of wreckage at savar, Dhaka. Around three thousand worker were thus killed in this brutal mass murder, corpses of more than two thousand were absconded or buried down there under the soil and ruins of the building. Lamppost, Biplobi Chatro Jubo Andolon, Chatro gonomoncho, Propod,Gonomuktir Ganer Dol, Marxbader Prothom Path, and Dobanol established the first sacrificial Shahid Bedi to uphold these workers as martyr and to create a stand as the symbol of unity for the entire working class with the name-‘Protest and Resist’ at 11a.m. on 24th May,2013 above the ground the building crumbled.

The cultural organizations and student wings, affected and bereaved families, common people then bestowed wreathes and bunches of flower before a minute of silence to give salute to proletariats all over the world. After this a chorus of “International” (Jago Jago Jago Shorbohara) was followed by another song “Amare Tala bodhoyo Rekhe” (Keeping us locked……….). Touhidul Islam, convenor of Biplobi Chatro Jubo Andolon, , Shawkat of Chatro Gonomoncho, Shumon, organizer of Dabanol,Barrister Sadia Arman, Satter, central leader of Trade Unionfederation, and Prince Ahammad, Editor of Lamppost, held their brief discussions conducted by Afroza Khatun who also kept an introductory observations from Gonomuktir Ganer Dol.

Discussants emphasized on the issue that it will be BGMEA and BKMEA who will compensate the families of killed or lost with at least BDT 20 lac each, the injured with BDT 10 lac each, and the handicapped with at least BDT 15 lac each along with a complete rehabilitation process. Every factory must have the right to have a free trade union. The minimum remuneration of the workers to be at least BDT 15000 each; withdrawal of industrial police, all the laws and regulations that goes against the interest of workers; exemplary, immediate punishment for all of them-the owners and their allies who have contributed to such mass murders in the past are the major points which came into focus.

Discussants asserted that it is impossible to preserve the interest of the workers in a neo-colonial state like Bangladesh that serve the interest of US-led imperialism, Indian expansionism, feudalism, bureaucrats, comprador, and capitalist. Crushing down all the exploitation-mechanism of the owner class will accelerate the fight that will establish a new democratic state. And a new democratic state will annihilate this state system, that torments the labor, peasants, and workers, with the ultimate goal of communism. At the end a protest rally moved covering the area of savar bus stand and was concluded at the point of the Shahid Bedi.

Red Salute

Ashish Corraya General Secretary Gonomuktir Ganer Dol

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