CPN-Maoist Clippings 22/3/2013




Foreign missions urge CPN-Maoist to participate in polls

KATHMANDU, March 21: Foreign missions based in Kathmandu have urged the CPN-Maoist to participate in the upcoming election, saying election is the only democratic solution to the political crisis facing the country. Expressing their views in an interaction with CPN-Maoist leaders in Kathmandu on Wednesday, they said they wanted all the parties to participate in the polls.

CPN-Maoist Vice chairman CP Gajurel questioned how the polls would uphold democratic norms when the four parties had amended the constitution in an unconstitutional way. “How can the political parties participate in the election, when the four major parties –UCPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF)] – have violated the constitution,” said Gajurel arguing that the parties must express a public apology for their mistake. He also said that a majority of the parties represented in the erstwhile Constituent Assembly have objected to the decision of the four political parties.

He said 24 of the 32 parties represented in the erstwhile constituent assembly oppose the decision of the four parties. “How can be say that the polls are being held to uphold democracy when 24 of the 32 parties represented in the erstwhile CA are against the decision of the four parties? The decision is unconstitutional,” said Gajurel. The envoys of Australia, Finland, Japan, Norway and the European Union had expressed their views in the interaction. Chinese and Indian ambassador did not express their views.


CPN-Maoist to boycott polls under existing condition

KATHMANDU: The CPN-Maoist has decided to boycott the upcoming elections to the Constituent Assembly (CA) by the current government under the present situation. Organizing a news conference at the party’s central office to make the party politburo’s decisions public in the capital on Thursday, party CPN-Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidhya said his party would not participate in the elections to be held by the present government.

“Scraping of the 11-point agreement and 25-point removing difficulty deals signed by the four major political powers, exit of the current government, all-side round table meeting and formation of new government under the political leadership are our preconditions for taking part in the upcoming CA elections,” Baidya announced. He also argued that the elections to be held under the present condition were merely a black humor.

He also added that such elections would be strongly retaliated. He also charged the political parties of forming the current government in the tune of foreign forces. “Participation of the Indian Ambassador in the political parties’ meeting at the President’s Office is interference in Nepal’s national sovereignty,” Baidya said. Baidhya also said that the party would announce fresh stir programmes demanding exit of the current government and end to monopolistic politics of the four political powers. The CPN-Maoist also protested against the parties’ decision to reduce the proportional seats from 58 to 50.


CPN-Maoist threatens boycott of CA poll

KATHMANDU, March 21: The recently-formed CPN-Maoist has threatened to boycott the Constituent Assembly (CA) election if it is held under the existing ´status quo´. The Mohan Baidya-led party issued the warning while publicizing the decisions of its politburo meeting on Thursday. Baidya said that his party would not be a party to elections conducted by the current chief justice-led government. The Maoist party has demanded an all-party roundtable meeting and the formation of a coalition government led by a political party leader after dismissing the chief justice-led Interim Election Council.

“It will be meaningless to hold elections unless these demands are met and implemented. Under such circumstances there is no alternative except to boycott the election,” says a statement issued Thursday. The party has also asked the parties concerned to immediately halt the ongoing election process, out of due consideration for their demands.

“It is clear the president, the government and the failed leaders of the three major parties and the Madhesi Front will be responsible for the consequences if due consideration is not given to these demands,” he said. The Maoists have concluded that fresh CA elections are nothing but an exercise in ´regression´ and ´totalitarianism´ and would only pave the way for Nepal moving towards the path of Sikkim, an independent country that was annexed by India in the 1970s.

While asking all the people and political parties not to be fooled by the CA poll, the party has also asked them to be actively involved in struggles against the election process. The party has also expressed concern over the decision to reduce the quota allocated under the proportional electoral system from the 58 percent in the erstwhile CA. Also, the party has strongly protested the decision of the four major political forces to form the chief justice-led government, arguing that this goes against the principles of separation of powers and an independent judiciary.


CPN-M softens boycott threat with 4 demands

KATHMANDU: The CPN-Maoist on Thursday floated four conditions to participate in the upcoming Constituent Assembly (CA) polls. Issuing a press statement the party has demanded the rejection of the 11-point pact reached between the four major parties to form the Chief Justice-led government along with the order for the removal of constitutional hurdles issued by the President and dismissal of the incumbent government.

Similarly, the party has demanded a roundtable conference and formation of national unity government within the political party as conditions to take part in the polls. “There is no meaning of CA polls that would be held without addressing and implementing these demands, and in such circumstances, there is no alternative but to boycott the polls,” said the party in the statement. The party has also urged all the concerned sides to halt the process for holding CA polls taking their demands seriously. “If the demands are ignored, the president, the government, and four major political parties will be responsible for the consequences”, further reads the statement.


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