Proletarians of all countries, unite!-2013


Joint Statement on the occasion of May 1, 2013:

In the general crisis of imperialism, prepare, initiate and develop Peoples War till communism!

We welcome the international proletariat, the workers exploited and oppressed of the world, we salute the armed national liberation struggles in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kurdistan and heroic Palestine . We salute the rising masses who fight and resist in the world against imperialism and the reactionary regimes of their countries, although many of these struggles are not mainly proletarian they generate excellent conditions for forging in that direction.

In all these battles a harder and sharper steel is forged to drive the next great wave of the World Proletarian Revolution. Especially we welcome the revolutionary masses who develop and prepare Peoples War under the leadership of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties. For 127 years the proletariat has continued to fight, overcoming immense difficulties, its own or those imposed by its class enemies, it has never lowered his red flag. In those great battles fought in Chicago in 1886 or those of Paris in 1871, and Peoples War, this is the class struggle and Chairman Mao he asked us never to stop.

Precisely class struggle expressed in War for the conquest of power by and for the class and the people, class struggle for full and complete victory of the New Democratic Revolution, class struggle for the establishment of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and socialism, class struggle through Proletarian Cultural Revolutions until Communism: In Peoples War until Communism!



Imperialist crisis deepens, the masses rise

The imperialist system is experiencing one of the greatest crisis in its history, it is part of its general crisis, a crisis of overproduction (insoluble under capitalism) and sharpens all the fundamental contradictions of this time in the world: between bourgeoisie and proletariat, between different imperialist countries, and between oppressed nations and imperialism, the latter being the main one.

As expressed above imperialism unloads its crisis on the oppressed nations, sharpening the contradictions between the masses and semi-feudalism, evolving feudalism, its forms, concealing, deepening, on the other hand, the colonial and semi-colonial status of these countries , trying to save the existing bureaucratic capitalism by increasing the super-exploitation of the working class, pointing to a greater concentration of land and wealth, impoverishing the masses, more expensive life, plundering resources, corporatising the popular and labor movements and criminalizing protest.

Moreover, in the imperialist countries themselves, the different states adopt various measures against the proletariat and other working people: reducing wages, increasing the retirement age, cutting social benefits and entitlements, reducing spending on health and education, increasing the tax burden, etc.. Finally, attacking all the gains of workers, whether in the imperialist countries themselves or in their colonies and semi-colonies, brutally suppressed protests, trying to control the masses by developing various programs and “compensatory policies” introduced by imperialism itself and / or co-opting the leaders of the workers and popular organizations. Applying demo-fascist forms of government and unfolding parliamentary cretinism thereby concealing the growing trend towards reaction and militarization of society.

An expression of this is the desperate efforts of imperialism-particularly of U.S. imperialism-to get out of its crisis, rushing to a new division of the world, becoming involved more directly in the oppressed nations, through its wars of aggression, making all kinds of maneuvers to topple governments which are no longer useful, urging masses against masses, causing riots, organizing mercenaries in their service. This crisis is deepening and the prospects of imperialist countries like Germany entering recession or Chinese imperialism follow the trend towards economic slowdown which only in vain fantasy become recovery projections, the situation has been worsening even in Russia, Japan and the USA (the belly of the beast).

The global growth projections of the IMF and the World Bank in this regard, have had to be lowered, showing pessimism and dismay in the enemy ranks. This situation increases the pressure for a new division of the world in the midst of collusion and conflict. The situation in the Maghreb and in the east Mediterranean (Syria and elsewhere) and Africa show the growing French, English and German imperialist aggression. French, English or German. In the South China Sea and the Pacific (North Korea) Japanese imperialism reasserts rapidly rapidly and seeks to gain positions in collusion and conflict with U.S. imperialism to face Russia and China. The various changes that have occurred in the international situation not only have not changed the fundamental contradictions of the contemporary world but also have not altered the character of sole hegemonic superpower held by U.S. imperialism.

Given these fundamental sharpening contradictions, the masses as a way to respond to the anti-people measures that they want to impose or have imposed on them, repeating and shouting the slogan “to rebel”, have responded worldwide with great upheavals shaking the old order, this is how the masses, makers of history, demolished comprador regimes, while expanding the national liberation struggles in Iraq, Afghanistan, Manipur, Kurdistan and Palestine.

The very metropolis of the imperialist powers in the old world are hit by large waves of labor struggles which spread across Europe. In fascist China recent protest movements show us a formidable mass of concentrated workers representing a potential unprecedented scale, which is leading struggles, creating the opportunity of unpredictable storms for the social-imperialists.

The whole crisis of imperialism can only sharpen the contradiction between revolution and counterrevolution on all levels. In addition to its fight against revolution, ideology is a fundamental component of imperialism’s counter offensive , creating shapes to confuse, putting up smokescreens or promoting capitulation. This is because they learned in combat experience that in revolution, it is precisely the ideological terrain which is the crucial point to advance or retard the revolution in each country.

Chairman Mao pointed out that Latin America is part of the revolutionary storm. This has been demonstrated through countless bloody and militant struggles developed by the masses in the countryside and the city, notably the People’s War in Peru has been one of the storms which has shaken imperialist domination in the region to its foundations.

The various lackey governments in Latin America are basically applying the tasks that imperialism has imposed thereby thereby seeking to offload the imperialist crisis onto the Latin American peoples, bolster the bureaucratic capitalism which is failing them, and deepen their semi-colonial, semi-feudal status through reactionary policies which may or may not be combined with false pseudo-revolutionary anti-imperialist discourse.

The social fascist governments of Morales, Correa-Chavez and Maduro, in relation to the militancy of the masses have recently restructured the old states and advanced the corporatization of society. With the Dilma-Lula governments more than ever the Brazilian State has developed as the spearhead of imperialism in the region, economic, political and military, as shown by the military occupation of Haiti, with the reactionary and genocidal Brazilian army at the head of UNASUR. Considering the situation as a whole, Latin America has ceased to be the backyard of U.S. imperialism, while remaining an important foothold for its offensives against other peoples.



The proletariat needs the Comintern

The imperialist crisis, waves of uprisings, struggles for national liberation and people’s wars have had a huge favorable impact on the International Communist Movement (ICM). However, as it was impossible to defeat ideologically, politically and militarily popular wars, armed uprisings and revolutionary mass struggles, the bourgeoisie has labeled itself “Marxist-Leninist-Maoist” to infiltrate communist parties so it can rein in their struggles, lead them to capitulation, spurious peace agreements and negotiations. Phenomena like these are not new and already have been seen in the past in some communist parties, such examples occurred after World War II or in Nepal with prachandism betrayal of the Peoples War and the New Democratic Revolution.

In particular, Avakian (representative of the bourgeoisie in the ranks of the proletariat) and revisionism (in the “New Synthesis”), led a full and complete degeneration of his party, the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. Avakian’s revisionism denies scientific socialism denies the historical mission of the proletariat, denies the class struggle and people’s war as the only way to establish, develop and defend the new power and the dictatorship of the proletariat, in philosophy, denies the Marxist theory of knowledge and dialectical and historical materialism.

In return, the old rotten Avakianism offers bourgeois ideology expressed in its vaunted “new synthesis” echoing thereby the bourgeois intelligentsia whining about the “economic determinism” of Marxism, claiming that truth has no class character; advocating a “solid core” to cover up their parliamentary cretinism, etc.. Ultimately it denies the scientific ideology of the proletariat: Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. We can not forget that the he has not been alone in assaulting CoRIM, creating his own entourage with which he tried to impose and spread his black vomit.

Frustrated in their hegemonic desires, with their general defeated in the two-line struggle within the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and his ideas in a state of bankruptcy, they did not comply with agreements and with the “dedication of an artist” colluded with Prachanda in the liquidation of the RIM.

This is even more important if we consider that the imposition on the RIM of Maoism as a new, third and higher stage of Marxism- a contribution in 1993 of the Communist Party of Peru and President Gonzalo to the ideology of the proletariat and the ICM-, is a blunt victory for the class in the face of the stubborn denial of fundamental ideological issue by Avakian and the RCP-USA, among others. Similar issues were brought up in 2000 at the enlarged meeting of the RIM and the “Millennium Declaration” in which the universal validity of Peoples War was imposed.

In this situation we consider it wrong to simplify the problems, turns, setbacks or capitulations as attributable to the existence of a guiding thought, this is failing to understand the ideological dynamics, the impact of class struggle within the parties and two-line struggle and the close relationship of the party with the masses. In contrast, with no guiding ideology, the triumph of the revolution and its passage to higher stages is impossible, as demonstrated by the October Revolution and the Chinese Revolution and the role of Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao Tsetung.

In the fire of class struggle the guiding ideology is the melting pot of ideology, program and general political line of the revolution in a country. An example of this is Gonzalo thought, this is the application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the conditions of the reality of Peru, thereby achieving for the ICM a contribution to the systematization and synthesis of Maoism as a new, third and higher stage of Marxism, including in this the universal validity of contributions made by Chairman Gonzalo to the scientific ideology of the proletariat.

The People’s War in Peru has been and is a key target of the global counter-offensive led by U.S. imperialism, this offensive has caused serious setbacks, creating conditions for the development of right opportunist lines, revisionism and capitulationism in that country. No revolution has advanced in one blow or on a rectilinear path, the history of revolutions shows that there are many setbacks, partial defeats and new developments.

This is shown by the Russian and Chinese revolution as part of the experience of the world proletarian revolution. Revolution is the main historical and political trend, Peru is no exception to this and we are convinced that the proletariat of Peru under the leadership of the Communist Party of Peru and with the support of the International Communist Movement, can overcome all difficulties, with strength is in its strong ties with the masses and on that account will be able to apply its Base of Party Unity: Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Gonzalo thought, program and general political line established, tested and developed over 30 years of Peoples War.

Historical experience has shown what Lenin noted that to pretend to fight imperialism and reaction without fighting revisionism and opportunism is nothing but pure phraseology. Neither the Russian revolution nor the Chinese revolution were able to succeed against their class enemies without crushing revisionism and opportunism, also during socialism the struggle against revisionism does not stop or capitalism is restored. Revisionism is the main danger to the Proletarian Revolution, this is evident not only in the conclusion of peace agreements, but also when purely tactical armed struggle, is used to push for reforms of the old state. Peoples War is universal, it is the only way for the emancipation of the class and the people, the only way to conquer and defend their power.



Proletarian revolutionary tasks

In the current context of worldwide revolutionary class struggle it is our duty to take on the tasks that the situation demands:

-Impose Maoism as command and guide of the ICM to promote the new great wave of world proletarian revolution, in struggle against every variant of revisionism and opportunism, serving the urgent task of building the Communist International.

– Constitute or reconstitute Maoist communist parties to initiate Peoples War, in countries dominated by imperialism progressing steadily from New Democratic Revolution to socialism, and in the imperialist countries directly to the socialist revolution, and through successive Cultural Revolutions reach the ever golden communism. This means building the essential tools of the revolution, the Communist Party, the Peoples Army and the United Front of revolutionary classes under the leadership of the Communist Party.

-Strive for a united international Maoist conference, with the aim of deepening the two-line struggle in a more organized way to lead us to achieve greater ideological and political unity, under the principles of MLM in the middle of the fight without quarter against all revisionism and opportunism. An international conference for establishing coordination between different parties, organizations and initiatives which are waging or preparing Peoples War.

-Promote joint campaigns: To support ongoing people’s wars, which besides being an internationalist duty, is a way to indicate to the masses of our own countries and the world, the only way forward in revolutionary struggle for emancipation, Peoples War. For the freedom of political prisoners and prisoners of war in the world.

Long live a classist, militant, revolutionary Mayday!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Long live the New Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution!

Death to imperialism, reaction and revisionism!

Down with imperialist war, long live Peoples War!

Without power, all is illusion!

May 1, 2013

Communist Party of Brazil – Red Fraction

Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun

Revolutionary People’s Front (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) Bolivia

Red Fraction of the Communist Party of Chile

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