October 1, 2012 Hail the formation of Maoist Communist Party of Manipur Message of CC, CPI (Maoist) to CC, Maoist Communist Party of Manipur To The Central Committee, Maoist Communist Party of Manipur

The CC, CPI (Maoist) extends its heartfelt warmest revolutionary greetings to the Central Committee and the entire rank and file of Maoist Communist Party of Manipur. We are immensely happy for this great significant development in South-Asia, i.e., the formation of your new party. Manipur and other oppressed nationalities situated to the North-East of India have a rich tradition of struggles against the colonial British rule and later against the imperialist lackey Indian expansionists.

The people in these states have suffered for a long time under the exploitation, oppression, control and repression of the British colonial rulers and the Indian expansionists. The glorious people of Manipur and these states have established great heroic traditions of sacrifice in their protracted fight for national liberation while fighting the British imperial army and the Indian paramilitary forces and the Army at present.

In such a backdrop, our party considers the formation of a proletarian revolutionary party by the name Maoist Communist Party of Manipur as an event of historical significance in the annals of the history of revolution in South-Asia and that it would facilitate the way for liberation of the oppressed nationalities and people of oppressed classes not only in Manipur but in entire North-East of the sub-continent.

The successful advance of the revolution in Manipur under the leadership of a Maoist party also would positively impact the advance of the struggles at various levels in other states in the NE and New Democratic Revolution in India. So our CC considers the formation of your party as a matter of strategic significance for the Indian revolution and other revolutions in South-Asia.

Since the forceful annexation of the sovereign nation states in the NE by the Indian ruling classes, the people there have been fighting heroically against this historical injustice for their liberation or right to self-determination including cessation. The Indian state deployed lakhs of paramilitary and Army in these states to suppress these struggles and the atrocities committed by these forces are one of the worst in the world. Thousands of worthy daughters and sons of these oppressed nationalities have laid down their precious lives in this entire bloody trial left by one of the cruelest forces in the world.

Our party salutes all the great martyrs of Manipur and once again vows to stand firmly with Manipuri people in their struggle for national liberation and against class exploitation and oppression. Our party hopes that the newly formed Maoist party would hold aloft the flag of struggle for national liberation and independence and all the heroic traditions that the people of this region of South-Asia established in the course of the various glorious struggles.

We firmly believe that it would be one of the foremost tasks of the Maoist party to unite the various sections of people and nationalities in this entire strategic area to defeat the ‘divide and rule’ policies followed by the Indian expansionists as a legacy of their British imperial masters and that have caused enormous harm to the liberation of the people in the NE since decades.

Our party gives assurance with clenched fists to your party and the entire Manipur nation that it would fight shoulder to shoulder with them in the fight against the common enemy – the Indian State – that is the biggest hurdle to the liberation of the people of both Manipur and India – and in defeating it. We wholeheartedly aspire that you would strengthen in the process of Protracted People’s War and would also in this course unite all the genuine revolutionary forces and all broad democratic forces that oppose Indian expansionism in Manipur on the basis of correct line and correct politics and that you would achieve great successes during the course of New Democratic Revolution in Manipur and advance to final victory.

With Warm Revolutionary Greetings, (Abhay) Spokesperson, Central Committee, CPI (Maoist)

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