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Baidya Maoist-led alliance burns 11-pt deal

KATHMANDU, March 16: Terming as anti-national and unconstitutional the agreement among the major political entities -UCPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and United Democratic Madhesi Front, the dissident alliance led by the CPN-Maoist has burned the 11-point deal, including the 25-point document on amending the constitution to resolve constitutional difficulties. Some Maoist leaders, cadres and police were injured in intervention by police at Bhotahiti in Kathmandu while the dissident activists was setting the document on fire. Police baton-charged the protesters and used tear gas while the latter hurled rocks. A meeting of 34 parties held at the CPN-Maoist head office at Buddhanagar on Friday evening after the protests, decided to boycott all the public activities of the president and government leaders and restrict them from entering the districts. They also made public a new series of protests.

“The meeting concluded that only a people´s movement remains as a means of throwing out this government which was built to the design of foreigners, and also for forming a consensus government of political parties,” said Pampha Bhusal, spokesperson of CPN-Maoist, informing media about the decisions of the meeting. According to party Secretary Dev Gurung, the alliance will hold mass meetings in the major cities on Sunday. Similarly, the alliance will hold interactions with ex-lawmakers on Monday and with leaders of civil society and members of the intelligentsia on Tuesday. Earlier, 22 of the parties had enforced a Nepal banda on Thursday and organized other protest activities.

“We will bring in strong protest programs soon after the SLC exams,” said Bhusal, adding that they would do so after holding a meeting of the alliance. According to her, the cadres of the alliance would not allow the president, Chairman of the Interim Council of Ministers Khilaraj Regmi or ministers of the current government to enter the districts. All their programs would be boycotted. “We will boycott the president also. The president endorsed the anti-people step of the parties in forming the Regmi-led government,” said Bhusal.

Meanwhile, addressing the program, CPN-Maoist Vice-chairman CP Gajurel and chief of the alliance said the protest programs are ´rehearsals´ for the new people´s movement. He argued that the programs would be like the initial phases of the movements of 2036 and 2046 BS. “Our protest against the unconstitutional government will be like the developed stages of the people´s movements of 2036 and 2046,” added Gajurel. He also said that his party and the alliance would not accept the current government, stating that it did not represent the people and its formation process was unconstitutional. “We will throw this government out through the force of the people,” said Gajurel.

The alliance has also condemned the police intervention in the peaceful demonstration. “Only 5 percent of the documents were yet to burn when the police baton-charged and used tear gas,” said Jhak Bahadur Malla, Maoist Kathmandu in-charge. According to the Maoists, police attacked Gajurel and another leader, Pawanman Shrestha. Gajurel, Shrestha and around a dozen cadres were injured. DSP Hem Thapa was also injured in the clash.


Fringe parties ‘yet to take call’ on poll participation

KATHMANDU, MAR 16 -Fringe political parties led by the CPN-Maoist on Friday said they are yet to decide on whether to take part in the June elections. They also announced protest programmes, while demanding the ‘unconstitutional decision’ to form an election government under Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi be ‘annulled.’

The 34 parties conducted a joint meeting and concluded that the political impasse should be settled as per the Interim Constitution by forming a partisan government on the basis of political consensus. The parties’ protest programmes include boycotting public functions attended by President Ram Baran Yadav, interim government Chairman Regmi and other Cabinet members and barring them from travelling to districts.

CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung said the parties have not yet taken a decision on whether to boycott the elections. “There is no guarantee that elections will be held within the stipulated time frame,” he said, adding that fresh polls can only be held under a party-led government. The smaller parties said the Regmi-led government is a ‘foreign product.’ Gurung said the four major political forces, the President, PM Bhattarai and CJ Regmi put ‘national sovereignty’ at stake and ‘jeopardised the democratic credentials for their greed for power.’

The CPN-M said the move to make the CJ the executive head is intended to weaken the judiciary’s strong position on national sovereignty. The deal among the four major forces grossly violates the Interim Constitution, the parties said. All the fringe parties , including the CPN-ML and the Rastriya Janamorcha, have supported protests led by the CPN-Maoist . Friday’s meeting agreed to not call a banda immediately, as that would hamper the ongoing School Leaving Certificate examinations. The parties plan assemblies in major cities on Sunday, interactions with former CA members on Monday and discussions with civil society members and intellectuals on Tuesday.


Baidhya hints boycotting CA elections

KATHMANDU: Chairman of CPN-Maoist Mohan Baidhya on Saturday hinted that his party would not take part in the Constituent Assembly elections. The Maoist ideologue further said that his party will intensify the stir to bring down the Chief Justice-led interim election government formed by, what he dubbed, the four-party syndicate. Speaking at a programme here in the Capital, the Maoist leader speculated that the country is heading towards autocracy with the executive, legislature and judiciary converging at one point.


‘Won’t participate in election conducted by Regmi govt’

KATHMANDU, MAR 16 -CPN-Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidhya has clarified that his party will not participate in election if it is conducted by current Khil Raj Regmi government. Speaking at a programme in the Capital on Saturday, Baidhya said that his party would not debate in either or not to participate in election. “Conduction of election is not certain. It is not necessary to discuss our participation in it,” said Baidhya.

Baidhya said that they would instead intensify protest against the Regmi government. “We strongly condemn this government. We are discussing on protest programme demanding the formation of new government,” said Baidhya. On the occasion, Baidhya said that Puspa Kamal Dahal and Baburam Bhattarai betrayed the revolution. He also warned to restart a new revolution. “Another revolution may happen. May not necessarily happen in the same way like of 2052 BS, revolution will happen in new way,” said Baidhya.


34 parties to boycott Prez‚ poll govt head

KATHMANDU: Thirty-four parties‚ including the CPN-Maoist‚ have decided to boycott the public functions in which President Ram Baran Yadav‚Chief Justice‚ chairman of the election government Khil Raj Regmi and Cabinet members will take part. A meeting of the small parties held here today took this decision to protest the appointment of Chief Justice Regmi as chairman of the new election government saying the move has ‘violated the spirit of the Interim Constitution’.

According to CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Prasad Gurung‚ the meeting also decided to bar President Yadav‚ Regmi and ministers from the districts and organise a mass meeting on Sunday to expose the leaders of the four major parties‚ hold interactions with members of the civil society on Monday and interact with former lawmakers on Tuesday.

Five demonstrators were injured today when cadres of the CPN-Maoist burnt the 11-point agreement of the four forces and the 25-point President’s decree at Ratna Park. Addressing the mass at Ratnapark‚ CPN-M vice-chairman CP Gajurel said it was the height of despotism on the part of the four forces. Gajurel‚ who leads a front of several parties‚ said they will now focus their protest against the President‚ CJ Regmi and the leaders of the four forces. He further said his party is forging an alliance with like-minded leftist and patriotic forces to safeguard national interest.


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