CPN-Maoist Clippings 4/5/2013


Fringe parties won’t sit for talks with govt: Baidhya

KATHMANDU: The CPN-Maoist has maintained that it is reluctant to sit for talks with the President, the incumbent government and its talks team, and the four-party mechanism. The party’s Chairman Mohan Baidhya hinted on Saturday that negotiations, however, can be made informally to resolve the differences among the four major parties and other parties over the Constituent Assembly elections.

Informal dialogue with the President is possible but there won’t be any formal talks, said the dissident Maoist leader. The CPN-Maoist has been leading the 33 parties that oppose the purported CA elections under the Khil Raj Regmi-led interim government. Speaking at the Reporters’ Club in the Capital, Baidhya responded to the government’s efforts for talks, and stated that the chances of talks, however, have ended as the stakeholders did not buy the demands that the agitating parties put forth.

He further flayed the four parties’ High Level Political Committee (HLPC), which was formed to guide the government, saying it did not have any significance in the wake of government saying it would not abide by the HLPC. Baidhya made it clear that the agitating parties would not sit for talks with the government as they are demanding its dissolution.

According to him, talks are possible if their demands, including the annulment of 11-point agreement that the four parties made on March 14 to form the Chief Justice-led election government, are likely to be met. “We even cannot think about taking part in the elections until our demands are addressed,” he said, suggesting that the poll boycott was imminent if the current state of affairs continued.

Mentioning that his party had boycotted the polls in the Panchayat and multi-party political systems, Baidhya said the CPN-Maoist could take up similar strategy at present also. According to him, the elections could not be held now and if held also, the Constituent Assembly would not be able to promulgate a pro-people constitution. “At this situation, our party will move ahead promulgating the people’s constitution with the backing of street movement,” he said.


Don’t distribute citizenship thru service camps: CPN-M

PARASI: CPN-Maoist today accused the Nawalparasi District Administration Office of distributing citizenship certificates to foreign nationals through mobile service camps, and demanded the closure of such camps. The Maoist party has also been demanding the cancellation of the election process which has received support only from the so-called four major political parties.

Issuing a press statement today, CPN-Maoist district secretary Chital Singh Rana also sought an end to the process of registering new parties in the Election Commission. “The integrated mobile service camps are doing nothing save awarding citizenship cards even to foreigners, therefore they should be closed,’’ reads the statement. The party has also warned to disrupt the election process and block the operation of integrated mobile service camps unless authorities addresses their demands. DAO has been running integrated mobile services in the district since April 30.

Seven arrested

PHIDIM: Police on Friday detained seven people for trying to prevent government officials to set up a service camp in Budhabare, Panchthar. These people were detained after they tried to prevent government officials from running an integrated mobile camp meant to distribute citizenship and collect as well as update the voters’ list.

According to Chief District Officer Kosh Hari Niraula, the arrested are cadres of the Federal Democratic National Front-affiliated Federal Limbuwan State Council and the CPN-Maoist. Meanwhile, the camp ran and provided its services as planned despite the attempts of disrupting its works. Some days ago, the district administration had decided to run such mobile camps at five places in the district.


Election in present situation not possible: Gajurel

DHANKUTA: Vice Chairman of CPN-Maoist CP Gajurel has said that fresh Constituent Assembly (CA) election in November was not possible in the present situation. Speaking at a press meet organised by the Revolutionary Journalists’ Federation in Dhankuta on Friday, leader Gajurel accused the four political powers of neglecting the people’s sentiments. The CA election was not possible by keeping other political parties aside, he added.

The ‘syndicate of four political forces’ should be dismantled first to pave the way for holding the election, the CPN-Maoist Vice Chairman stressed and challenged the incumbent government headed by Khil Raj Regmi to hold the election without the participation of the small political parties including the CPN-Maoist. On the different note, he condemned the Supreme Court for its decision to bar media persons from entering into the courtroom and termed such move as an attempt to block people’s access to judiciary.


33 parties voice against police intervention in Dhankuta

KATHMANDU: The alliance of 33 parties on Saturday condemned the arrest of seven cadres of its constituent Federal Limbuwan State Council (FLSC) from Dhankuta, and demanded that they be unconditionally and immediately released. Issuing a press statement on behalf of the alliance, CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung said that police brutally attacked the FSLC cadres, and arrested them while staging a protest in Budhabare of Dhankuta on Friday.

“Police crackdown on the protest has further agitated us. We demand to release the detained cadres and provide treatment to the injured,” Gurung said. “Otherwise, we will be forced to opt for strong protest programmes,” he warned. To protest the police intervention and the arrest, FLSC has enforced a general strike in nine districts of eastern Nepal.


Baidya men shut Palpa schools

All private schools in Palpa district were shut down on Friday by the student wing of CPN-Maoist led by Mohan Baidya . Aashish Dudharaj, district chairman of All Nepal National Independent Students Union (Revolutionary), said the union closed all schools indefinitely after talks with Private and Boarding Schools’ Organisation Nepal (Pabson) concluded inconclusively on Friday. Cadres of ANNISU-R have been demanding that teachers of government schools send their children to government schools they work for.

They also briefly padlocked the office of the District Education Office. Earlier two weeks ago, they had padlocked principal’s office and account section of all private schools, putting forth 15-point demands. “Pabson is apathetic about addressing our demands,” said Dudharaj, adding that the union will not withdraw its protest until the demands are met.


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