CPN-Maoist Clippings 25/4/2013



CA polls won’t resolve crisis: Baidhya

KATHMANDU: The Central Committee of CPN-Maoist continued to debate today on the political paper presented by party Chairman Mohan Baidhya. According to CC member Suresh Ale Magar, Baidhya has maintained in the paper that taking part in the Constituent Assembly elections in the existing situation would not give the country an outlet.

He said the party still believed that the current problems could be resolved through all-party consensus. “It was the four forces that failed the CA. All-party consensus is, therefore, necessary to resolve current problems,” Ale Magar said. The paper accused the major forces of rendering the Interim Constitution defunct. The CPN-M says it was an unconstitutional to amend the Constitution in the name of elections.

According to another Central Committee member Mahendra Paswan, the paper has concluded that the parliamentary system has failed in the country, and that it was a duty of revolutionary party like the CPN-M to guide a new kind of revolution. Paswan said party leaders were of the view that a new revolution was necessary to ensure the rights of the marginalised communities and the poor.

Ale Magar said the government might attempt to use force against disgruntled parties, but that would only worsen the country’s problems. “Government repressed us in 1995 and we fought a 10-year insurgency. Fighting a guerilla war when the king and party was not easy. Yet we fought the war. Now it’s a weak government and there are many contradictions within the four forces. If they tried to use force against us, they will face a very bad situation,” Ale Magar added. Over 20 members spoke in today’s CC meeting.

CC members overseeing various party wings, including Limbuwan, Kirat, Magarat and Tharuwan state representatives spoke in the meeting today. “The government is not willing to bring dissident parties on board or else they would have addressed our demands,” Paswan said, adding, “It seems that the government is preparing to use force against us. If that happened, we will counter it.” Party Spokesperson Pampha Bhusal said the meeting was still going on. She said the CC would come up with its future strategies after reviewing its past works.


CPN-Maoist to disrupt election process

KATHMANDU, April 25: The CPN-Maoist has reiterated that it would not participate in the election to the Constituent Assembly but disrupt the electoral process. Maoist of the speakers at the extended meeting of the central committee of the party said formation of present government was unconstitutional and it was not judicious in the election to be held by this government. Following the meeting, spokesperson Pampha Bhushal said the party decided to intensify the agitation demanding the dissolution of present government and formation of the national joint government.

According to her, the leaders at the meeting supported the political proposal presented by General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa and Chairman of the advisory committee Krishna Das Shrestha and stressed on forging a nationalist front. The meeting unanimously passed the report presented by Chairman with some suggestions. The party has reiterated that it would thwart the electoral process as distribution of voters´ identity card and citizenship certificate.

Also, the party organization would be strengthened from the central to village level. Spokesperson Bhushal further said the agitation would be intensified by keeping in centre the issue of nationality, and shun talks with government until the 25 point agreement on removal of difficulties issued on Chait 1 was cancelled. It is the first central committee meeting of the party after the extension of the central committee member to 151


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