CPN-Maoist Clippings 4/23/2013



Cops zero in on 3 suspects in Murarka car attack

KATHMANDU: Police have apprehended three suspected persons for their alleged involvement in vandalising a private car belonging to businessman Pashupati Murarka, also the vice-president of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) on Tuesday afternoon.

An unidentified group, believed to be the cadres of the CPN-Maoist had vandalised a private vehicle, which was parked at his Thapathali-based office of Pashupati Paints. However, police have kept the identity of the nabbed suspected under wraps. Murarka also heads the Labour Division of the FNCCI.


CPN-M storm brews over jumbo CC

KATHMANDU: No sooner the central committee meeting of the CPN-Maoist had proposed to form a 151-member jumbo central committee than several quarters within the party had expressed discontent over the new decision thus affecting the party’s ongoing programmes. Due to intense debate for and against the jumbo central committee, the scheduled plenum could not take place today, and has been postponed for Tuesday.

The party had recently decided to form a 151-strong central committee including 51 full central members and 100 alternative ones having no voting rights. Party had been justifying the idea of jumbo central committee saying that it was necessary to satisfy the increasing aspirations of the leaders who have been contributing to the party since the people’s war.

However, claiming that the jumbo central committee would have negative effects rather than good, several senior leaders of the party have handed over their protest letters to Chairman Mohan Baidhya. They have demanded that the decision must be scrapped. Former chairman of the party’s students’ wing All Nepal National Independent Students Union-Revolutionary Lekhnath Neupane has also handed over his differing views regarding the extension of the central committee saying that the policy would rather harm the party.

Talking to THT, Neupane said Chairman Baidhya had called him to discuss on the issues today and he has clearly mentioned his concern about the possible effects of expanding the CC. “Chairman has said he would present my views for discussion during Tuesday’s plenum,” he added.

Neupane, however, said the party was currently in the process of purifying its organisational structures among others, and therefore debates and discussions were essential but such debates should not take the form of factions. According to those presenting their differing views, the party should first devise appropriate criteria to select the central committee and then choose the right person accordingly.

“Otherwise only those who grease the top leaders will get promotion. We have revolted from the Unified CPN-Maoist just to create a new type of communist party,” said one senior party leader. The disgruntled members have also been claiming that the new list contains the names of juniors in the party ranking and has excluded their seniors.

“In Newa State Committee secretary has become alternative central member and his senior joint-in-charges were not promoted,” he said. Such activities would lead the party to disaster, they might either desert the party or remain inactive.


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