CPN-Maoist Clippings 29/4/2013


LNLF enforces Ilam, Panchathar districts banda

ILAM, April 27: The Limbuwan National Liberation Front (LNLF), affiliated to CPN-Maoist, enforced Ilma and Panchthar districts banda indefinitely starting from Saturday demanding release of its cadres. Daily life has been affected due to the banda in the two districts.

All businesses, market places and transportation services were shut down in the districts. Vehicles have also stayed off the Mechi Highway due to the banda. On Thursday, police had arrested five LNLF cadres from Chamaita, here in the district on the charge of extortion.

Police had also recovered a Khukuri, donation pad and Rs 2, 300 cash from them along with a mike used to collect donation, according to DSP Bhim Kumar Dahal, at district police office, Ilam. Dahal said that preparation is underway to file a case against them under the Public Offence Act.


Panchthar, Ilam banda called off

ILAM, April 28: The general strike in Ilam and Panchthar has been called off at 2 pm Sunday following talks between banda enforcers and the local authority at the district administration office, Ilam.

The shutdown was called by the CPN-Maoist-affiliated Limbuwan Rastriya Mukti Morcha to press for an unconditional release of its cadres who were held for extortion. The banda enforcers ended the strike after the local administration agreed to free their fellow cadres and three others who were arrested during the course of banda today, Sindhu, the deputy district in-charge of Ilam, said. Following the end of strike, vehicles have started plying the streets.

Also businesses and marketplaces have started opening that had remained shut for two consecutive days. Police on Wednesday had arrested five Morcha cadres while they are extorting money from the vehicles at the Pasangtar Bazar along the Mechi Highway. Those held are Bijay Nembang, Yam Prasad Nembang, Chandra Nembang, Ghanendra Nembang of Chilingden-5 of Panchthar and Tej Bahadur Sunuwar of Maimajhuwa, Ilam. Police had also recovered a khukuri, some cash, and donation receipts from them. All of them have been booked under public offense act.


ANNISU-R padlocks private schools in Nawalparasi

KAWASOTI, APR 29: The CPN-Maoist affiliated All Nepal National Independent Students Union (ANNISU-Revolutionary) has padlocked two private schools operated in Nawalparasi district. ANNISU- R padlocked the Bidya Sagar English Boarding School , Ramnagar, and Einstein English Boarding School , Pithauli, saying the schools have not taken procedural permission from the District Education Office (DAO).

According to District Chairman of ANNISU-R, Ashok Gyawali, they padlocked the two schools symbolically for piling pressure saying that DAO did not close the private schools running illegally even as half month has passed of the beginning of the new academic session. ANNISU-R also demanded the closure of all the private schools run illegally as more than 60 private schools are operating against the policy of the state in the district.

Bodies concerned said that it was sheer negligence of the DAO not taking action even after private schools have been running illegally by putting future of thousands of students in uncertainty. However, District Education Officer, Tek Bahadur Thapa, said that the DAO has called the bodies concerned on Tuesday to discuss on different issues including educational activities of the district


Nepal: Liberation Army to protect Nepal from India, claims NCP-Maoist

The Nepal Communist Party-Maoist led by none other than Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’ has formally decided not to take part in the forthcoming constituent assembly election and in addition to it, his party has also decided to foil the entire electoral process.

“Our party will not take part in the Constituent Assembly election that is being held under pressure from foreign forces and we will also foil the electrical process,” so said party politburo member Hari Bhakta Kandel talking to the media. “Under present circumstances, the conduct of Constituent Assembly election is impossible. If election is imposed upon us forcefully we will foil it for sure,” he added. Kandel was referring to the freshly endorsed political proposal presented by the party chairman Mohan Baidya.

“Our chairman believes that the ‘struggle ahead of us’ is going be the ‘final battle to safeguard Nepali sovereignty’”, he continued. “We will soon embark on a Mechi-Mahakali Movement to make people aware of our waning sovereignty”, he added. “The movement will be led by our Chairman. Chairman Baidya claims that he will fight until his last breath,” says Kandel.

Kandel quotes chairman Baidya as saying, “I am ready to go to prison or embrace even death while I am on my mission to protect the sovereignty of my motherland.” Media quotes Baidya as saying at the party meeting, “The four-party syndicate is more focused on Sikkimizaiton of Nepal through the process of Fijiization. Their decision to distribute for free Nepali citizenship certificates to the Indians is a proof of their commitment to make Nepal another Sikkim.”

Similarly said party general secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ at the meeting, “As per the orders of the Indian expansionists, Pushpa Kamal and Baburam ensured the end of the Peoples’ Liberation Army. In the absence of PLA, this is the right time to give shape to the National Liberation Army- which will ensure Nepal remaining safe from the expansionists (India).” Symptoms of fierce conflict?


CPN-Maoist extends CC‚ endorses Baidhya’s brief pol report

KATHMANDU: The CPN-Maoist has given full shape to its Central Committee, appointing remaining eight full members and 100 alternative members. Now, the Maoist CC has 51 full members and 100 alternative members. Also, the Mohan Baidhya-led party has appointed 24 more advisors to the party to make the number of advisors 52. The recently held meetings of central office bearers and CC extended the CC as per the party’s seventh general convention’s decision, Maoist General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa said on Friday.

The first full meeting of the CC members and advisors endorsed Chairman Baidhya’s brief political report after holding deliberations on it and incorporating the suggestions made by the participants. The meeting decided that the party’s central office and bureaus will make the work division of the new members and advisors.

Dubbing the amendment of Interim Constitution to form the Chief Justice-led election government “in accordance to the foreign power centre’s master plan and four-party syndicate’s recommendation” as unconstitutional and regressive, the report has demanded the resignation of the interim government. While endorsing the report, the party reiterated its demand for a round table conference and formation of new government through it, and decided to intensify the agitation launched for that.


CPN-Maoist to obstruct distribution of citizenship

KATHMANDU, April 26: The CPN-Maoist has reiterated that it will obstruct the government from distributing citizenship to ‘foreigners’. The statement issued by General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa to make public the party’s CC decision on Friday claimed that his party has decided to obstruct the process as the government is preparing to distribute Nepali citizenship to foreigners.

“The government is preparing fake voters´ list distributing citizenship to foreigners by ignoring bonafide citizens. We will protest and thwart such a process,” the statement further reads. The party has finally given full shape to its 151-member CC by inducting eight members. Similarly, the party has decided to submit a protest letter to Indian Embassy in Kathmandu for operating an office in Biratnagar without prior approval of the Government of Nepal. The party has also decided to hold ´Mechi-Mahakali campaign´ from May 3.


CPN-Maoist CC firm on foiling voters’ registration process

KATHMANDU: The three-day central committee meeting of the CPN-Maoist that concluded today decided to foil the election drama and government’s proposed plans to issue citizenship certificates and update the voters’ registration process claiming that could never give the country the much-needed people’s constitution. According to a central committee member, most of the leaders addressing the meeting had voiced their concern saying that the struggle programmes launched by the 33-party front were not as effective as they should have been.

Leaders have also criticised Unified CPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s tall claims of China’s high opinion of him saying he was respected because of Beijing’s security interest in this country. On the shortcomings of the party, General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa has said that anarchism was looming large at the lower level cadres because of the liberal nature of the party leadership.

The meeting has also decided to hold conferences at the lower levels to central levels utilising the rainy season to make the party structures more effective and efficient. Similarly, leaders have also agreed on the fact that the internal situation has not become ripe for the preparation of people’s revolt though the external situations have been getting better lately.

The latest national congress of the party had decided to go for people’s revolt through long-term people’s war. However, some leaders had questioned why the leadership had not taken any initiative for the preparations of the people’s war as directed by the national congress. The leadership clarified that they have been trying to establish national and international fronts and without establishing those fronts formation of people’s army would not be sustainable.


Baidya-led alliance demands Indian field office closed

KATHMANDU, April 30: Nepal Federal People´s Republican Front (NFPRF) and the Federal Republican National Front-Nepal (FNRF-N) submitted a memorandum at the Indian embassy on Monday, demanding immediately closure of the embassy´s ´illegally-opened´ field office in Biratnagar. They also announced other protest programs to pressure the government to safeguard ´sovereignty´ and ´national independence´.

They claimed that an ´illegal´ and ´unauthorized´ office of the Indian government was operating in Biratnagar. “We urged that our demand be addressed peacefully, removing the illegal field office of the Indian embassy on time,” said CP Gajurel, vice-chairman of CPN-Maoist, addressing party cadres after submitting the memorandum.

“We urged the Indian government to remove the illegal filed office on time. Otherwise we would not be responsible for the consequences,” reads the memorandum submitted to the Indian embassy. “It is our symbolic protest against Indian interference. UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal is in India and he had given permission for the field office in Biratnagar,” said Mani Thapa, chief of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Nepal.

By coincidence, the 54 parties have submitted the memorandum for removal of the field office when Dahal is visiting India. According to Thapa, India has been interfering in Nepal on the pretext of maintaining pension camps and carrying out other activities.

The demand by the two political alliances comes amid dilly-dallying by the Indian embassy over closing the ´field office´ even though the government has written to the Indian embassy twice in this connection. The Indian embassy had opened a ´field office´ near the Koshi Barrage to issue ´permits´ to Nepalese vehicles in the aftermath of a breach in the Koshi embankment at Kushaha, Sunsari district on August 18, 2008.

Officials said the office was relocated to Biratnagar without seeking permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), once the damaged road section was repaired a few months later. As the Indian embassy did not respond to a letter sent in January, 2011 to close the field office as it no longer had any relevance, MoFA wrote again to the Indian embassy a few weeks ago to close the office immediately.

Leaders of the 54 political parties have appealed to all people including supporters of federalism, leftism, nationalism and identity-based federalism to express solidarity to save national sovereignty. Indigenous Nationalists, Madhesi Muslims, Dalit Republican Front, Khambuwan National Front, Indigenous Nationalist Party Nepal, Federal Democratic National Forum (Tharuhat) and Mongol Mulbasi Party are under FNRFN. Earlier, FPRFN had imposed a nationwide shutdown to press the demand for closure of the Indians field office.


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